Lester Holt in the tank for hClinton, democrats -a phony liar to be registered as a republican.

Lester Holt in the tank for hClinton, democrats -a phony liar to be registered as a republican.

The number of times Holt interrupted trump, –the times the trump tax issue was brought up -here is hClinton who destroyed 15 or 20 cell phones and other devices, over 60,000 emails destroyed over and over to make sure there was no trace (no emails were turned over to anyone, -only document re-creations that were vetted by a team of Clinton lawyers).

How about a question on the cowardly action of hClinton during Benghazi -hClinton is a traitor to America and to every one of us that ever put on the uniform… And the audience, -not so sure what this selected audience is doing at a presidential debate?   They are not ever going to be silent, –the leftist media makes plenty of noise for hClinton by themselves.

How about a question on the Obama state dept/justice dept/FBI –all hiding evidence -to keep the truth from America on the corruption and lies of hClinton?

How about questions on sanctuary cities, –the deals with the Mexican gov to continue the Hispanic takeover of America, -the moving in of drug cartels, -the corruption of governments in every city in America?
How about questions on the 550,000 refugees hClinton is going to bring in to America   -which are impossible to vet.
How about the sham pay for play Clinton Fund?

Where was a question on hClinton calling half of trump supporters racist, haters, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, islamaphobic?,
It is a tragedy that America has no spine anymore –than to have an anti-American traitor to America like hClinton on stage to be running for president –and to have leftist moderators run presidential debates. Trump did a great job on some issues  -but can’t linger on personal attacks -the public does not care about all the accusations against trump -they care about the future of America -trump needs to put defense of his character in the background -Just make 1 statement to say it is not true -and move on -no matter how many times a leftist phony like Lester Holt wants to bring it up.   I pray that trump gets better at debate -to put the hClinton record out front, –she truly is a worthless liar for power -any promise, any lie -to sell America out.

by Jay Richardson, the last American