September 2009 Time to Impeach Obama: 60 more Obama anti-American Lies

  None of the big three ABC, NBC, OR CBS carried one iota of the obama enlistment of van jones as the Green Czar who is guilty of being an anti-American radical, -who was recruited because van jones views are the same as the views of obama. That is –until van jones resigned 20090906. Where do you get your obama edited news?
  The networks did carry the boycott of Whole Foods big time -because the evil ceo objected to the obama administration. It is obvious that you need to go to whoever is called evil by media and the white house -to get any truth.
The czars have had no background check by an independent board made available to America, no clear designation of responsibilityother than being in charge of Billions of taxpayer dollars, no confirmation or oversight by the congress and the senate, …
  Some of the czars such as Van Jones are hate mongers, been arrested during race riots, self avowed communist in favor of any radical view that disrupts the American system and brings chaos and division, … What is Van Jones doing as a first pick by obama?
  These obama czars are clearly a path around the Constitution to avoid any oversight by the congress and senate -and even more important –by the American people. And the worst part –American liberal media nbc,abc,cbs, msnbc, cnbc, cnn, bloomberg, … refuses to tell the American Public. Only Fox, such as they are –has made an effort to inform America.
  These radical proven anti-America czars are hand-picked by obama because they represent the same views as obama –look at this list of issues that obama lies about:
Please at least read thru what is presented here. You don’t have to agree -just look at the statements and make an effort to research the evidence to see if true or not. You will find the obama stealth strategy to change America from individual freedoms, equality, and free enterprise -to a country that has sacrificed national security, turned over power to obama czars to re-distribute the wealth to the radical obama machine, …
  The Obama Stealth Strategy is to Overthrow the American System and Replace it with the Obama brand of Socialism, Scams, Radical hatred, Czars to earmark the handout of tax money, …
  If you are happy with the obama selection of van jones to mirror obama’s own views of anti-American ideology -then just wait until the obama health bill comes out with an Additional New 37 obama appointed czars -to make the decisions and control the handing out of money and health care.
  Turning loose the union teachers with videos and instructions from the obama gov to support obama world is just a small part of the obama stealth strategy to destroy American Values. One might ask how much taxpayer money is being spent to push obama politics in school?
  Part of the obama lesson plan is to: [Ask kids to write down how they can help President Obama.] That is indoctrination. Also see:

  One Utah school showed a video that says over and over “I pledge to serve Obama” –which the principle approved without looking at the video.
  But this is not about the obama speech (which will be skillfully full of American Values) –this is about saying no to this lying president obama -who has put 37 czar radical thugs in charge of the distribution of the spendulus and every other tax dollar that can be raped from the American People by pelosi reid franks rangle.
  This health care public option, -what kind of obama strategy is that -just to fool America? A Real American would call a government option a government option. Every obama speech, every word of every bill coming out of Washington -is riddled with obscure deception to allow the final direction of money be decided by lawyers and czars.
  This is not about the obama school speech. This is about someone speaking to American Children that has directed attorney general eric holder to investigate the cia to make America the villain to the world -and destroying all ability of America to obtain the intel necessary for the security of America. Only an arrogant radical righteous anti-American thug would pursue this destruction of America and American Values.
  This is not about obama making a speech to children –this is about totalarism, stateism, chaos, … vs. American Freedom.

  Obama is destroying America by stealing from senior citizens and those that have worked all of their lives to Reward drug dealers and folks that live off the system, Reward those that never worked and don’t intend to, Pay the black power and hate America and hate white people groups that are represented by the 37 czars appointed by obama, … The 37 czars have no approval by anyone -but obama; and they will have no over-sight by anyone -but obama. The 37 czars were picked to funnel the money to black power groups, hate America groups, communist or socialist organizations, groups that admire Chavez, groups that will be  used as pawns like unions and afro-Americans and Indians and the new party of leftist democrats obama pelosi reid franks rangle, …
  Of course, some of the money will go to a good cause –maybe 5% of the money stolen from senior citizens and the folks that believed in America being free -and actually worked for a living –something obama never had a chance to experience.
  $9Trillion of debt already estimated, 9T$ divided by 300M Americans = $120,000 per family of four. I could handle some of this spending if obama did not lie about 95% of it being spent for czars and the like to make sure the money is spent on the obama political machine. Even cash for clunkers: $4B of taxpayer money that mainly went to car dealerships, and then union companies –and the US has 700,000 old cars (tires, batteries, electronics, etc.) to pour into your drinking water. A real American President would have used the $4B to credit companies with starting nuclear power plants so America could have a future in the world –programs to get sustainable jobs and lower cost American energy –something obama never gave a damn about.

  Obama has Gibbs as the token dummy white guy out front –Gibbs does not have a clue what obama is doing –has never provided an ounce of useful infor. And the press sits there with their thumb up their butt –totally incapable of the thought process to ask real questions.
  Christina Romer is the token woman out front –Romer is clueless about what the obama strategy really is -but can take up hours speaking about how wonderful everything obama does -is working.
  Lots of front people to cover up the real stealth obama agenda to destroy American Values. The no-oversight, only needing obama approval to be appointed -czars -are the ones with the power:

1)Green czar van jones is self avowed communist, member of Black radical Storm, member of the 9-11 truth movement, speaks for obama on the re-distribution of the wealth (stealing from all those Americans that got us here), etc.
  Obama is lying about the green czar title. The jones position as green czar is to spread the cancer of gov takeover of America for the purpose of stealing from those that work and giving to those that don’t. Van jones has been for taking any money that can be stolen from the future of America -and funnel it to the Black race –taking any path of Black nationalism or storm or communism or Marxism to get there -or the new obama strategy: to stay behind a cover of obama clueless front people -while using $Trillions of dollars to create this cancerous obama gov takeover of America.
 Van Jones says we need a whole new system in America: one that removes free capitalism and replaces it with any radicalism that gives the Black race the money and the power. I said Black race -but van jones claims to be calling out to the red man to help with the change. van jones has combined black nationalism with race card pandering as part of his passion.
 Van jones has plenty of friends that hate America and is learning the obama strategy to hide  true beliefs in favor of a quiet stealth takeover of America.
 Van Jones is in charge of $30B with no oversight. As with the obama stimulus -the money will be funneled to obama political power -with fractional amounts to real private enterprise –for the purpose of making speeches and covering up the lies.
  These groups that write American corporations are evil -and destroyed the US and the paradise of the native Indian world -are not Americans –they are here to kill American Values.
2)There is plenty of white cover with guys like jared bernstein who has consistently promoted gov is the answer for any problem. Not a radical -just a socialist –like Every democrat in Washington, the liberal media, abc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, … CNBC steve leisman and john harwood are obama parrots –really worthless for any real news, etc.

3)Obama senior advisor is valerie jarrett. Jarrett has a lot more influence than any of the front people that you see on TV. Anyway, Jarrett talks of van jones as a real priceless addition to the white house. Evidently, Jarrett is more of this radical power -for obama control of America –which will -in short order –destroy America.
  Please note obama depends on Jarrett for advice on most everything, -which is why they picked van jones –the obama plan is anti-American radicals in charge of the spending of money in America by the gov -and the regulation of Wall Street, the press, the talk shows, …
4)20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s church (preacher of hate America and hate white people), William Ayers (co-founder of weather underground domestic terror group),
5)Science czar john holdgren (believes in population control via gov enforced abortions and sterilization in your drinking water).
  Holdgren believes the US may need to send particles into space to reflect the sun’s rays and stop global warming. Holdgren is obviously in the same nut camp as Al Gore -using made up skewed numbers to sell their books and their movies.
  We know China, Brazil, Russia, etc, and the rest of world countries -building 200 new coal plants to every 1 that America is going to build over the next 20 years -are going to cause severe world pollution. The solutions need to come from people who talk the truth -instead of those pushing their own personal and political agenda.
6)Regulatory czar Cass Sunstein thinks young people should receive more expensive health care because there is more benefit, also believes in involuntary organ donating.
7)Acorn. Acorn has $9Billion dollars of spendulus money funding from obama -plus a direct line to obama –even though the tea party crowd gets nothing. The tea party crowd fighting for American Values of less gov and more American Free Enterprise is clearly not an obama agenda -or gets an invite to the White House.
8)SEIU. Head of the SEIU is an old sds radical. SEIU is part of the soros obama shadow party to over-throw American Values of Freedom and Free Enterprise with the obama brand of radical racial anti-American socialism.
SEIU is for $80Billion of taxpayer money going to GM to save the union gold plated health care while the rest of us earned our health care by working not 30 -but 40 and 50 years.
SEIU is for the secret ballot to grow unions –which is as anti-American and unconstitutional as any issue out there.
Alliance wrote much of the obama stimulus package (Apollo Alliance is part of the William Ayers group, and van jones is a member of the Apollo alliance). Apollo Alliance is union radicals, created by sds radicals with the support of rich and high ranking democrats and business people, …
10)FCC regulator czar Mark Lloyd is a praiser of Chavez, opposed to private sector ownership of media, wants the “Fairness Doctrine” in place so the gov can edit all media content (similar to China), …Mark Lloyd co-authored the “Center for American Progress” –which wants to shut down talk radio –or any objection to obama radical socialism.
  Lloyd’s plan is to place fines or threaten to take away the licenses of stations that are not on  board with the obama scam of America. Lloyd worked for cnn and nbc prior to becoming a communications attorney.
  Lloyd’s official title is the FCC chief diversity officer -whatever in h. that could mean.
  Lloyd and obama’s playbook comes from
Saul D. Alinsky.
11)Ron Emanuel, part of the Soros connection that keeps obama in line with the goal of socialism replacing free enterprise.
12)Ezekiel Emanuel (Ron Emanuel’s brother) says those with major disability and dysfunction should receive a less expensive class of health care.
13)During the campaign obama claimed that high integrity folks like Buffet will shape his policy –this was obama lying at his best –as we have seen the folks in charge of the money are the czars and radical groups as listed in this article –with most a direct appointment of obama without any coverage at all of their anti-American background.
14)George Soros is the shadow party, putting together the rich and famous, the SEIU, the street radicals like van jones, center for American progress –john podesta, Apollo Alliance, ron emanuel, …
15)Obama was an operative for Acorn.
  Obama is clearly Still a radical -believing he is the righteous person far above the white guy like Bush -who must be made to look evil with all this obama directed smoking mirrors investigation of the cia by eric holder.
  Obama is the true radical, believing the end result of irreversible socialism (irreversible -due to the American debt as doubled and tripled and –obama has 3 ½ years to go adding to that debt) is justified by any means of lying and irresponsible anti-American policy.
  Obama turned over $Trillions of dollars of agenda to pelosi reid franks rangle schumer to run their stimulus scam and health care scam, do away with the secret ballot for union scam, tax American resources, don’t build nuclear plants, and so on –Every one of those issues Bankrupts America -and makes it more impossible for American free enterprise to survive in a global economy –and All you have left is obama socialism.
  A true radical is about seeing what they can get away with to get power -and change everything –consequences are not even a consideration. This defines obama to a T.
16)Howard Dean. One of the many obama front loud mouths that will lie his best to cover up the obama real goals. Howard Dean parrots the obama spin, and will Never add anything Meaningful or Truthful to any conversation –making howard dean the perfect front man.
17)Saul D. Alinsky provides a handbook for obama with his book: Rules for Radicals. Such as the game plan of saying 44m Americans do not have health care, so lets spend $2Trillion dollars and re-make the universe. The 44m is a lie among many lies -but to take one lie apart  -there are only about 5m actual Americans that don’t get some version of heath care, or make more than 50K, or are illegals, … And, of course -giving health care to illegals will encourage double and triple the influx of Mexicans to America.
18)Have you noticed there is No media coverage of the appointments of anti-American radicals to the positions in gov that will be deciding where the $Trillions will be spent – that is being stolen from real Americans?!

19)All terrorists -and other countries that hate America -will take advantage of this obama bankrupting the future of America both financially and morally.
20)Obviously for van jones and all of these other czars to be given the green light by the FBI –shows the FBI is under the obama thumb. But the FBI has time to investigate the review of the review of 5 years ago -trying to find fault with the Bush Cheney handling of prisoners in the Iraq war. A review of why John Kennedy-democrat got us into Vietnam; and Lyndon Johnson-democrat got most of the 50,000 American troops killed in Vietnam -would make more sense.
21)Obama, and the attorney general czar –Eric Holder, continue the path of declaring America as the bad and evil cause of all wars, -and obama and holder pursue this agenda by making public all the American trash they can dig up and re-edit -to show America as the world villain. As noted in “Line 7”: A review of why JFK-democrat and Lyndon Johnson-democrat got 50,000 American Troops killed in Vietnam makes a lot more sense.
22)Nancy Pelosi is as corrupt as politics can get –protecting Charlie Rangle for $1.3Million of un-reported income and a long list of payoffs. Charlie Rangle is the czar of writing tax law for America.
 Of course, pelosi (and obama) is known for the Dishonor of American Military with obama releasing confidential pictures and documents -when the documents showed poor judgment made by less than 1% of All military operations? To apologize for -or super-publicize the rare American Military failures –is clear proof that obama wants the world to think of America as the villain in addition to destroying the ability of America to gain intelligence from any country. pelosi and obama have no clue as to what American Values are.
  Pelosi said the folks at town hall meetings were astro-turf and Nazi’s.
  Be proud democrats –your third in line for the presidency is pelosi.
23)Eric Holder (attorney general czar) –got Richardson off the hook for pay for play awarding of gov contracts -to the highest payer -Richardson.
24)Someone (at least 1) in media really needs to research the obama stealth strategy thru czars to destroy American Values, what the beliefs are of these czars, what the money actually gets spent on, etc. Van Jones is a no-oversight czar for $30B.
25)Barney Franks saying banks must not foreclose mortgages -is the same guy and the same mentality that caused the ’08 housing meltdown. Check out the corruption and campaign money involving Fannie, Freddie, obama , dodd, etc.
26)Using conservative numbers based on obama legislation already passed: The national debt doubles in 5 years & triples in 10 years. And, that was before clunkers for clunkers and all of the mountain of gov programs lined up by obama democrats. The obama strategy  is designed to shape America into a 1 party socialist (actually much worse than a socialist system -the racially prejudice czars clearly show they want to steal the savings from the senior citizens -and anyone who has worked for a living to fund the obama political machine (Not new private enterprise jobs!).
)Top 10 Poverty Cities: City,  State, % of People Below the Poverty  Level

[1.  Detroit, MI, 32.5%  [2.  Buffalo, NY, 29..9%  [3.  Cincinnati, OH, 27.8%
[4.  Cleveland, OH, 27.0%  [5.  Miami, FL, 26.9%  [5.  St. Louis, MO, 26.8%
[7.  El Paso, TX, 26.4%  [8.  Milwaukee, WI, 26.2%  [9.  Philadelphia, PA, 25.1%
[10.  Newark, NJ, 24.2%
U.S. Census  Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August  2007
What  do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the  highest poverty rate all have in  common?  Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate  list) hasn’t elected  a Republican mayor since  1961; Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since  1954; Cincinnati, OH 3rd)….since  1984; Cleveland, OH (4th)…since  1989; Miami, FL (5th)  has never had a Republican  mayor; St. Louis, MO (6th)….since  1949; El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican  mayor; Milwaukee, WI (8th)….since  1908; Philadelphia, PA (9th)…since  1952; Newark, NJ (10th)…since  1907.

28)Einstein  once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the  same thing over and over again and expecting  different results.”

  It  is the poor  who habitually elect Democrats—yet they are  still POOR

“You  cannot help the poor by destroying the  rich.

You  cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the  strong.

You cannot bring about prosperity by  discouraging thrift.

You cannot lift the wage  earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

You  cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting  class hatred.

You cannot build character and  courage by taking away people’s initiative and  independence.

You cannot help people permanently  by doing for them, what they could and should do for  themselves.”

Abraham  Lincoln

……………….and  Mr. Obama, you are NO Abraham  Lincoln
29)China is spending all they can for nuclear, coal, natural gas, and alternative fuels. Obama is spending fractional amounts for magic solar panels –resulting in America getting further and further behind in our ability to produce energy that is -Not Imported.
30)More of the Gov gets to see your personal information:
31)Death Panel:
32)Death Book For Veterans:
33)Email Monitoring:

34)Elderly Beware!
36)Age 84 and Obama-care:
37)A Must-Read: I think I found the un-American Mob Obama is talking about!
Chaos, Violence & Rage Are Fueling Right Wing Hate Mobs
Aug 10 / Louder With Crowder
38)Five Freedoms Lost in the Plan:
39)Obama-care horror stories:
40)Specifics of the obama health care bill that will shock you:

41)Hard to tell who the racist is: OR
42)A Christian Thought:
43)The Conflict and Chaos Movement is the trademark of the Barack Obama Change Ideology which is coming from the left movement -that is finally in control of media and gov, -and under obama will suck up all of our remaining American Values.
44)One of the most nice people you could ever meet and an army veteran sent me this:
Don’t Apologize For Me!
44)The obama health care will be a couple more $Trillion dollars taking money and benefits from seniors, those that worked 40 or 50 years of their lives (not the measly 30 years the unions  worked for their retirements (funded by the tax payers of America -and the private working class of America) –and funneling this money thru the obama czars to go to the obama political machine.

45)Ask obama why he fired van jones?  And moved van jones to the basement of the white house? Media and the obama suck-ups are such obvious liars –the media has not covered the van jones firing and reasons why –free press is dead in America thanks to GE, cnbc, msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, … America only hears obama edited news.

46)The obama mission statement is to steal the wealth of America and funnel it thru obama czars to give to those that don’t work motivating them to never work. It would cost them more to work -than to live off of the obama handouts of health care, tax rebates, so-called disabilities, obama job programs (just part of the obama political machine), and whatever monies the stimulus $1,000,000,000,000, the budget, the obama health care, and whatever else gets passed by the democrats that pray to their obama master.
  Some money actually gets to a good cause, say 5% -and that will get an awful lot of advertisement by the obama media.

47)obama shifting tax money to union retirement benefits saying they worked for 30 years. I grew up doing farm chores, mopping floors at 16, army basic training 17, worked thru college, worked 40 years in energy, -and I am supposed to be beholding to and paying benefits for a union guy that could retire in 30 years with gold plated health care? Ask obama if he will force the union guy with the gold plated health care to switch to obama-care? obama is an arrogant hypocritical liar.
  Ask obama if he would switch his family to gov run health care? Congress voted against a republican bill saying All members of congress would switch to the new gov run health care –so who is the lying anti-American here?

48)Acorn. $9Billion Dollars is the last closest estimation of the spendulus money designated for Acorn. Acorn is one of many corrupt organizations obama pays for with American tax money. Acorn is full of corruption to evade taxes, sign up illegal democrat voters, support prostitution,  … Too bad we don’t have a stat on how much of the $9Billion of stimulus taxpayer money went to meth houses and crack houses.
  Check out the video on showing a plant in a Baltimore acorn office getting approval from acorn -and instructions on how to bring in illegal women teenagers for prostitution -listing them as dependents to hide them. The video also showed over 8 laws  being broke –so will there be Any media coverage –or prosecution –or investigation? No, because free press in America has been replaced with obama edited news with GE, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, -leading the way. No prosecution because the laws in America are being controlled by union jails that are country clubs, lawyers that work for dollars and never justice, judges with the obama reference of the profit motive being evil, …

49)Obama lies about illegals getting health care. The republican bill to make illegals prove citizenship before getting health care was voted down by democrats –obama knows this and is clearly a liar with the continuing shell game on illegals.
  Obama during the campaign says: We will insure 48 million Americans without insurance. On Sept 9 obama says 30 million Americans without insurance will be insured. So the obama shell game of lies marches on.
  The democrats will not pass up any opportunity to register illegals as democratic voters, nor to get health insurance –as is proven by the democrats legislating that proving of citizenship is not required to vote or to get health care. Obama is funding illegals and anyone else to vote and get health care thru his corrupt political groups like acorn ($9B of stimulus money); so how much proof do you need that obama is lying?
  Will acorn be investigated before $9Billion Dollars of taxpayer money gets in their hands? Well, obama says “no-one gets anything by Joe”. Well, I think $9Billion for a nuclear plant would produce jobs and allow folks that want to work a way to provide for their families –instead of $9Billion for one of obama corrupt political machines. $1000Billion Dollar spendulus with zero for new nuclear plants -or development of American resources natural gas and coal proves obama is an anti-American liar on Every issue.
  1/10000 of every $Trillion will go to a real American project –enough for obama to show up in a city and make speeches for the next 3 ½ years.

50)Abortion. Obama and democrats want to fund abortion and they will fund it –like everything else –thru a shell game of lying in the speech and propaganda and laying out laws to allow funding of abortion. Republicans put out a bill saying in old fashioned simple terms that abortion would not be funded with taxpayer money –which of course -was rejected by the majority democrats –so who is lying here?

51)Obama lies in Every speech Every day. The shell game of lies is easily proven and documented.

52)One of the most nice people you could ever meet and an army veteran sent me this:
Don’t Apologize For Me!
The situation in Iraq in Afghanistan is deteriorating under obama. I wonder if an American president that apologizes for America fighting for freedom isn’t huge in motivating terrorists?
53)Ok, I was accused of being mean spirited, among other things … And I had a brief moment that I felt maybe that were true –because I have made a few hundred mistakes in my life -and figure maybe some of what I write is an exaggeration of fact.
  But upon looking at my listing of a couple of hundred obama lies along with proof in numbers and facts that can be easily checked, –I see a real honest attempt on my part to defend American Values that are being destroyed by obama. And I see media hiding and covering up the obama lies, the union lies, the democrat lies, a lot of republican lies, -and the obama appointments of his inner circle of communists, radicals, hate America thugs like van jones, $9Billion Dollars of stimulus money to the obama political machine acorn, outrageous lying about energy independence (energy independence would start with what works: nuclear energy and American fuels natural gas and coal), destruction of any future intelligence gathering by the CIA (American security on sleep mode is the reason for 9-11), obama has motivated terrorists with releases of confidential pictures and interrogation efforts, the obama directed 100% political witchhunt of the CIA is as sick anti-American as anyone can get –clearly treason -until the liberal dems and obama suckup media took control of America, …
  No, I am over my brief moment of feeling mean spirited, –when I can list hundreds of obama lies with references, numbers, facts –and none of these issues are honestly investigated -then the media and those that are mindlessly supporting obama are: obama suck-up sheepheads who trust their obama master and don’t care to question the obvious loss of not just American values, -but the loss of America.
54)Obama takes credit for the financial recovery: No! The obama spendulus was only 10% spent after the first 6 months. The economic recovery was due to the fed taking interest rates to zero, a flood of money into the system driving up the national debt (future inflation will skyrocket with Any economic recovery –some inflation will eat your lunch without economic recovery = crude oil prices), low natural gas prices –below $3, crude oil at 50 to 60, and so on.
55)Media covers up the obama lies, acorn setting up prostitution houses and helping to hide illegals, etc. Free press is non-existent, and you are an evil obstructionist if you object to obama world.
56)In real simple terms -proof of obama lying: G Beck has to be given credit as the Only media to show the integrity of obama’s acorn. Beck shows these videos of acorn helping set up prostitution houses and hiding illegals –Acorn denies the videos are accurate, but fires the acorn workers in the videos.
57)Gibbs and msnbc report 46 show up for march against obama pelosi radical steal from seniors and those that work nation!!
Obama says he will retaliate to these obstructionists with a TV speech every 20 minutes from now on, -instead of the old schedule of every 24 hours!
58)The Future: 1)Obama promotion of chaos every day of all 4 years of his presidency –unless impeached for the liar radical that he is. 2)Fair and balanced is bs –Our goal as Americans should be about Truth and American Values. 3)It is clearly lying for obama to promise no illegals, no abortion, no stealing heath care and wealth from seniors, keep your existing insurance, no cuts in medicare, … back in July –as every bill by democrats at the time did make sure illegals were covered, abortion funded, medicare cuts, stealing from the senior citizen saviings, no portability of insurance, etc.
  Not to mention the tort reform that dems can’t pass due to their lawyer pay offs. Dems consistently vote against private insurance crossing state lines –which would allow competition –so who is lying?
59)David Axelrod said “the
Washington march of 9/12/09 was not indicative of the views of America”. David Axelrod would not recognize an American View –as Axelrod is the rod behind gov seize and destroy all American Values obama nation.
60)If you want straight talk on health-care -and the proposals that obama lies about saying his opponents don’t have proposals:
John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis

PRICELESS! Obama-care, Spendulus -were written to be confusing, create chaos, divide America, & not work!

Can you just imagine 1000 pages of this in the Spendulus Package?  and now, -here we go again –with obama-care:
This is from p. 225 of HR3200:

The productivity adjustment described in this subclause, with respect to an increase or change for a fiscal year or year or cost reporting period, or other annual period, is a productivity offset equal to the percentage change in the 10-year moving average of annual economy-wide private nonfarm business multi-factor productivity (as recently published before the promulgation of such increase for the year or period involved). Except as otherwise provided, any reference to the increase described in this clause shall be a reference to the percentage increase described in subclause (I) minus the percentage change under this subclause.”

Just 1 More Reason to Impeach Obama

  [Judging by Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress who were informed at the time, the answer seems to be yes. In December 2007, after a report in The Post that she had knowledge of these procedures and did not object, she admitted that she’d been “briefed on interrogation techniques the administration was considering using in the future.”
  Today Pelosi protests “we were not — I repeat — were not told that waterboarding or any other of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used.” She imagines that this distinction between past and present, Clintonian in its parsing, is exonerating.
  On the contrary. It is self-indicting. If you are told about torture that has already occurred, you might justify silence on the grounds that what’s done is done and you are simply being used in a post-facto exercise to cover the CIA’s rear end. The time to protest torture, if you really are as outraged as you now pretend to be, is when the CIA tells you what it is planning to do “in the future.”
  But Pelosi did nothing. No protest. No move to cut off funding. No letter to the president or the CIA chief or anyone else saying “Don’t do it.”
  On the contrary, notes Porter Goss, then chairman of the House intelligence committee: The members briefed on these techniques did not just refrain from objecting, “on a bipartisan basis, we asked if the CIA needed more support from Congress to carry out its mission against al-Qaeda.”
  More support, mind you. Which makes the current spectacle of self-righteous condemnation not just cowardly but hollow. It is one thing to have disagreed at the time and said so. It is utterly contemptible, however, to have been silent then and to rise now “on a bright, sunny, safe day in April 2009” (the words are Blair’s) to excoriate those who kept us safe these harrowing last eight years.]
  The [above] pretty much gives you the obama vision of continuing whatever is required to change
America to a country with NO ability to maintain security -and continue the march of the obama big gov power obsession. Obama says The Left First, -People Last.  The link to the full article:              JayR

Obama is the Biggest Threat to America of any war -or any action -in the History of America

  Obama says Liberals Control My Decisions First, and American Security Comes Last. You want proof? Releasing pictures and confidential security information that took place during a time of war –not to mention the US is still in a time of war -demonstrates the very sick anti-American obama superiority ego.
These pictures will be plastered in every foreign country and every terrorist group as motivation to kill Americans.

  How can a
US president have a conversation in a top secret format, or intelligence gathering take place in foreign countries –when there is no ability to gather information in secrecy? Obama has made intelligence gathering impossible with his cowardly acts of political leftist ego.
  Obama should be impeached, -he has no sense at all of what is required for the security of
America and the American military.
  Also see post of
4/23/09.   JayR

No Honor for the Americans that Gave Their Lives so America could be a Free Country! Obama America is not what Americans gave their lives for.

  The factor that hurts the most as America moves to the obama pelosi biden summers franks reid GOV CONTROL AND OWNERSHIP SOCIETY is the millions of Americans that gave their lives in combat to preserve America. They did not fight for gov control and ownership. They, We, fought for Freedom. Freedom for the individual to better himself, to make $50 a week –or $500M a week.
  No American ever fought to defend a country that was ALL gov jobs. No American ever fought to defend politicians that put gov first and people last. No American ever fought to defend politicians that look to the biggest private business profit or individual private sector income -and then legislate a way to tax 50% or more of that income.
  Sounds more like
Russia than America.  JayR

105 Issues Obama is Lying About

All you really need to know about 2007 and 2008 is democrats had control of the Senate (Reid) & democrats had control of the House (Pelosi) -leading into the financial meltdown of 2008.  Yet, democrats never will take any responsibility for their part in the coming recession -or anything else.

1) Obama spendulus and All obama pelosi laws being written are created for: [The One Goal of obama creating $Trillions of dollars of a big gov power base of one socialist party America] vs.  [Actually Creating Private Enterprise Jobs, -and helping America compete in the world?!]
2) Green Czar Van Jones is a self-proclaimed communist in charge of $30Billion of stimulus money. This fit in pretty well with the obama pelosi stimulus not showing any intent of creating private enterprise jobs, -and even worse putting bad folks in no-oversight czar positions to run the gov money machine handout.
3) [American Veterans fought for a Capitalist Free Enterprise America] vs. [Did Veterans fight for obama gov control and obama gov takeover of America?]
4) Health care in Canada or the UK is better than health care in the US? obama pelosi media –how about a little research? Health care is a colossal irreversible disaster in Canada and the UK –Check out the survivor rates of the most serious diseases, the wait time before any treatment, the gov bureaucracy between you and your doctor, -health is too important to ignore what has happened in other countries.
5) No-one in Canada and rest of world comes to the US for medical treatment?
6) Over half of the 44 million uninsured in the US are illegals or make enough money to afford health care & don’t want it? True. If un-insured is the problem: Why not pass a bill to fix that problem without this corrupt 1300 pages of lawyer ease bureaucracy -that no-one can make sense of -calling it health care? The obama strategy is to hide the facts, -fixing 1 problem at a time would allow transparency and common sense solutions.
Lots of lawyer ease; but Nothing in any of the democrat bills provide that a person must prove citizenship before getting health care benefits –same democrat approach as the right to vote.  Obama is for heath care for illegals plus a democrat voting card.

7) Spending Trillions for obama-care will save America money? Please note the first 2 words contradict the rest of the sentence.
8) Spending Trillions for obama-care will not raise your taxes and bankrupt America?
9) Spending Trillions for obama-care will reduce Medicare benefits, eventually remove your private company insurance, will eventually make the doctor-patient relationship a bureaucratic nightmare to figure out what is covered by insurance?

10) American Security can be jeopardized by a prez -or a pelosi running off at the mouth with confidential information? All for the sake of an arrogant anti-American obama being controlled by Bush haters -who are being appointed by obama into czar positions with no over-sight.
If war crimes by Americans is an issue for obama: How about an investigation of Vietnam with 50,000 American troops killed? Vietnam was started by John Kennedy, and escalated for almost a decade by Lyndon Johnson. Who got the US in Vietnam? How were prisoners treated? What was the process to decide what was torture?
Or, is Obama only in this for political gain? Clearly an obvious obama ploy to find Something on Bush Cheney -at the cost of the CIA and nsa ever being helpful again in obtaining intelligence.

11) Is it a Dishonor of American Military to have the prez release confidential pictures or documents -when the documents showed poor judgment made by less than 1% of All military operations? To apologize for -or super-publicize the rare American Military failures –is clear proof that obama is a traitor to America.

12) A good idea? To spend 1$Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) for a spendulus package written for union payoff, more gov jobs, more gov control/ownership, acorn, anything that resembles  a union, gov corruption at all levels, obama political machine, … –Nothing for Private Enterprise Jobs.
13) A good idea? A $Trillion dollar spendulus with almost Nothing for wind, solar, clean coal research, nuclear waste research, using American natural gas to fuel commercial vehicles, Picken’s wind energy plan, other alternative fuels, … Yes, fractional amounts were spent for some alternative energy programs, -just enough for the obama speech writing.

14) A good idea? A $Trillion dollar spendulus with nothing to fast-track nuclear plants. In 2008 25% of US energy was Nuclear.

15) Does obama know Natural Gas and Coal are American Resources?

16) Does obama know America cannot compete in the world without opening up American oil and gas drilling, -and fast-tracking nuclear plants?
17) Does obama know that for every 1 new American coal plant built in the next 20 years –there will be 200 coal plants built in the rest of the world?  China, India, Russia, and all other large countries will never quit building the energy plants that make sense for their economies to survive and compete in a global world. China is clearly moving ahead of the US as the only super-power in the world.
18) You are not going to stop a single coal plant from being built in the BRIC countries -by some obama environmental treaty or fancy speech of lies for the liberals.
19) Does Clunkers for Clunkers run up the national debt? De-value the American dollar, – running up the price paid for imported crude oil? This is taxpayer money being given away to obama motors bankrupting the future of America. Well, actually the top 4 cars that benefited were foreign car makers.
 And no problem for the environment: 700,000 vehicles with batteries, electronics, tires, etc going in your water supply + whatever resources it took to build 700,000 new vehicles –when many of the old vehicles would have gone another 5 to 10 years without being replaced. Turns out the city mpg improvement was close to 2 mpg.
20) Taxpayer Cash for Mortgage deadbeats runs up the national debt dollar for dollar. Thank the Lord obama is using money from folks that worked all their lives -to pay off mortgages for deadbeats -so a deadbeat can continue living in your neighborhood.
21) Barney Franks saying banks must not foreclose mortgages -is the same guy and the same mentality that caused the ’08 housing meltdown. Check out the corruption and campaign money involving Fannie, Freddie, obama , dodd, etc.
22) The housing problem started with: Clinton signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which exempted credit-default swaps from regulation.

23) No higher taxes for anyone making less than $250K? Well, that statement is a Lie –the 250K is for a married couple –Not Anyone.
24) An electric car in 2009 or 2019 will still be charged up by fossil fuels and nuclear at a  higher % than 90%? Yes, fossil/nuclear makes up 95% of US electric in 2009 and 93% in 2019 using optimistic numbers for the growth of alternative fuels.
25) 26) Obama closing Gitmo a good idea? Yes, if you want millions of taxpayer money to finance OJ types of circus trials, a new prison in your neighborhood, more dis-honor of American Military as not being able to handle prisoners and execute military justice.
27) Obama is not fast-tracking the use of American Resources Natural Gas and Coal?  Obama blocks opening up of American Drilling, -and does not give legitimate support to using natural gas in commercial vehicles.
28) Does Line “27” prove bho one more time to have the goal of reducing American power in the world?
29) Cap & Trade good for America? Well, All of these forms of cap & trade create double digit increases of electric bills for Every Person and Business in America –since 95% of our energy comes from fossil/nuclear in 2009 and is forecast to be 93% in 2019.
30) Line “29” means 1 more lie from obama on not raising taxes? This is just one of many sneaky ways for obama to raise taxes thru your electric bill. [This is like license tag “fees” that are no longer defined as taxes –so you can’t deduct the cost of a license tag]. Is killing American Business with higher fixed costs -and killing American consumers with higher electric bills a good thing?
31) Health insurance will never be fair. There is no end to sky-rocketing medical prices because the cures and treatments cost more. Of course, if you don’t want cures/treatments for aids, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, mental disease, diabetes, swine flu, flu, heart disease, macular degeneration and other blindness, -then vote for obama-care. There are many solutions for skyrocketing health costs -such as tort reform and opening up all states to competition.

32) How many $Million did the obama voting machine ACORN get from the obama peolsi spendulus bill? The most conservative number I have seen is $12Million.
33) Acorn is guilty of voter fraud, not paying taxes, …, –and frankly, Acorn looks like it has enough tentacles of hidden organizations to power any kind of riot or boycott or disruption of life in America -they choose to jump into. Obama ties to Acorn go back to at least 1992. The socialist “New Party” –which served as Acorn’s electoral arm, -endorsed obama, who was one of its members, when he ran for the Illinois state senate.
34)  35) CNBC Steve Leisman is on TV all of the time, argues obama policy with no contribution to ANY discussion –may as well be listening to any of a 20 window CNBC picture of obama communism including: howard dean, howard bernstein, donnie deutsch, john harwood, keith boykin, austan goolsbe, …
36) Is there a Better Vision for America than the obama pelosi Vision for America? The best from obama pelosi was: A fractional small part of the spendulus that went for gov job creation -was Using Imported Oil to build roads and bridges -Plus a high speed rail to visit biden in Las Vegas.  A high speed rail will not last a month without a terrorist attack to wreck the train -really easy to de-rail a train.
37) Free Choice Act a good idea? The Free Choice Act was one of the bigger obama pelosi lies of the year: This bill would do away with the Secret Ballot for union voting allowing the union to bully a worker into signing up. This right to a Secret Ballot for union voting is as Constitutional as dumping tea to rid America of their British bully.
38) Blaming Bush for the housing meltdown? Clinton signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which exempted credit-default swaps from regulation. In 1995 Clinton loosened housing rules by re-writing the Community Reinvestment Act, which put added pressure on banks to lend in low-income neighborhoods.
39) Equal rights for all? Not so far away under obama -the plan is for America to look like Cuba in a few years –or destroyed due to obama ignorance on national security.
40) Equal rights for all –means no racial prejudice? Every law obama has passed or proposed is about taking from hard working folks -and giving to bums, deadbeats, and the obama political machine.

41) Using conservative numbers based on obama legislation already passed: The national debt doubles in 5 years & triples in 10 years. And, that was before clunkers for clunkers and all of the mountain of gov programs lined up by obama democrats. This obama gov obsession is designed to shape America into a 1 party socialist system that assures America will be a weak non-player in the future world growth -and the loss of our free enterprise economy.
42) obama says: Serving for the gov should be the goal of American Youth. Whatever happened to serving God, Family, Country, American Values of Free Enterprise, Fighting against the obama big gov control and ownership, …?
43) Should American Values and the American Future play any role in electing an American President?
44) American Values are: Free Enterprise Jobs [Low Corporate Taxes [Low Income Taxes [Low State and Local Taxes [Low Sales Tax [A cutting edge National Defense that assures other countries they cannot walk on and destroy America [The right to a secret ballot when voting important issues like unions [Building 100 new nuclear plants as soon as possible to bridge the gap getting off of imported crude oil [Using, developing, and making more and more environmentally friendly -the use of American Resources Natural Gas and Coal [Making education and jobs a function of who is the smartest -instead of the race issue –the smartest need to be rewarded for their work; kids that study need to be getting the federal assistance –not just handouts to reward lazy, spoiled, fat, drug dealers and users, …]
45) Do you prefer Prez obama mandates for taxpayer subsidies for corn ethanol –to buy votes? Do you prefer the obama pelosi gov that has blocked Brazil ethanol that would reduce gasoline prices by 20%?
46) Democrat Kent Conrad is typical blue dog democrat: they lie to get republican votes by saying things like using the spendulus money to fund the Clunkers for Clunkers program, –but the other dems say the hole would just gets re-filled with more taxpayer money. This is just more of the shell game to hide the obama doctrine of: 1 Party, 1 socialist gov; and let the national debt move America to look like Cuba within 10 years.
47) Federal spending is up 30% since obama took office, tax revenue is down 18%. Did obama pelosi ever consider cutting back as American people are doing? No, -just the opposite -spending $Trillions to spread the obama power base with taxpayer dollars, -and the obama gov cancer is only 6 months into a 4 year term.
48) Is there anyone out there that could not (in 1 minute) come up with a Better gov give-a-way than the clunkers for clunkers plan? How about using the $5Billion to help fast-track 50 nuclear plants that would create millions of private enterprise jobs immediately & provide the energy independence Required for America to compete in the world economy. Or, a 10% permanent tax credit for anyone buying a car that gets over 40mpg city.
49) AARP = Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons? NO!
AARP would be more truthfully named Assoc for obama Liberal Big Gov Brainwashing. The AARP is mega laundering of democrat and liberal money to lie about energy, health, environment, security, etc. More proof of this is the present approval by AARP of the obama health bill. Folks, this obama health bill is not even half drawn up –yet, obama and the AARP are claiming a Gold Plated Future, -they just want to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars to get gov control of health care Before America wakes up!
AARP is supposed to be non-profit; -but how many TV ads do you see saying “This is the only insurance plan approved by AARP”. All of the literature from AARP is geared to lying to you -promoting the liberal view –so you will be ignorant on energy, environment, private job creation, education, free trade, and on and on.
 It is such a Lie to claim to represent Retired Folks & instead be a Propaganda Machine for democrats and big government. Not to mention twisting your arm for added medicare insurance and other insurance ties.
And try to cancel aarp, -or don’t re-new: You will be hounded every day for the next 2 years with letters, new cards, new Medicare offers, new insurance offers of all kinds, …, -aarp is not geared to let an elderly person escape their liberal propaganda.
50) 20090806 obama dems have a new bill being voted on -to spend $50Billion for the development of solar energy. This begs the question: Why was this not thought of when the $Trillion dollar spendulus bill was passed? I’ll tell you why –the fractional part of the spendulus for green energy (about 1%) -was money for obama to spread out over the next 4 years creating hundreds of TV appearances and speeches for the particular city that gets the money –a strategy of big claims and fancy speeches -and no real substance to the overall energy problems in America. China has 70% of the green energy market because China is covering all fronts of developing fossil, nuclear, and green energy. Obama is killing America by shutting in fossil and nuclear energy; and is too energy ignorant to recognize American Resources Natural Gas and Coal.
51) Follow the money always tells you which politician is giving the most gov legal protection and money to the most corrupt organizations: $96Billion of taxpayer money so far to Fannie and Freddie this year, -and guess who gets the most campaign contributions from Fannie and Freddie? Obama and dodd are at the top of F&F contributions. Fannie and Freddie make loans with the backing of the US gov, -and they are operating at a $96Billion dollar loss?! This can only be explained by an interlocked corruption between politicians and fannie & freddie. Fannie and Freddie should be abolished; and let American Free Enterprise make the loans; and gov regulation held accountable when they fail.
52) Unions at it again:  the US Postal Service lost $7Billion in 2008. You see, the postal service is 70% spam mail, and all mail is moving to the internet -meaning we should be cutting back on USPS employees as their mail volume disappears. No, -thanks to the obama pelosi union controlled dems, -it just means higher and higher postage and higher and higher $Billions of taxpayer money going to the USPS every year to keep up with lost revenue. The post office should be abolished and let American Free Enterprise deliver the mail.
53) Should American Values and the American Future play any role in electing an American President?
54) Has anyone asked the question: Does America have the doctors, hospitals, staff, medicine, dollars, … to provide medical care to a never-ending in-flux of illegals and folks that don’t want medical insurance?  Well, I will tell you –  No. I will just suggest a smidge of common sense, -Just one example: Do you really think that a sudden Miracle will appear in the world with the number of additional doctors, surgeons, hospitals, treatments, …, -to handle an additional 50 million people? Plus the open invitation for millions more illegals to show up with a hand out for medical insurance & a democrat voting card?
55)Obama said: “Protestors against health-care are the folks that created the mess, -they should shut up!”
Well, obama was elected prez as a Direct Result of the media lying and lying and lying about Sarah Palin & now the obama pelosi arrogance and hiding of Truth -is having to be stepped up to put down the Truth. In spite of the left media, there is a growing number of Americans that are getting a bit sick of obama sending the natl debt into multiples of what obama inherited, And not having done anything to address unemployment (other than gov money and gov jobs going up), -And lying about obama-care from a to z.
One more time to the obama pelosi democrats: The Main reason John McCain is not president today is because of the worst showing of hate by media in the history of American politics -in bashing Sarah Palin.
56) 20090807 obama made a short press conference in which he was lying in each and every statement. One of those obama lies: [Failed policies of the past created this mess.] No. The policies of the past created the super-power country America is. The financial meltdown was a failure of gov: Clinton passed a law to make credit-swaps not regulated + hundreds of other gov laws + the corruption in Fannie and Freddie + politicians looking the other way.
57) 20090807 same press conference. Obama says [his policies brought America back from the brink.] No. Bernake lowering of rates, and some help from the Treasury, and something called free enterprise America –brought America back. The obama spendulus has only spent 10% of the $Trillion so far -& that pretty much disappeared into the black hole of bureaucracy. The spendulus was not about jobs, -just enough for obama to make speeches. The spendulus spends less than 10% total on infrastructure; and less than 1% on green energy.
If the economy fails anytime soon, look for obama to replace Bernake with comrade larry summers, –as obama wants control of the Fed and money policy.
58) After pointing fingers and being real arrogant smart buttheads about corporate America owning a private jet, -the democrats have ordered 4 more jets than the pentagon recommended for their travel. Pelosi getting a bigger plane to go coast to coast non-stop is even a separate issue. The private jets and private insurance are only good for the top democrat gov goose, -not the American People.
59) CNBC john harwood has his head so far up the b of obama, -he has nothing to offer to any conversation, -except defending his master. I expect more from a network that is supposed to be dedicated to world finance.
60) Which brings me to Fox. Fox, such as it is, -really is the only place in America to get news. You don’t see 80% of the news on the other networks; -because the other networks are re-editing everything to defend their obama master. Although, as the TV watch numbers go down for the liberal networks, -more folks discover Fox covers All of the news. Keith Olberman is an exception, -being a consistent scum antiAmerican. The Rush bi-partisan 1 page stimulus bill back in January –really was a well thought out plan that would have helped the present and future of America and the republican 46% would have actually gone to creating private enterprise jobs. An American Good Idea should be recognized as just that –no matter who the source is.
61) Line “57” talks about the spendulus percents on infrastructure and green energy –which were almost non-existent on a percentage basis. An additional obama lie on the $Trillion dollar spendulus is how the democrat congress keep re-plenishing it with more money –with the end result being an endless gold mine of taxpayer money to give away each week so obama can be at a new town making a speech on job creation and green energy until the 2012 presidential vote.
62) 20090807 Same obama press conference: obama said “We can’t keep using “dirty and outdated sources of energy”. This is obama at his lying best. Fossil fuels and nuclear account for 95% plus of American energy in 2008 & will account for 93% of American energy in 2018 based on a very optimistic development of solar and wind. By the way, electric cars plug into electricity generated by guess what? 95% fossil and nuclear. The point is alternative energy development of solar and wind takes time, -and the American future is being killed by obama’s lying about energy.
63) Clunkers for Clunkers, -one last word showing the non-vision ignorance of obama: The destruction of the trade-in goes against every environmental green idea ever conceived. Just one part of that destruction is the battery: Each Lead acid battery consists of: 21# of lead, 3# of plastic, and a gallon of sulfuric acid. 10 Million lead acid batteries go uncycled each year.
Tires are an excellent source of lead and arsenic, -which is also bad for water supplies and our air (if you burn the tire). 290 Million scrap tires are generated each year -with only 9% recycled or exported. Obviously, that is just the beginning of the toxics and other resources in a destroyed clunker car -that will end up in a water supply near you.
A plan with better vision like putting these $Billions into vehicles that can run off of American natural gas would have created jobs, reduced imported oil, and helped the environment –a concept obama pelosi lie about every-day.
64) The obama dems don’t really care what spendulus, energy, health, taxes, -bill gets passed. Just as obama gets the $Trillions allocated with obscure language to spend as obama czars see fit over the next 3 and ½  years. Even if a health bill was passed that had some appearance of being reasonable –obama dems have the power with a majority vote to pass anything they want –including modifying the heath bill -to eventually have the gov in charge of all of heath care. All of the time using threats -just as they did to pass the spendulus 6 months ago. If tarp money or spendulus money gets replenished as it is spent (which is the track record of obama pelosi); than you have an endless black hole of gov bureaucracy instead of a free America.
65) Pelosi & Hoyer at their lying best!
20090810 Pelosi & Hoyer say: “Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.”
Never mind obama pelosi hoyer -that you passed a $Trillion dollar spendulus bill (focused on making gov bigger) with a vote of 246 democrats for the bill and 176 of the 178 republicans against the bill. Just me, but cramming a bill thru (20% of the Amercan economy) with zero republican input is anti-American –esp if the bill only has 10% for infrastructure (pouring asphalt, -what a vision!) and only 1% for wind and solar (obama does not recognize American fuels natural gas and coal).
“Drowning out the facts” is a good quote from pelosi and hoyer –after passing the $Trillion dollar bill that no-one in congress had even read. Just me, but can you get more un-American than 246 democrats not reading a bill before passing it!?
66) Obama says: Better to export American natural gas than to use it in America!
 After all, American natural gas is one of those dirty fossil fuels that Every job in America depends on.
20090807 Press Conference Obama said “We can’t keep using dirty and outdated sources of energy”.
Exporting American fuels like American natural gas is what is taking place without Americans knowing it -due to obama being the anti-American arrogant butt that he is.
Obama pelosi say the end of the world is upon us! We must have a bi-partisan stimulus package –& 6 months later we have an ALL dem spendulus gov package.
Obama pelosi say the end of the world is upon us! We must have a bi-partisan health care package –& in a few months you will have an ALL dem health care package to get America on the road to an ALL gov Canada UK health care.

You see, blue dog dems are the worst dems –they lie to get some attention & vote straight obama big gov –just as they did on the spendulus, & Every other issue important to killing American Values.
Smoking and obesity are 40% of heath care costs. America does not need a heath care bill, -America needs to make the folks who smoke and can’t stop eating pay their own way.
 By the way, marijuana is much more addictive than smoking, 4x the cancer causing tar, laced with other addictive drugs, -and will be much more of a problem than smoking over the next 10 years. The dems and many republicans support all the laws to legalize and make readily available marijuana, –Which is not smart to spend $millions fighting drug cartels, and fight Mexican drugs coming into America  -when Americans using these drugs are the problem.
Changing the prisons to bread and water, no media, no country club atmosphere, no drugs, …, -would cut down the folks in prison to 1/3 of what it is now & solve a lot of problems. Jail should cost the American taxpayer about $10,000/year per inmate -instead of $49,000/year (California).
By the way, an intelligent approach to health care reform would be to look at one idea at a time -and hash it thru -and vote on that one solution.
But you see, obama pelosi are arrogant worshipers of big gov and power, so they go after the $Trillions of dollars of obscure lawyer ease thousand page bills –so the American public will only find out the truth when they are turned down for treatment much more than they are now.
68) Chevy Volt to get 230 mpg! Makes C for C look like a $4Billion Dollar Waste!
Obama pelosi has the vision of a drunk sailor with a credit card. Clunker for clunker gave us an increase of 2 mpg as the average increase in city gas mileage. A permanent law giving away your tax money would have been an actual American Plan -if the low end of the new car mpg was set at 40mpg city (Ford Fusion hybrid gets 41mpg city). The “Smart” car gets 60mpg.
No-one will buy an elec car without incentive, -so look for several more billion coming out in the future. By the way, an electric car does Nothing for the environment -unless you get rid of obama, -and get a prez that supports nuclear power. The rest of the world is building nuclear power as fast as they can to protect the future of their economies –only 1 country in the world has an arrogant energy ignorant anti-American butt for a leader.
I am fighting for the future of America, -not being political. Show me one democrat that has any American Values of free-enterprise, -and I will vote for him. The democrats make nice speeches on free-enterprise, -and then vote 100% to solve all issues with spending for gov takeover and ownership.
69) Obama Doctrine #2: Obama is for any bill that takes money from the Working, Retired, and Rich, -and rewarding those living off of the system with more money. Which, by the way is very similar to Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, N Korea, ….
70) Obama Doctrine: #1: Obama is for Temporary tax cuts or Temporary tax credits; but Obama always leaves the word Temporary out of the speech.
Obama Doctrine #2: Obama solution for all problems is making gov bigger using Permanent tax increases.
72) Interesting that a $Trillion spendulus package was for Temporary tax credits, more gov control, more gov debt –and the one spendulus that actually saw results was not the $1000Billion spendulus –but a separate bill of $4Billion called “Cash for Clunkers”!
73) Even obama can’t spend a $Trillion without some of the money being for America. So you end up with about 10% of the spendulus that went to causes that had American Value and allows obama to talk about the 10% at every speech you will hear from now on into eternity. The spendulus was a lie, it should have been about jobs, it should have been about American Values such as using American Resources coal and natural gas -and building nuclear plants to get nuclear power up to half of the power generated in the US.
74-90) Questions to ask at a Town Hall Meeting: 1)Why did less than 2% of the stimulus $Trillion go to green energy?  2)Why was infrastructure spending less than 4% of the $T?  3)How much imported crude oil is required to build these roads, bridges, and high speed trains?  4)Why did less than 1% of the $T go to the wind grid? -which is not enough to move the needle on wind generation. Classic example of a few dollars spent on an American value so obama can make a speech: $4B for the elec grid is 4/1000 =.004 of the stimulus bill).  5)Why was zero of the $T spent on nuclear generation? –which is the only proven alternative energy source of any consequence to actually Helping the future of America.  6)Why was the $T spent for over 500 federal and state agencies or programs? -when a corporate tax cut would have helped America compete in the world and create jobs today and from now on?!  7)When obama says $400M for something: This was stuck in for the purpose of obama speech making over the next 4 years. You see 400M is .4B and .4/1000 = .0004,  so 400M turns out to be 4 ten thousandth of the $Trillion dollar spendulus. so take a calculator with you when you go or listen to an obama speech!  8)How much of the $T was spent on opening up areas to develop American fuels natural gas and coal? zero is the answer, -some 50% gov subsidized solar panel is going to save us -according to obama.  9)How much of the $T went to developing the Picken’s plan for using natural gas in commercial vehicles? zero is the answer. Bills are being discussed now, -but why not have a Real plan in the $T stimulus?  10)How much of the $T went to making gov bigger Versus directly into private enterprise corporations? zero is the answer, -yet obama laughs when called a socialist!  11)Did you know the post office lost $8B in 2008? and due to the internet and other media, -the post office is becoming obsolete and needs to become an entity of private enterprise?! or, does obama believe private enterprise can’t handle running a large organization?  The post office is becoming more and more just a spam office, -except the post office uses real paper.  12)Why does obama lie about seeking republican input? The $T bill was a vote of 176 to 2 republicans voting against the obama stimulus package. This obama lie of seeking bi-partisan ideas does not mean seeking Only the bi-partisan ideas that agree the gov and bankrupting America are the only solutions.  11)Why does obama speeches brag about tax cuts and credits -without mentioning they are only temporary?!  12)Why does the $250K for any new taxes never say “for a married couple”? There really are some single folks out there, what is their cutoff? -maybe $100K?  13)Why not attack those things on health care that save us money first? one issue at a time, -so America can have some idea what the h is going on?  14)Are tobacco users and marijuana users ever going to pay their fair share for the killing they cause in America? smokers and the fat are clearly not paying their way in health care since 40% of health care costs fall to those groups. Forest fires caused by the smokers add to American debt and loss of life.  16)If obama-care was cheaper and better than the gov-private care that we have today, -then why does the obama bill penalize private enterprise with a 9% payroll tax -if the corporation dumps their private plan?  Or, is obama lying?  17)Does obama intend to fix the rising costs of doctors for insurance to cover malpractice insurance? or, is the obama lawyer funding just one more skyrocketing medical cost for American taxpayers? Lawyer funding is about 100% supported by democrats –mainly because of the lawyer payoff to democrats.
91) Obama Doctrine #3: There in nothing Private Enterprise does -that Gov could not do better!
92) Is a scum anti-American site? Well, they hate American fuels natural gas and coal. They hate nuclear power. They support using $Trillions of your tax dollars for solar and wind and a few other alternative energy sources that we all support –but will not take up any more than a maximum of 2% of the total energy use in the next 10 years?
If folks knew the facts, -spending equally for American fuels and nuclear along with all of the alternative fuels would make sense –instead of the obama and scum anti-American internet sites like repowerAmerica.
94) Tough issues to fix in private and gov health care. Why not solve these 1 at a time in laws that don’t have a 1000 pages of fine lawyer print that no-one can understand?

95) Of course Line “94” would keep obama from hiding all the dollars spent for the obama political machine.
96) There is no regulation of obama czars –making the obama political machine a real threat to All American values -such as free enterprise -and everything in the Constitution.
97) Letting more obama czars be in charge of $Trillions of dollars makes no sense at all.
98) Health Care Reform: Cutting down crime would help. Changing the prisons to being a prison could cut crime in half. No media other than a hard copy book library, no drugs, serving meals of nutritious cheap food, spending $10K/year instead of $41K, …, -would cut down the folks in prison by at least half & solve a lot of problems.
99) Why does obama pelosi want one a $2Trillion dollar mega-bill for health care? Because to divide it up into parts would allow the public to buy in and understand what is going on. A 1200 page lawyer ease bill allows obama pelosi to hide all the corruption, waste, obama deals cut with pharma and others, etc.
100) American web sites: Paul Ryan, Judd Gregg, Tom Coburn, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Hannity, Steve Forbes, Boone Pickens,
101) If you think it is anti-American to want the gov to control all of private enterprise in America, -then you may not want to vote for these people: obama, pelosi, biden, franks, dodd, most media (esp cnn, msnbc),
102) House Bill 3200, Title II, Subtitle C, Section 246 says “no federal payment for undocumented aliens”. Nothing in any of these bills Requires Verification of Citizenship. Ask obama if any bill on health care requires verification of citizenship? This is standard operating procedure for democrats to add democrat voters (Mexican illegals) by giving away American health care –without verification of citizenship.
103) Someone ask democrats baucus and tester about their earmarked pork in the stimulus package! Baucus moved $15Million to beef up a Canada checkpoint in Montana that sees 3 people a day –while we have several Mexican checkpoints that see hundreds of people and cars lined up everyday. Obama Blantedly Lied about earmarks and pork in the stimulus –the whole $Trillion is a loosely written obscure pork, payoff, and obama power use of American tax money.
104) 4000 stimulus checks to jail inmates: well, I guess “nobody messes with Joe” (the quote from obama). Also refer to “Line 103”.
105) Tip of the iceberg addition to Line 103 and 104: $3.5M for sex studies, $3.4M for a turtle crossing, $246M for movie producers to buy film, $1.5M for guard rail at non-existent lake, …