Personal attacks on Trump by Lester Holt

each and every time a personal assault question was aimed at D Trump -Just ask Lester Holt if that personal question in any way got Americans killed?  got operatives killed?  got 4 Americans killed at Benghazi?  got half a million citizens of Syria killed?  presently -almost every day -getting Americans killed all over America?  got 4000 killed in just Chicago -during the Obama presidency?  turned Iraq over to Iran?

Just what is up with the Obama/hClinton/jKerry  –great love for giving up everything to Iran?   Anyway, Trump should never address a personal attack again -period.  Just dig in –on asking the Moderator/hClinton team the above questions -and go right into national security

such as open borders bringing in drug cartels, drugs, sanctuary cities  –all for democrat power and votes.

How about hClinton listing her nominees for the supreme court?!

Lester Holt in the tank for hClinton, democrats -he is a phony to be registered as a republican -only for the network to say they have a republican.  The number of times Lester Holt interrupted trump, –the times the trump tax issue was brought up -here is hClinton who destroyed 15 or 20 cell phones and other devices, over 60,000 emails destroyed -over and over to make sure there was no trace (no emails were turned over to anyone, -only document re-creations that were vetted by a team of Clinton lawyers).
How about a question on the cowardly action of hClinton during Benghazi -hClinton is a traitor to America and to every one of us that ever put on the uniform… And the audience,  -what the h is this selected audience doing at a presidential debate?   They are not ever going to be silent, –and the media being 95% leftist punks are going to be cheering the leftist socialist agenda of hClinton.
How about questions on sanctuary cities, –the deals with the Mexican gov to continue the Hispanic takeover of America, -the moving in of drug cartels, -the corruption of governments in every city in America?  How about questions on the 550,000 refugees hClinton is going to bring in to America   -which are impossible to vet.  It is a tragedy that America has no more spine any more –than to have an anti-American traitor to America like hClinton on stage to be running for president  –and to have leftist moderators run presidential debates.   The public does not care about all the accusations against trump  -they care about the future of America  -Trump needs to put defense of his character in the  background  -Just make 1 statement to say it is not true -and move on  -no matter how many times a leftist like Lester Holt wants to bring it up.

HClinton is a worthless liar for power  -any promise, any lie -to sell America out -to get hClinton into the white house -that is her only goal in life.   Of course hClinton did her best to only talk about the Donald trump personal issues  -the hClinton record is Benghazi, sanctuary cities, open borders, Libya, creation of Isis, racial hate and racial baiting, cop hating, to keep blacks and Hispanic in poverty and on gov checks, Obama/hClinton/jKerry:   half a million dead and over a million refugees in Syria, –Benghazi, –the Obama/hClinton Libya war, –destruction of emails, cell phones, computers, servers, –use of the Obama IRS to go after republicans, –use of the Obama FBI to protect the chosen democrats, –use of the Obama fed to keep interest rates low for 8 years -and still the economy has just put more on food stamps and into poverty, lowest home ownership in over 50 years, most having left the work force in 20 years, …., –Iran given at least $2Billion that we know of in cash strictly for the purpose of funding terrorist groups all over the world,Russia and Iran and China taunting the American Navy, –Iran capturing Navy personnel,  –just what kind of surrender orders has Obama been giving the US military?,  -Blacks have been told again and again by blm, Obama, hClinton   –that they should hate cops and America and follow the path of Rev Wright -and the rest of the hate-America left,  hClinton’s Russia re-set button (what a joke hClinton is -to claim any leadership ability!),  ….

when there is no America  -America is destroyed  -how much closer are we to that date with hClinton calling half of trump supporters racist, haters, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, islamaphobic?, –and the crowd she was at –went wild with laughing and cheering   –and  they say most of this audience was LGBT or big supporters of LGBT   –so, you don’t have to look very far to see proof of who is driving the hate in America.

95 Million out of work. Slowest economic recovery in 40 years, more national debt added under the Obama 8 years than all the rest of the Presidents Combined.

hClinton’s statement on solar panels taking over electric generation –was a 100% LIE, –she knows it & said the lie anyway -because that’s what she does.

Solar panels would be everywhere -if they worked. SP so far have been an environmental nightmare -with the amount of land required, the killing of wildlife, maintenance of the electric cables, transmission lines to get to anything -and there is no way to store solar power  -but in a battery  -and our best lithium battery keeps blowing up in cell phones and jet planes.  But if you don’t mind a large air conditioned room full of batteries, the solar panels are perfect for your home or business.

by Jay Richardson