Hillary Clinton’s statement on solar panels

Solar panels would be everywhere -if they worked.

Solar Panels so far have been an environmental nightmare -with the amount of land required, the killing of wildlife, maintenance of the electric cables, transmission lines to get to anything -and there is no way to store solar power  -but in a battery  -and our best lithium battery keeps blowing up in cell phones and jet planes.

  But if you don’t mind a large air conditioned room full of batteries,  -then solar panels are perfect for your home or business.

yes, Virginia -the Mexican government and Mexican media hate Trump  -because Trump would Slow Down the Mexican government takeover of America, the Mexican drug cartels taking over America, the $60 Billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico (Mexico is importing their goods into America as American companies and jobs move to Mexico), hClinton would only pay the sanctuary cities more money.

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