Tax the Bundlers!

In their own words. A 50 tax. A 50% tax on the money received by every politician in the country at local, state, and federal level that Receives money of any kind under the table, over the table, campaign contributions, bribes, payoffs, …, –From LOBBISTS, bundlers, corporations, george soros, unions, fannie & freddie, wall street, corporations, oil companies, media, …!!
Since Obama will get over $1 Billion just for his 2012 campaign –the gov would get $500 Million from just the Obama bundlers (bundlers are the folks that collect the small contributions so politicians can lie and say their contributions were from the poor and middle class America).
And guess who is on top of receiving money from the Banks, Wall Street, Big Corporations, Big Oil? Obama, reid, dodd, frank, pelosi, schumer, van jones, …
   Immediate government income of over $ 3 Trillion dollars/year without anyone in America paying a dime!! How sweet is that?! Just add up the contributions from the bundlers that collect money from lobbyists at the federal level and you get over $1 Trillion dollars/year!
This solution solves several problems at one time, -the budget crisis, the bribing of politicians, making criminal the taking of money without reporting your 50% tax, -making it law that the American public gets to know who is financing your term in office!