Las Vegas Massacre was Preventable, -the Government and Media are lying to you!

Update to the Las Vegas Massacre.  We find out sheriff Lombardo keeps proving to be the one bad egg in a hundred (in law enforcement) -appearing to be a liar and an IQ in single digits.
Pieces of truth keep falling out as -the days go by -and Lombardo hiding the truth tends to fall apart.  The security guard drew machine gun fire and was shot  -BEFORE Paddock shot 600 people  -and yet law enforcement did not take any action  -maybe waiting for the bomb squad or rain -whatever -but while wait was going on -600 beautiful people were shot.

Please pass this info on -to prevent the coming attacks at large events!!

1    You really had no vision that a killer could shoot people from a building window?  
JFK was shot from a building window, it’s not like this has not been done before.  What would it hurt to have spotters checking the windows -all you have to see is suspicious activity -or a ‘broken window -bam!  You send swat to the room -and Paddock is taken out without 600 people getting shot!!

2    A 2nd solution –and the most important if you want to save lives: Care enough to shoot back.
You have to set up a few snipers 
-with a better and more lethal weapon –
on the ground, or a roof, or a window,  -to take out this punk coward.

Using a drone -as well as snipers -to watch windows and taking out the killer would have probably saved all of the lives in Las Vegas.  To shoot back is the fail-safe when old school security measures fail.   Anyone could look at 20,000 people in a fishbowl -and see windows a terrorist could use to shoot from -with no resistance.

The Las Vegas and other concert security was fake –those in charge did nothing that would have stopped the carnage –but for miracles even more chaos did not happen -with cops and civilians shooting each other.
The cover-up.   The phony time-lines put out to hide the lousy job done by law enforcement is pathetic.
You have to position to take out the threat (snipers with scopes, tripods, and an aid -to help with spotting, wind, distance, and verification).

3    If we had taken out this terrorist with 1 & 2 –this would have kept many future attacks from happening  -if the terrorist knew we were actually smart –and capable of giving him a failed mission.

How many more similar attacks are coming?   There are a lot of buildings over-looking stadiums and large events.   You can’t cover every possibility -so you have to position -to take out the threat.  There are hundreds of solutions to help prevent attacks, -and they will often fail -and the best solution -if you care to protect lives  -is to shoot back.

Really pathetic to allow a punk to shoot over 500 people -and the main solutions are worthless political talking points -& law enforcement management claiming this attack was not preventable.  To regulate the use of bump stocks has already been approved by the NRA -but democrats and comedians only have 1 goal -to destroy the Constitution and take away the guns of citizens –which ain’t gonna happen.

Preventable Las Vegas Massacre.  There was ZERO RESISTANCE to Paddock shooting 500 people -and he would have shot another 500 -if one of his weapons had not blown up in his face.    Whatever happened with The security guard who got shot -before all the beautiful kids were killed -will probably be covered up forever.
btw, this sheriff is incompetent and possibly lying -a real insult to the families to have this bozo in charge of anything.  And the FBI spokesmen were all over helping with the cover-up  -not sure why.

Good luck with security at big events –with law enforcement and media drowning in politics and political correctness.  Those in charge of the Las Vegas security were, -and are -incompetent -and editing time-lines to hide the failures is not right.

All helping on scene were Angels -and were awesome -my beef is with the management officials always bragging job well done  -when you have 600 people shot -by one terrorist  -so many failed to use common sense.

If I spell out what democrats of 2017 stand for:
Only the gov to have the guns  (which is weird, since they hate the guy in charge of gov).
We do credit Democrats with calling police racists -getting police killed -and never again able to enforce the law in democrat run cities with the highest black on black dead.
We credit Democrats (and democrats are quite proud of it) with already having turned California over to drug cartels controlling –judges, gov, education, welfare, …
Why not just make Mexico the next state –then you get the socialism government bObama, hClinton, bSanders, democrats, and media all worship and live for -NO need to die a slow death of leftist propaganda swaying the thinking of American citizens.
Love the destruction of history by democrats -such as slavery -when democrats don’t give a rip about the slavery by Indians and all the world at the time of 1800’s -and don’t give a rip about all the slavery in Africa, Mideast, drug cartels, etc  -going on as we speak.   Slavery is all over the world today and democrats don’t give a rip  -but they will tear down a statue -playing like conservatives are responsible for slavery.
Democrats love the spitting on the Flag, Constitution, the uniform -taking a knee during the national anthem is just more of the rev wright, bObama, hClinton -hate for America.  If your intention was not spitting on the uniform -than protest at the end of a play -go to the 50 yard line and get all the attention of the world -get a delay of game penalty -& all without showing your ignorance of what the national Anthem and Flag stand for!

Trump hate is more important to comedians and democrats -than any common sense -or care for the security of someone going to an event –or care for the security of our country.

J Richardson


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