Las Vegas Massacre was completely preventable!

You really had no vision that a shooter could shoot people from a building window? JFK was shot from a building window, -it’s not like this has not been done before.

1) What would it hurt to have spotters -maybe include a drone -checking the windows -all you have to see is suspicious activity -or a broken window -bam! you send swat to the room and Paddock is taken out without 600 people getting shot, this is not hard stuff!

2) Possibly saving all 58 lives if you take out the terrorist.  1 (ONE) shooter on the ground, or a roof, or a window, …  -to take out the punk coward shooter in Las Vegas.   Anyone could look at 20,000 people in a fishbowl and see a window –and figure anyone with a gun up there could kill a lot of people -with no resistance.

Your choice, -600 beautiful people killed and maimed for life  -or have a sniper placed in a strategically better position than the terrorist.
20,000 people to be shot up for 20 minutes with ZERO RESISTANCE!  -those in charge of security and the media -keep lying about how this attack was not preventable.  And protect their narrative with false time-lines.
This sheriff in an insult to the families of those killed & law enforcement everywhere -has an IQ of 2 -has been putting out phony time-lines to protect his failure to protect 600 people from getting shot.

Future attacks.  What do you do about all of the buildings over-looking stadiums?  You can’t cover every possibility -so you have to position someone to take out the threat (position snipers with scopes, tripods, and an aid -to help with spotting, wind, distance, and verification).   An armed drone makes a lot of sense -because it not only would have saved 600 from getting shot -but it would be a deterrent to future window shooters.

Hundreds of security measures -actually thinking something is up when you have a camera aiming out of a hotel room, interviews, baggage checking, cleaning service being trained, ….
And when those security measures fail -might be smart to have a plan b:   make sure the unarmed have a sniper on their side -who will save their lives.
Police weapons were being stolen out of police cars -and people barricaded and fenced in -could not get out or fight back  -just die and get 600 shot up -to follow some stupid protocol!  and these Las Vegas experts BRAG about the quick response time  -give me a break!  Tell those 600 people who were shot how wonderful you are!

Damn miracles -that police were not shooting each other -and civilians were not in an out out war.

Motive.  Getting hung up on motive is not very smart.  The guy may have just been a wanna-be-bad-ass, could have been as easily motivated as a movie like “the Accountant, or Criminal -zillions of movies with the hero being part-time evil.
Or a conversion to radical Islam -if there was a note -with this punk switching to Muslim Islamic jihad –it would most likely be trashed forever -to hide the truth -and push political protection of the evil of Islamic jihad, caliphate, Sharia law, hate of America, hate of LGBT, ….

-of course, most of the time there never is any real c0nversion to anything -you just have evil punks -in Iraq or Las Vegas -just wanting to be the next jihad wonder of the world.   something about feeling the  power to kill those that can’t shoot back  -this time looking for motive should have been spent on arresting all those that helped this guy with weapons and ideology.

Those helping on scene were Angels -and were awesome -my beef is with the officials always bragging job well done by law enforcement management.   -gunman was not terminated by law enforcement -law enforcement did not enter the room for over an hour after the shooting began.
-the shooting stopped after about 10 or 15 min because the gunman had a weapon blow up in his face -not because of anything law enforcement did  -gunman would have kept shooting for at least 30 minutes more -if not for the weapon breach.

Good luck with security at big events –with law enforcement and media drowning in politics and political correctness.
J Richardson












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