September 2009 Time to Impeach Obama: 60 more Obama anti-American Lies

  None of the big three ABC, NBC, OR CBS carried one iota of the obama enlistment of van jones as the Green Czar who is guilty of being an anti-American radical, -who was recruited because van jones views are the same as the views of obama. That is –until van jones resigned 20090906. Where do you get your obama edited news?
  The networks did carry the boycott of Whole Foods big time -because the evil ceo objected to the obama administration. It is obvious that you need to go to whoever is called evil by media and the white house -to get any truth.
The czars have had no background check by an independent board made available to America, no clear designation of responsibilityother than being in charge of Billions of taxpayer dollars, no confirmation or oversight by the congress and the senate, …
  Some of the czars such as Van Jones are hate mongers, been arrested during race riots, self avowed communist in favor of any radical view that disrupts the American system and brings chaos and division, … What is Van Jones doing as a first pick by obama?
  These obama czars are clearly a path around the Constitution to avoid any oversight by the congress and senate -and even more important –by the American people. And the worst part –American liberal media nbc,abc,cbs, msnbc, cnbc, cnn, bloomberg, … refuses to tell the American Public. Only Fox, such as they are –has made an effort to inform America.
  These radical proven anti-America czars are hand-picked by obama because they represent the same views as obama –look at this list of issues that obama lies about:
Please at least read thru what is presented here. You don’t have to agree -just look at the statements and make an effort to research the evidence to see if true or not. You will find the obama stealth strategy to change America from individual freedoms, equality, and free enterprise -to a country that has sacrificed national security, turned over power to obama czars to re-distribute the wealth to the radical obama machine, …
  The Obama Stealth Strategy is to Overthrow the American System and Replace it with the Obama brand of Socialism, Scams, Radical hatred, Czars to earmark the handout of tax money, …
  If you are happy with the obama selection of van jones to mirror obama’s own views of anti-American ideology -then just wait until the obama health bill comes out with an Additional New 37 obama appointed czars -to make the decisions and control the handing out of money and health care.
  Turning loose the union teachers with videos and instructions from the obama gov to support obama world is just a small part of the obama stealth strategy to destroy American Values. One might ask how much taxpayer money is being spent to push obama politics in school?
  Part of the obama lesson plan is to: [Ask kids to write down how they can help President Obama.] That is indoctrination. Also see:

  One Utah school showed a video that says over and over “I pledge to serve Obama” –which the principle approved without looking at the video.
  But this is not about the obama speech (which will be skillfully full of American Values) –this is about saying no to this lying president obama -who has put 37 czar radical thugs in charge of the distribution of the spendulus and every other tax dollar that can be raped from the American People by pelosi reid franks rangle.
  This health care public option, -what kind of obama strategy is that -just to fool America? A Real American would call a government option a government option. Every obama speech, every word of every bill coming out of Washington -is riddled with obscure deception to allow the final direction of money be decided by lawyers and czars.
  This is not about the obama school speech. This is about someone speaking to American Children that has directed attorney general eric holder to investigate the cia to make America the villain to the world -and destroying all ability of America to obtain the intel necessary for the security of America. Only an arrogant radical righteous anti-American thug would pursue this destruction of America and American Values.
  This is not about obama making a speech to children –this is about totalarism, stateism, chaos, … vs. American Freedom.

  Obama is destroying America by stealing from senior citizens and those that have worked all of their lives to Reward drug dealers and folks that live off the system, Reward those that never worked and don’t intend to, Pay the black power and hate America and hate white people groups that are represented by the 37 czars appointed by obama, … The 37 czars have no approval by anyone -but obama; and they will have no over-sight by anyone -but obama. The 37 czars were picked to funnel the money to black power groups, hate America groups, communist or socialist organizations, groups that admire Chavez, groups that will be  used as pawns like unions and afro-Americans and Indians and the new party of leftist democrats obama pelosi reid franks rangle, …
  Of course, some of the money will go to a good cause –maybe 5% of the money stolen from senior citizens and the folks that believed in America being free -and actually worked for a living –something obama never had a chance to experience.
  $9Trillion of debt already estimated, 9T$ divided by 300M Americans = $120,000 per family of four. I could handle some of this spending if obama did not lie about 95% of it being spent for czars and the like to make sure the money is spent on the obama political machine. Even cash for clunkers: $4B of taxpayer money that mainly went to car dealerships, and then union companies –and the US has 700,000 old cars (tires, batteries, electronics, etc.) to pour into your drinking water. A real American President would have used the $4B to credit companies with starting nuclear power plants so America could have a future in the world –programs to get sustainable jobs and lower cost American energy –something obama never gave a damn about.

  Obama has Gibbs as the token dummy white guy out front –Gibbs does not have a clue what obama is doing –has never provided an ounce of useful infor. And the press sits there with their thumb up their butt –totally incapable of the thought process to ask real questions.
  Christina Romer is the token woman out front –Romer is clueless about what the obama strategy really is -but can take up hours speaking about how wonderful everything obama does -is working.
  Lots of front people to cover up the real stealth obama agenda to destroy American Values. The no-oversight, only needing obama approval to be appointed -czars -are the ones with the power:

1)Green czar van jones is self avowed communist, member of Black radical Storm, member of the 9-11 truth movement, speaks for obama on the re-distribution of the wealth (stealing from all those Americans that got us here), etc.
  Obama is lying about the green czar title. The jones position as green czar is to spread the cancer of gov takeover of America for the purpose of stealing from those that work and giving to those that don’t. Van jones has been for taking any money that can be stolen from the future of America -and funnel it to the Black race –taking any path of Black nationalism or storm or communism or Marxism to get there -or the new obama strategy: to stay behind a cover of obama clueless front people -while using $Trillions of dollars to create this cancerous obama gov takeover of America.
 Van Jones says we need a whole new system in America: one that removes free capitalism and replaces it with any radicalism that gives the Black race the money and the power. I said Black race -but van jones claims to be calling out to the red man to help with the change. van jones has combined black nationalism with race card pandering as part of his passion.
 Van jones has plenty of friends that hate America and is learning the obama strategy to hide  true beliefs in favor of a quiet stealth takeover of America.
 Van Jones is in charge of $30B with no oversight. As with the obama stimulus -the money will be funneled to obama political power -with fractional amounts to real private enterprise –for the purpose of making speeches and covering up the lies.
  These groups that write American corporations are evil -and destroyed the US and the paradise of the native Indian world -are not Americans –they are here to kill American Values.
2)There is plenty of white cover with guys like jared bernstein who has consistently promoted gov is the answer for any problem. Not a radical -just a socialist –like Every democrat in Washington, the liberal media, abc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, … CNBC steve leisman and john harwood are obama parrots –really worthless for any real news, etc.

3)Obama senior advisor is valerie jarrett. Jarrett has a lot more influence than any of the front people that you see on TV. Anyway, Jarrett talks of van jones as a real priceless addition to the white house. Evidently, Jarrett is more of this radical power -for obama control of America –which will -in short order –destroy America.
  Please note obama depends on Jarrett for advice on most everything, -which is why they picked van jones –the obama plan is anti-American radicals in charge of the spending of money in America by the gov -and the regulation of Wall Street, the press, the talk shows, …
4)20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s church (preacher of hate America and hate white people), William Ayers (co-founder of weather underground domestic terror group),
5)Science czar john holdgren (believes in population control via gov enforced abortions and sterilization in your drinking water).
  Holdgren believes the US may need to send particles into space to reflect the sun’s rays and stop global warming. Holdgren is obviously in the same nut camp as Al Gore -using made up skewed numbers to sell their books and their movies.
  We know China, Brazil, Russia, etc, and the rest of world countries -building 200 new coal plants to every 1 that America is going to build over the next 20 years -are going to cause severe world pollution. The solutions need to come from people who talk the truth -instead of those pushing their own personal and political agenda.
6)Regulatory czar Cass Sunstein thinks young people should receive more expensive health care because there is more benefit, also believes in involuntary organ donating.
7)Acorn. Acorn has $9Billion dollars of spendulus money funding from obama -plus a direct line to obama –even though the tea party crowd gets nothing. The tea party crowd fighting for American Values of less gov and more American Free Enterprise is clearly not an obama agenda -or gets an invite to the White House.
8)SEIU. Head of the SEIU is an old sds radical. SEIU is part of the soros obama shadow party to over-throw American Values of Freedom and Free Enterprise with the obama brand of radical racial anti-American socialism.
SEIU is for $80Billion of taxpayer money going to GM to save the union gold plated health care while the rest of us earned our health care by working not 30 -but 40 and 50 years.
SEIU is for the secret ballot to grow unions –which is as anti-American and unconstitutional as any issue out there.
Alliance wrote much of the obama stimulus package (Apollo Alliance is part of the William Ayers group, and van jones is a member of the Apollo alliance). Apollo Alliance is union radicals, created by sds radicals with the support of rich and high ranking democrats and business people, …
10)FCC regulator czar Mark Lloyd is a praiser of Chavez, opposed to private sector ownership of media, wants the “Fairness Doctrine” in place so the gov can edit all media content (similar to China), …Mark Lloyd co-authored the “Center for American Progress” –which wants to shut down talk radio –or any objection to obama radical socialism.
  Lloyd’s plan is to place fines or threaten to take away the licenses of stations that are not on  board with the obama scam of America. Lloyd worked for cnn and nbc prior to becoming a communications attorney.
  Lloyd’s official title is the FCC chief diversity officer -whatever in h. that could mean.
  Lloyd and obama’s playbook comes from
Saul D. Alinsky.
11)Ron Emanuel, part of the Soros connection that keeps obama in line with the goal of socialism replacing free enterprise.
12)Ezekiel Emanuel (Ron Emanuel’s brother) says those with major disability and dysfunction should receive a less expensive class of health care.
13)During the campaign obama claimed that high integrity folks like Buffet will shape his policy –this was obama lying at his best –as we have seen the folks in charge of the money are the czars and radical groups as listed in this article –with most a direct appointment of obama without any coverage at all of their anti-American background.
14)George Soros is the shadow party, putting together the rich and famous, the SEIU, the street radicals like van jones, center for American progress –john podesta, Apollo Alliance, ron emanuel, …
15)Obama was an operative for Acorn.
  Obama is clearly Still a radical -believing he is the righteous person far above the white guy like Bush -who must be made to look evil with all this obama directed smoking mirrors investigation of the cia by eric holder.
  Obama is the true radical, believing the end result of irreversible socialism (irreversible -due to the American debt as doubled and tripled and –obama has 3 ½ years to go adding to that debt) is justified by any means of lying and irresponsible anti-American policy.
  Obama turned over $Trillions of dollars of agenda to pelosi reid franks rangle schumer to run their stimulus scam and health care scam, do away with the secret ballot for union scam, tax American resources, don’t build nuclear plants, and so on –Every one of those issues Bankrupts America -and makes it more impossible for American free enterprise to survive in a global economy –and All you have left is obama socialism.
  A true radical is about seeing what they can get away with to get power -and change everything –consequences are not even a consideration. This defines obama to a T.
16)Howard Dean. One of the many obama front loud mouths that will lie his best to cover up the obama real goals. Howard Dean parrots the obama spin, and will Never add anything Meaningful or Truthful to any conversation –making howard dean the perfect front man.
17)Saul D. Alinsky provides a handbook for obama with his book: Rules for Radicals. Such as the game plan of saying 44m Americans do not have health care, so lets spend $2Trillion dollars and re-make the universe. The 44m is a lie among many lies -but to take one lie apart  -there are only about 5m actual Americans that don’t get some version of heath care, or make more than 50K, or are illegals, … And, of course -giving health care to illegals will encourage double and triple the influx of Mexicans to America.
18)Have you noticed there is No media coverage of the appointments of anti-American radicals to the positions in gov that will be deciding where the $Trillions will be spent – that is being stolen from real Americans?!

19)All terrorists -and other countries that hate America -will take advantage of this obama bankrupting the future of America both financially and morally.
20)Obviously for van jones and all of these other czars to be given the green light by the FBI –shows the FBI is under the obama thumb. But the FBI has time to investigate the review of the review of 5 years ago -trying to find fault with the Bush Cheney handling of prisoners in the Iraq war. A review of why John Kennedy-democrat got us into Vietnam; and Lyndon Johnson-democrat got most of the 50,000 American troops killed in Vietnam -would make more sense.
21)Obama, and the attorney general czar –Eric Holder, continue the path of declaring America as the bad and evil cause of all wars, -and obama and holder pursue this agenda by making public all the American trash they can dig up and re-edit -to show America as the world villain. As noted in “Line 7”: A review of why JFK-democrat and Lyndon Johnson-democrat got 50,000 American Troops killed in Vietnam makes a lot more sense.
22)Nancy Pelosi is as corrupt as politics can get –protecting Charlie Rangle for $1.3Million of un-reported income and a long list of payoffs. Charlie Rangle is the czar of writing tax law for America.
 Of course, pelosi (and obama) is known for the Dishonor of American Military with obama releasing confidential pictures and documents -when the documents showed poor judgment made by less than 1% of All military operations? To apologize for -or super-publicize the rare American Military failures –is clear proof that obama wants the world to think of America as the villain in addition to destroying the ability of America to gain intelligence from any country. pelosi and obama have no clue as to what American Values are.
  Pelosi said the folks at town hall meetings were astro-turf and Nazi’s.
  Be proud democrats –your third in line for the presidency is pelosi.
23)Eric Holder (attorney general czar) –got Richardson off the hook for pay for play awarding of gov contracts -to the highest payer -Richardson.
24)Someone (at least 1) in media really needs to research the obama stealth strategy thru czars to destroy American Values, what the beliefs are of these czars, what the money actually gets spent on, etc. Van Jones is a no-oversight czar for $30B.
25)Barney Franks saying banks must not foreclose mortgages -is the same guy and the same mentality that caused the ’08 housing meltdown. Check out the corruption and campaign money involving Fannie, Freddie, obama , dodd, etc.
26)Using conservative numbers based on obama legislation already passed: The national debt doubles in 5 years & triples in 10 years. And, that was before clunkers for clunkers and all of the mountain of gov programs lined up by obama democrats. The obama strategy  is designed to shape America into a 1 party socialist (actually much worse than a socialist system -the racially prejudice czars clearly show they want to steal the savings from the senior citizens -and anyone who has worked for a living to fund the obama political machine (Not new private enterprise jobs!).
)Top 10 Poverty Cities: City,  State, % of People Below the Poverty  Level

[1.  Detroit, MI, 32.5%  [2.  Buffalo, NY, 29..9%  [3.  Cincinnati, OH, 27.8%
[4.  Cleveland, OH, 27.0%  [5.  Miami, FL, 26.9%  [5.  St. Louis, MO, 26.8%
[7.  El Paso, TX, 26.4%  [8.  Milwaukee, WI, 26.2%  [9.  Philadelphia, PA, 25.1%
[10.  Newark, NJ, 24.2%
U.S. Census  Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August  2007
What  do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the  highest poverty rate all have in  common?  Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate  list) hasn’t elected  a Republican mayor since  1961; Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since  1954; Cincinnati, OH 3rd)….since  1984; Cleveland, OH (4th)…since  1989; Miami, FL (5th)  has never had a Republican  mayor; St. Louis, MO (6th)….since  1949; El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican  mayor; Milwaukee, WI (8th)….since  1908; Philadelphia, PA (9th)…since  1952; Newark, NJ (10th)…since  1907.

28)Einstein  once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the  same thing over and over again and expecting  different results.”

  It  is the poor  who habitually elect Democrats—yet they are  still POOR

“You  cannot help the poor by destroying the  rich.

You  cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the  strong.

You cannot bring about prosperity by  discouraging thrift.

You cannot lift the wage  earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

You  cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting  class hatred.

You cannot build character and  courage by taking away people’s initiative and  independence.

You cannot help people permanently  by doing for them, what they could and should do for  themselves.”

Abraham  Lincoln

……………….and  Mr. Obama, you are NO Abraham  Lincoln
29)China is spending all they can for nuclear, coal, natural gas, and alternative fuels. Obama is spending fractional amounts for magic solar panels –resulting in America getting further and further behind in our ability to produce energy that is -Not Imported.
30)More of the Gov gets to see your personal information:
31)Death Panel:
32)Death Book For Veterans:
33)Email Monitoring:

34)Elderly Beware!
36)Age 84 and Obama-care:
37)A Must-Read: I think I found the un-American Mob Obama is talking about!
Chaos, Violence & Rage Are Fueling Right Wing Hate Mobs
Aug 10 / Louder With Crowder
38)Five Freedoms Lost in the Plan:
39)Obama-care horror stories:
40)Specifics of the obama health care bill that will shock you:

41)Hard to tell who the racist is: OR
42)A Christian Thought:
43)The Conflict and Chaos Movement is the trademark of the Barack Obama Change Ideology which is coming from the left movement -that is finally in control of media and gov, -and under obama will suck up all of our remaining American Values.
44)One of the most nice people you could ever meet and an army veteran sent me this:
Don’t Apologize For Me!
44)The obama health care will be a couple more $Trillion dollars taking money and benefits from seniors, those that worked 40 or 50 years of their lives (not the measly 30 years the unions  worked for their retirements (funded by the tax payers of America -and the private working class of America) –and funneling this money thru the obama czars to go to the obama political machine.

45)Ask obama why he fired van jones?  And moved van jones to the basement of the white house? Media and the obama suck-ups are such obvious liars –the media has not covered the van jones firing and reasons why –free press is dead in America thanks to GE, cnbc, msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, … America only hears obama edited news.

46)The obama mission statement is to steal the wealth of America and funnel it thru obama czars to give to those that don’t work motivating them to never work. It would cost them more to work -than to live off of the obama handouts of health care, tax rebates, so-called disabilities, obama job programs (just part of the obama political machine), and whatever monies the stimulus $1,000,000,000,000, the budget, the obama health care, and whatever else gets passed by the democrats that pray to their obama master.
  Some money actually gets to a good cause, say 5% -and that will get an awful lot of advertisement by the obama media.

47)obama shifting tax money to union retirement benefits saying they worked for 30 years. I grew up doing farm chores, mopping floors at 16, army basic training 17, worked thru college, worked 40 years in energy, -and I am supposed to be beholding to and paying benefits for a union guy that could retire in 30 years with gold plated health care? Ask obama if he will force the union guy with the gold plated health care to switch to obama-care? obama is an arrogant hypocritical liar.
  Ask obama if he would switch his family to gov run health care? Congress voted against a republican bill saying All members of congress would switch to the new gov run health care –so who is the lying anti-American here?

48)Acorn. $9Billion Dollars is the last closest estimation of the spendulus money designated for Acorn. Acorn is one of many corrupt organizations obama pays for with American tax money. Acorn is full of corruption to evade taxes, sign up illegal democrat voters, support prostitution,  … Too bad we don’t have a stat on how much of the $9Billion of stimulus taxpayer money went to meth houses and crack houses.
  Check out the video on showing a plant in a Baltimore acorn office getting approval from acorn -and instructions on how to bring in illegal women teenagers for prostitution -listing them as dependents to hide them. The video also showed over 8 laws  being broke –so will there be Any media coverage –or prosecution –or investigation? No, because free press in America has been replaced with obama edited news with GE, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, -leading the way. No prosecution because the laws in America are being controlled by union jails that are country clubs, lawyers that work for dollars and never justice, judges with the obama reference of the profit motive being evil, …

49)Obama lies about illegals getting health care. The republican bill to make illegals prove citizenship before getting health care was voted down by democrats –obama knows this and is clearly a liar with the continuing shell game on illegals.
  Obama during the campaign says: We will insure 48 million Americans without insurance. On Sept 9 obama says 30 million Americans without insurance will be insured. So the obama shell game of lies marches on.
  The democrats will not pass up any opportunity to register illegals as democratic voters, nor to get health insurance –as is proven by the democrats legislating that proving of citizenship is not required to vote or to get health care. Obama is funding illegals and anyone else to vote and get health care thru his corrupt political groups like acorn ($9B of stimulus money); so how much proof do you need that obama is lying?
  Will acorn be investigated before $9Billion Dollars of taxpayer money gets in their hands? Well, obama says “no-one gets anything by Joe”. Well, I think $9Billion for a nuclear plant would produce jobs and allow folks that want to work a way to provide for their families –instead of $9Billion for one of obama corrupt political machines. $1000Billion Dollar spendulus with zero for new nuclear plants -or development of American resources natural gas and coal proves obama is an anti-American liar on Every issue.
  1/10000 of every $Trillion will go to a real American project –enough for obama to show up in a city and make speeches for the next 3 ½ years.

50)Abortion. Obama and democrats want to fund abortion and they will fund it –like everything else –thru a shell game of lying in the speech and propaganda and laying out laws to allow funding of abortion. Republicans put out a bill saying in old fashioned simple terms that abortion would not be funded with taxpayer money –which of course -was rejected by the majority democrats –so who is lying here?

51)Obama lies in Every speech Every day. The shell game of lies is easily proven and documented.

52)One of the most nice people you could ever meet and an army veteran sent me this:
Don’t Apologize For Me!
The situation in Iraq in Afghanistan is deteriorating under obama. I wonder if an American president that apologizes for America fighting for freedom isn’t huge in motivating terrorists?
53)Ok, I was accused of being mean spirited, among other things … And I had a brief moment that I felt maybe that were true –because I have made a few hundred mistakes in my life -and figure maybe some of what I write is an exaggeration of fact.
  But upon looking at my listing of a couple of hundred obama lies along with proof in numbers and facts that can be easily checked, –I see a real honest attempt on my part to defend American Values that are being destroyed by obama. And I see media hiding and covering up the obama lies, the union lies, the democrat lies, a lot of republican lies, -and the obama appointments of his inner circle of communists, radicals, hate America thugs like van jones, $9Billion Dollars of stimulus money to the obama political machine acorn, outrageous lying about energy independence (energy independence would start with what works: nuclear energy and American fuels natural gas and coal), destruction of any future intelligence gathering by the CIA (American security on sleep mode is the reason for 9-11), obama has motivated terrorists with releases of confidential pictures and interrogation efforts, the obama directed 100% political witchhunt of the CIA is as sick anti-American as anyone can get –clearly treason -until the liberal dems and obama suckup media took control of America, …
  No, I am over my brief moment of feeling mean spirited, –when I can list hundreds of obama lies with references, numbers, facts –and none of these issues are honestly investigated -then the media and those that are mindlessly supporting obama are: obama suck-up sheepheads who trust their obama master and don’t care to question the obvious loss of not just American values, -but the loss of America.
54)Obama takes credit for the financial recovery: No! The obama spendulus was only 10% spent after the first 6 months. The economic recovery was due to the fed taking interest rates to zero, a flood of money into the system driving up the national debt (future inflation will skyrocket with Any economic recovery –some inflation will eat your lunch without economic recovery = crude oil prices), low natural gas prices –below $3, crude oil at 50 to 60, and so on.
55)Media covers up the obama lies, acorn setting up prostitution houses and helping to hide illegals, etc. Free press is non-existent, and you are an evil obstructionist if you object to obama world.
56)In real simple terms -proof of obama lying: G Beck has to be given credit as the Only media to show the integrity of obama’s acorn. Beck shows these videos of acorn helping set up prostitution houses and hiding illegals –Acorn denies the videos are accurate, but fires the acorn workers in the videos.
57)Gibbs and msnbc report 46 show up for march against obama pelosi radical steal from seniors and those that work nation!!
Obama says he will retaliate to these obstructionists with a TV speech every 20 minutes from now on, -instead of the old schedule of every 24 hours!
58)The Future: 1)Obama promotion of chaos every day of all 4 years of his presidency –unless impeached for the liar radical that he is. 2)Fair and balanced is bs –Our goal as Americans should be about Truth and American Values. 3)It is clearly lying for obama to promise no illegals, no abortion, no stealing heath care and wealth from seniors, keep your existing insurance, no cuts in medicare, … back in July –as every bill by democrats at the time did make sure illegals were covered, abortion funded, medicare cuts, stealing from the senior citizen saviings, no portability of insurance, etc.
  Not to mention the tort reform that dems can’t pass due to their lawyer pay offs. Dems consistently vote against private insurance crossing state lines –which would allow competition –so who is lying?
59)David Axelrod said “the
Washington march of 9/12/09 was not indicative of the views of America”. David Axelrod would not recognize an American View –as Axelrod is the rod behind gov seize and destroy all American Values obama nation.
60)If you want straight talk on health-care -and the proposals that obama lies about saying his opponents don’t have proposals:
John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis

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  1. I don’t understand WHY more folks don’t see “obama” for what he REALLY STANDS FOR, he is HELL BENT on killing this country,our FREEDOM,and our way of life.this WACO is nothing more then a SOCIALIST,COMMUNIST,WANNABE DICTATOR.He needs to be REMOVED from OFFICE,IMPEACHED more, sooner then later.I’m not sure this country,or the people can bear two more years of this WACO.FLOOD the WHITEHOUSE PHONE LINES,DEMAND obama BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE NOW….

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