Media Never Reports Origins of Muslim Islamic Radical Terrorist Attacks, trying to avoid saying the Truth: Muslim Islam Radical Evil Punks!

It’s not that events are not covered by all media:    It’s the fact that no one calls out the killers, their origin, the fact they are Muslim Islamic punks that believe in jihad, caliphate, sharia law, hate of LGBT, treat women as slaves and property, hate for America, hate for anyone who is not on the ground praying for Evil.

Media Never makes the effort to name their origins:   How many of you have a clue which Muslim Islamic radical terrorist gang was responsible for Paris, San Bernardino, Ft Hood, Nice, USS Cole, 9-11, Marine barracks in Beirut, the marine that was killed in the seal raid the Fst week of February 2017?   You only know what the left tells you to know & most over-paid news anchors at Fox have no freaking vision -just an attitude based on a lot of $salary!   Media bad reporting of Muslim Islamic radical Terrorist attacks includes a recent Fox “Outnumbered” show  -which did not see the problem —of not educating America on the evil and huge numbers -of these different tribes of Islamic Radical Hate  -all over the world.

If media reported who people are:  Iran (Shia, shitte), Saudi Arabia (Sunni), and list the terrorist gangs they support & list the times Obama and hClinton give them money and weapons  -you would see there are many traitors in America -and our whole involvement in the Mideast is futile  -other than keeping nuclear ICBM’S out of the hands of Iran -whose religion celebrates the death of America -or any American.

How many of you know where these groups are & which hang LGBT, be-headings, burning a pilot alive, total hate of Christians, …  where they are and which ones are guilty?   Media ain’t gonna tell you  -for one thing it would prove Obama/Kerry/hClinton to be traitors to America.

All of the tribes listed below are Muslim Islamic Terrorist Evil Punks:
LRA, FARC, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (operates around Pakistan and India, and they have no problem attacking hundreds of innocent people),

Al-habaab, Hezbollah. Hezbollah means “party of Allah.” This terrorist group was formed by Muslim clerics, and they have representatives as high up as the cabinet of the Lebanese government, meaning they are, as a whole, very powerful. They are also very destructive and have killed many innocent civilians.

Boko Haram is the worst terrorist group based in West Africa. They have close ties with Al-Qaeda and are vehemently anti-Western education. In fact, “Boko Haram” means “Western education is sin.”

Founded by Mullah Mohammed Omar in 1994,
the Taliban makes money via human and drug trafficking. They have killed many innocent people, which they do in the name of jihad.

Al-Qaeda. Known for their role in the attacks on September 11, Al-Qaeda’s objective is to unify Muslims through jihad. The group was founded by the late Osama bin Laden, and they have killed thousands of innocent people in an effort to achieve their goal.

ISIS, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. They kill people indiscriminately, operate primarily in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and the Middle East.

see ya,   JayRichardson

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