Charlotte, NC shooting of Scott has an appearance of a sham!!

Some of these shootings sure look staged.
Why else would any normal wife –of the man she loved –be more interested in getting her “key to the lottery video” than taking care of her own husband?

The whole scene was obviously staged -at least on the part of the wife -Scott may have been under the influence of something -added to his already known mental problems.
I ask again –a normal wife of a man having an encounter with the police would go the h over, take her husband’s arm and take him home, take him to the police, have him put down any gun that he had —just act like a normal caring human being –not an obsessed film maker going for the lottery!! –as keeps on successfully repeating itself again and again in big cities with leftist judges and local democrats in charge -they will take your tax money and pay off those that stage the cop baiting plots!

You see it in every encounter with police, -protestors -all with video cameras running –baiting police to hit them, shoot them, -whatever -all in search of winning the lottery -the payoffs have been huge – and predictable.

Obama/hClinton/democrats/left media —all approve the cop baiting message!

btw, this same wife is on police record accusing Scott of stabbing this same wife in the back, beating her and her child, and asking for restraining orders against Scott  -not the kind of info you will see in leftist media.

Legislation must be passed to allow a knock-out level of sedative to be used in a firearm -to take out someone resisting arrest -as opposed to killing them. The brutality of using super sedatives is still better than deadly force.

And that goes double for the looters -who don’t care about any cause -or someone that got shot -their only interest is the thrill of vandalism, stealing, -and getting on TV!

have a good week-end,
j richardson

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