Democrat women in white twins -playing with themselves -during Trump’s speech:

Democrat women in white twins playing with themselves -during Trump’s speech:
These democrat women had 1 purpose:   –showing their asses -mocking the President -the whole time our President -lays out a future for America.

Typical of all democrats and media   –did not give 1 damn about listening to as much as a single word   -just Mocking and playing with themselves -in celebration of their hate for anything America –that was not Authorized by the “Leftist Puppet” stamped on their foreheads.

Just imagine,  dems lost the election –after kissing the ass of drug cartels in sanctuary cities   -to stir up Hispanic hate on republicans  -stirring up racial hate as Obama/hClinton/jKerry did -for 8 years   -just what has become of the power of left media to run the little minds of democrats?

Just imagine,  dems lost the election after kissing the ass of Islamic radicals all over the world  -and especially Iran and Assad   -and even played that race/religion/immigration hate card   -and still lost?   these traitors to the American Soldier even rewarded Iran with nukes, icbms, lifted sanctions,  and unloaded planes of cash   -all to kiss ass of the most evil religion in the history of the world  -Islamic radicals that believe in jihad, caliphate, sharia law, hate of LGBT, women slavery, and most of all -in their evil religion of hate -is to destroy America.


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