Jeff Sessions should step down from AG

Jeff Sessions should step down from AG.  Sessions would have been the most honorable, capable AG in the history of America –but when Sessions recuses himself -because of the constant piling on of the fake news of the left
he would recuse himself from every event that happens in the next 4 years.

The Obama operatives embedded in Gov agencies will continue their direct line with the fake news of all media -every day -for the next 4 years  –America has to have an AG tough enough to fight fake news -and put those in jail that are embedded in gov -to be traitors to everything America stands for.  Sessions is not fierce enough to take on the task.

The fake news of the left is embedded in the state dept -and all of Washington -their goal is 1)drug lords running sanctuary cites (to stir up race hate to get the Hispanic vote). 2)pump in Islamic radicals that believe in jihad, caliphate, sharia law, hate of lgbt, hate of America. 3)racist hate for police and law and order.  4)Stop Trump from helping America find health care, national security, a strong military, an economy growing at plus 3%, people working together and love for one another, …,

-This is a war for America -and Freedom having a chance to survive the fast track to evil -the world is set on, –it will be a bit late to look back when America is a wasteland -the path set by the most corrupt, racist, traitors to America -in the history of the free world: Obama, holder, hClinton, jKerry -and the rest -that sold America out -to kiss the ass of Islamic radicals, Putin, Assad, the corrupt Mexican gov ran by drug cartels, ….

To fight the war against the embedded army of Obama/Clinton/leftist punks -requires an AG that does not back down, -an AG that says prove it -or shut up -there is no easy or nice way to fight this war against the evil of the left –who had their path to the destruction of America -interrupted by the Trump Presidency.


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