Breaking: Calls for Madonna’s Arrest from Gingrich and Clarke

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is calling for Madonna to be arrested for her threats against President Trump. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke also commented on CNN that Madonna should get a visit from the FBI.

Newt Gingrich agrees with most sane Americans – Madonna should not get away with issuing a threat against a United States President. Continue reading “Breaking: Calls for Madonna’s Arrest from Gingrich and Clarke”

Presidential Debate, Moderator, Climate Change

If there was any reason in America, there would be no moderator  -just let each candidate talk about any topic they choose for 2 min while the other candidate has a muted mike –& let the other candidate have 2 min –and so on until the 90 min is up  -pretty simple stuff  -unless you like rigged elections & leftist moderators that only want to stir racial hate, cop hate, push the hClinton 550,000 Islamic refugees, push more deals with the Mexican gov to take over America with sanctuary cities, drug cartels, -spit in the face of the American soldier with Benghazi, Russia re-set, funding pure evil in the Russian/Iran/Assad alliance, -etc -the same old Obama/hClinton/jKerry lying.

Climate change.  But just once would like to see how many coal plants were built in the Obama years in china and India & how many of  these climate change folks (Obama, hClinton, jKerry, al gore, gSoros, etc) ever stopped 1 coal plant from being built  –never ever stopped even 1 coal plant from being built!! 

How many coal plants did Obama stop during his 8 years?!   how about ZERO!!!!