President Trump just knocked a Home Run in his Future of America speech tonight!

President Trump just knocked a Home Run in his Future of America speech tonight!
Democrats ran out of the room like recess in the 2nd grade! -in search of leftist hate microphones -to denounce what most Americans agree with -and all democrats of 50 years ago -agreed with every word President Trump said tonight!

btw, did you notice the democrat twins in white uniform with “Leftist Puppethead” etched on their foreheads?!   -all in unison giving a thumbs down to a speech about bringing America together  -but that is representative of the woman democrat of 2017 -too busy partying & playing with themselves  -to notice there is serious business to be hashed out  -in regard to taxes, borders, hate & divide, …

Trump has to fight every minute -the lies, fake news, leaks all thru the most corrupt gov in the history of America -fight the hate of media, democrats, most of the world hate -that lives by leftist media, -and half of the republicans -that have more fake ego than common sense -& still just whacked several balls out of the park!

I realize nothing changes -this email group will go right on hating, hating, …. -with no care or ability to talk issues and make America have love -and hope -and a strong military!

But I suppose you contribute to the fellowship of so many that hate Trump, hate life itself, hate for others to have an opinion that is not believing in sanctuary cities, exponential rise in drug addiction, food stamps, poverty, crappy education, the left Obama support of the Russia/Iran/Assad alliance that just killed .5 Million citizens -hates LGBT -treats women as slaves, -and lives for exciting nuclear destruction of America.

Or, you could contribute to talking issues -to make America have love and hope -and restore freedoms that have been destroyed with police hate, gangs, no justice for evil -not even the ability to recognize evil.

see ya,  JayR,   for 1 brief hour, America was given a light for the Future!!


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