Sure would like to see Carly Fiorina as Sec’y of Defense, or Sec’y of State! Fiorina is the most qualified, and won every debate that she was allowed to speak a few words!

…. Democrats blame Russia for the email hacking!  Good Lord, Obama controls all of the agencies responsible for our national security  -if Russia is hacking our gov, our corporations, etc  -it is democrats who are responsible for that hacking.
When a boat with a nuclear bomb goes off in New York or San Diego -or an American gulf port responsible for our natural gas  -you democrats voted for a weak feckless military!!   Look at Iraq,  –Americans are helping kill 1 or 2 Isis fighters  -all for the benefit of Obama’s Iran taking over Iraq  -Americans are so freaking stupid. 

hClinton will increase funding of sanctuary cities, step up the Obama push for the Mexican gov takeover of America, step up control of cities by Mexican drug cartels, …

hClinton is a traitor to America with Benghazi, Libya, the Russia re-set button, looking the other way as the evil Russia/Iran/Assad alliance killed 500,000 and created over a million refugees -to create brutal killings and chaos in Europe and America.
hClinton will import 550,000 un-vetted Syrian refugees into America in her 4 years in office.
No damn wonder with a whole Islamic radical family in Huma Abedin wrapped around hClinton every hour of every day.

The Obama fbi under the direction of evil leftist LLynch and Eric Holder -has helped cover up Obama/hClinton hate/crimes for several years now  -Ferguson, Baltimore, gun running, 5 cops killed in Dallas, IRS – Obama/Lois Lerner ties, no tracking of known Islamic terrorists because the Obama FBI can’t profile -based on the truth, ….

The Obama fbi covered up the sham Clinton fund –designed for hClinton to make hundreds of $Millions just by arms deals -and promises to keep her mouth shut about the hate toward women and gays in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Africa,  ….

hClinton supports BLM, -which is just saying cops will no longer be allowed to do their jobs in America  -good luck with that one.

hClinton/bObama has spit in the face of every soldier that ever wore the uniform   -these punks let 4 Americans be killed to make sure Obama would be re-elected.  No-where in American history has an embassy -in a country with no gov -been under attack for 13 hours -and an American president (Obama) and a Sec’y of State (hClinton)  –hide under the desk -and then sleep thru the night away  -as the world watched and saw what a weak feckless country the Obama/hClinton America is!!  Plenty more examples -such as under Obama surrender orders  -the American Navy was on their knees for an Iran photo shoot  –do you realllly want 4 more years of these hate-America punks running America??!!

hClinton has zero hope of making American military worth spit -too many $Million dollar donors that love the weak American Military.
Trump named his supreme court  judges, but hClinton can’t -as her big money donors disagree too much on just how far left to make America.

Well, you can vote Trump  -or you can vote for the worst sec’y of state in the history of America  -creating death and destruction all over the world  -and setting up a weak American military that can’t defend against a cyber attack –or any other attack.