Blacks choose to live in the Obama Matrix

Blacks choose to live in the Obama Matrix -permanently
connected to the tubes of the government transfusion
increased number of Blacks unemployed and on gov checks -is all for Democrat  votes

Do you really think a Black person that gets into capitalism and making money -and
having a good life for his family and kids -is as likely to vote democrat -as
the Black in the Obama Matrix chairs that are plugged into the government?

You might ask yourself what the youth unemployment rate has gone to since Obama
got elected?  btw, Democrats controlled
the House (Pelosi) and the Senate (Reid) going into the financial meltdown of
2007 and 2008.

Most Democrats choose to live in the
Obama Matrix -plugged into the tubes of the gov transfusion -The doubling of
folks on food stamps and $Trillions spent for power and gov control -instead of  Health Care and Jobs -is the sick mentality of Democrats -with their only
source of thought -is what the left propaganda machine puts in them.

Can you just imagine for a second -Just imagine where America would be
today if the $6 Trillion dollars spent for spendulus and obamaCare would have
gone to health care and jobs?!  ObamaCare  my butt!  -If you are getting an
exemption or subsidy for obamaCare -then you are a politician -or you
contribute millions to Democrats (no  class war going on here!), -or you are just one of the millions of democrats plugged into the matrix -ignorantly voting for democrats.

Eric Holder goes to Missouri with a team of over a hundred of FBI and lawyers -hand picked for their sick racial hate of
White people and the left ideology of hate America
-this is what they do
-and they will be good at hiding evidence, lying, and trying to gin up as much
racial hate as they can.

The Obama Matrix sucked up the Democrat Missouri gov Jay Nixon -as he let the
truth slip out -demanding prosecution of the evil cop who shot a black man for
no cause -never mind Brown had just shown he was a bully, a thug, and a thief -at
the convenience store a few minutes earlier -and was probably under the
influence of drugs.  The bully part -poor
Holder/Obama arrived too late -the video was not destroyed by the FBI as Lois
Lerner’s ties to the White House were -but don’t expect the blood tests to not
get tampered with -the left cavalry has arrived.

I wonder how many autopsies Holder/Obama will have to run -before they can
prove Brown was sitting in Church praying when he got shot.  I wonder how much of the blood testing will
ever make the light of day -to show what influence Brown was under -if he was
using drugs.

You have a black teenager shooting a 20 year old baseball player -just out
jogging -not resisting arrest -with a huge baseball future ahead of him -this
baseball player was shot in the back by a black teenager.  My point is Obama and Holder -never even
mentioned this horrific taking of a life -shooting a white jogger in the
back.  Had it been the other way around
-all h would have broke loose by Obama/Holder,

but then again, Obama/holder are getting some pretty good riots, looting, and
shooting mileage -out of the Brown situation.

Bring on the O J Simpson jurors (all in the Leftist Democrat Matrix) &
let’s have a 1 year TV circus & hang this cop by the neck on the town
square.  Why should a cop have the right to defend himself against a goon on
drugs looking for trouble?
  which is much
more likely what happened -as anything the media has reported so far.

Yo!  Obama releases info on sending a
mission to free the reporter who had his head cut off.  This
will cause the failure of seal missions in the future, Americans dead, and for
sure the death of the informers who helped America

Obama obsession (actually the Obama Doctrine and Mission Statement) for
chaos, political power, the 2014 elections, -trumps any giving a damn about America

-and spits in the face of anyone who ever put on a uniform to stand for freedom
and America.  I want a President that
calls out Snowden and deserters for what they are -not singing praises to them
at the White House and giving up 5 terrorists just to prove he really is the
anti-American god -and is here to save America -Obama will continue every day to create chaos, controversy, division,
-and play all of the hate cards going into the November election

-Look for a presidential order to gin up the Hispanic vote -even more than
importing 100,000 kids into American cities -Look for amnesty, the right to
vote for the democrat of your choice, speak Spanish instead of English (interpreters
in all schools), the right to education, health care, free Obama money -For millions of illegals.

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Obama uses 100,000 Illegals as Human Shields to get a bigger percent of Hispanics to vote for Democrats

Obama uses 100,000 illegals as human shields to get a bigger percent of Hispanics to vote for Democrats,  -Just as Hamas uses kids as human shields to place rockets and caves -Obama uses kids as human shields for political gain.  And, it works.  All illegals should be given first class treatment and a first class plane ticket back home to be united with their families.  And change the laws to stop all the free stuff after 2 months, -if the illegals have not showed up for court -and been documented -and checked for diseases -the free stuff ends & they are sent home.

Of course, won’t happen with Obama democrats in desperate need of the Hispanic vote.  Interesting time in history when a Country (America) paid to have the Hispanic population be given America on a silver platter.  The number of illegals and part illegal is closer to 80 million in America -and more and more are strategically being place in cities around the US.
Obama controls the numbers that are being given out to the public & Obama
is lying.

Obama, Jarrett, Holder, & a few others are haters of America.  There is no lack of interest, no lack of not knowing what is going on, no lack of smart -This crew is the most successful ever to turn America into a country of hate and division -and led around by the nose on left anti-American propaganda.

and Holder, it ain’t got nothing to do with skin color -you and Obama and the
rest are yellow -yellow lying cowards in the hate America mold of rev wright,

Obama has sided with:
Any group or country that kills Christians, esp when the Muslims are doing the killing.

Any group or country that hates America, such as Obama sleeping with Putin -we could have given weapons to Ukraine & none of this war would have take
place.  Obama, Kerry, H Clinton are traitors to America  -taking away
sanctions against Iran so they can continue with making nuclear material &
giving Russia a free pass to support Syria killing hundreds of thousands and
creating millions of refugees.

Well, the list is way too long.  Summing up, Obama plays every hate card known to man -to create hate and division in America.

To Obama and the new age of spineless democrats -it’s all about gov control
thru Obama-care, spendulus, illegals, epa, irs, etc etc.  Anyone not on board to impeach Obama after Benghazi -Obama sleeping thru the attack -to fly to a fund raiser in Las Vegas the next day -& then never securing the site.  No American pres and secy of state has ever committed such an act of cowardice and treason.

Obama white house directing the bastards of the irs to get him re-elected -using the fbi and other gov organizations to destroy evidence is one of hundreds of acts of being a traitor by Obama.

but Obama wins, goes to play golf -& laughs at the advice from the news
anchors.  People don’t get it  -Obama wins when there is chaos, controversy,
hate mongering, division,  -the Obama doctrine.

and one last word for the pathetic cries for taking care of the humanitarian
crisis at the border:  As stated in the title -Obama is packing Hispanic and Muslim radicals into America to beef up the Hispanic and Muslim vote in America for Democrats.  If you cared about torture, sex trafficking,
child abuse, drug cartels working with Obama and the Mexican president to pack illegals into America -then you would kinda want it to stop.  Well, I don’t know, if you are Hispanic or Muslim -and you get America on a silver platter with free stuff like health, education, citizenship, free Obama money and cell phones  -not a bad deal.

Obama has spit in the face of every American soldier that ever put the uniform on -giving up 5 of the worst terrorists in history against
America for a deserter & then singing praise in a photo op to the folks that killed 2000 American soldiers in Afghanistan under the Obama presidency.

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Obama Nation

Obama Nation
A nation run by the left media propaganda machine of Obama democrats.  A nation that lies about -and pushes for hate of any Black, Woman, or Hispanic -that takes a different opinion than barrack hussein Obama.  Any Black, Woman, or Hispanic that runs for the republican party are real American heroes, -they have to endure the hate from Obama democrat media.  From day 1, Obama and biden and carter and clinton and most all democrats -said any Obama opposition was racist.  Obama and carter and clinton are lying -I don’t even know any conservatives or tea party that are racist.  Racism in America could have gone away a long time ago, -except for those who need it to run for office -Obama, reid, pelosi, biden, schumer, -the Obama democrats.  Electing leaders that live racism to get elected is not exactly a way to end up with an America that is not more divided than at any time in history.

1   Yeah, be nice, Obama re-elected -never mind that Obama lied -before, during, and after -the Benghazi attack.  And spit on the right of free speech at the UN blaming a video, -not the job of an American prez to fan the flames of terrorists that hate America.
Obama is the Coward in Chief.  Obama traded our finest 4 American heroes for re-election
, -Obama running to Las Vegas to campaign and lied about the whole thing for 2 months to get thru the election -with the full blessing of all of media.  When you can elect a prez that a slug like bill maher backs, -you pretty much swapped out America for a leftist gov control society.

2   Even from day 1 of the last 4 years:  If you disagree with Obama, you are a racist.

3   Hispanic.  Free citizenship, health care, education, whatever -if you vote democrat.  Never mind Obama gov laws trumping your religion -and Legal Immigrants going to the back of the bus.  The Obama open border policy works until America elects a gov dictator -and then the wheels come off -and the check won’t be in the mail -for any of us.  But wait, -said gov dictator just won re-election.  I notice no matter the record, the ability, the character, -of a candidate -the race card seems to get bad folks elected into gov -who really never gave a damn about the issue, -but just used it -to get elected (enter Obama).
The most corrupt law in the history of America for votes was the Obama executive order giving any illegal who came into the country at a younger age an exception for deportation -August 17, 2012 -about 3 months before the Nov 6, 2012 election.  There is no 2 party system in America, there is no 1 party system in America -Obama does as he pleases as the first gov dictator in America with the total support of Democrats -and the total support of 1 media -no different than Russia, Cuba, or Venezuela.  The Congress and Senate were supposed to be part of the legal process, but Obama bypasses the Constitution anytime an opportunity to gain power comes into play.
Don’t get me wrong, -I approve of laws that are fair, -and especially for the young Hispanic that is getting an education and working.  But Obama only knows the path to control people for power -or Obama and democrats would have fixed immigration laws when they had the White House, Senate, and House -in 2009 and 2010.  But then Obama could not have won the 2012 election with an executive order if fair immigration laws had been passed in 2009.
Barack Hussein Obama bought the 2012 election with my tax money by the executive order 3 months before the election -not the action of an honorable man.  The Obama cult will not be celebrating when American lives are being lost by the hundreds of thousands because Obama and staff are lying cowards and the world knows it.  Russia, Iran, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Syria, N Korea, Venezuela, etc. -they all see what Americans can’t see -because American media has no-one willing to call out the Obama failures and lying and …
   Why not make Mexico a state?  Mexico is a beautiful country with great people.  That would be a lot more honest than buying the 2012 presidential election with an Obama executive order.   And then the Afro-Americans that vote 90% Obama  based on color, and the Hispanic that voted 70% Obama based on free stuff -would have to sway the White voters.  Instead, today the Black and the Hispanic and the White sheep led by the Left Media all voted for Obama.  Then maybe we could quit the afro, black, hispanic, white crap and start voting for the best guy to lead America.  Romney and Ryan were the 2 best leaders the free world has ever seen, and America let the left media propaganda machine vote for you.  Deal with it!
+++ you know Obama bought the election 3 months before the election -with an executive order to give more stuff to Hispanics, -this time all the kids that are here illegally  –Hispanics are elated (voted 70% Obama), just keep flooding into America and Obama gives them health care, citizenship, whatever.
Left media has destroyed any truth in news, -Benghazi is classic left media -writing any lie for Obama.  60 minutes edited out part of an interview with Obama the day after Benghazi in which Obama said he did not know if it was a terrorist attack -yet in the debate Obama and the leftist anchor (crawley -leftist Obama cult anchor from cnn) put down Romney saying Obama did say it was a terrorist attack in the morning of 9-12-12 -and the crowd in the room all applauded -to a lie, yeah applauded to a lie -nothing rigged about the leftist moderators and moderators picking questions and …
   Benghazi is tip of the evil to be set off by barack hussein Obama.  I pretty much think God sees what all of us saw with Obama team watching the Benghazi attack for 9 hours and trading 4 American heroes for re-election.  and no one in America is upset -just re-elect the guy -left media has destroyed America -and I don’t think God is going to stand with a country that wants an Obama to re-set America to a total breakdown of any moral character -as well as financial and military meltdown to make us all equal.  Equal in dead or poverty was not a good choice for president.+++

4   Gay.  Obama “evolves” for gay marriage 3 months before the election.  What difference does it make if re-election trumps Obama’s religious views?  The presiding gov mandating law to force the population what to believe in -is a shaky road to be on, and these laws will not carry over when America is lost -due to Obama bowing down to Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, …, -cutting military spending by a $Trillion, all the world seeing Obama as a coward for 9 hours during the Benghazi attack, …
But therein is the reason Obama plays the race card, the gay card, the evil rich card, the hate of free enterprise card, -to divide America and seize the power created by a leftist gov takeover media.  I notice no matter the record, the ability, the character, -of a candidate -the gay card gets bad folks elected into gov -who really never gave a damn about the issue, but just used it -to get elected (enter Obama).
If you are the politically correct voter who sees the gay card (gay marriage is generally the big issue), and you go campaign hate stuff about the opponent -than your are one more dumb sheep -working for the gov dictator (Obama).  Guess what, sometimes the guy running for gov office only used the gay card to get elected and really could give a damn about gay marriage.  I have not said if I would vote for gay marriage or not, -so don’t be all upset with me, -and I am not running for a gov job.

5   Seniors.  What difference does it make if Obama takes $700 Billion out of Medicare to fund Obama-care?  Seniors are dumb as h to be part of the AARP Obama propaganda machine.

6   Obama-care.  Who gets what care and when -soon to be decided by Obama czars, -Good Luck.

7   America had no chance after 2008, -the left media had 95% of media.  You don’t make a search on the internet and find any truth, -it’s all Huffington post, media matters, cnbc, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, soros backed web sites, slugs of cable like bill maher, …, -well -you get it.

8   Can a leftist gov control liar like Putin, or rather -Obama -succeed in destroying free enterprise and freedom in America?  Tough call, -free enterprise and those that understand and love freedom from a gov dictator -will eventually fight back thru the lies of the Obama cult media and win America back -we pray.

9   What the h is the Obama cult so proud of?
*Lying about “inheriting a mess”:  Obama, Reid, Pelosi, -all the Obama dems, -controlled the House and Senate in 2007 and 2008 having as much to do with the financial meltdown as anyone.

*Those on food stamps going from 20 million to 50 million.  What the h is the Obama cult goal for the next 4 years?  -Maybe 100% of Americans on food stamps?

*Unemployment at 23 million.

*1 in 6 in poverty.
*Save American auto industry -Not hardly, Chrysler is owned by Fiat and has plans to make jeeps in China.  Ford did just fine without Obama -as well as all the other car companies in America.
*Debt.  Debt is going up TWICE as fast as it did under Bush.
*Bush.  8 years of unemployment at 5%, -avg under Obama is 8.5% for 4 years.
*Energy.  Obama is saving the 1/3 of America that is federal land from development of resources, -forcing oil and gas to drill in some areas that are not as productive or good for the environment.  Mid-continent pipeline means cheaper energy and more jobs.
*Unions.  So unions get Obama elected in 2008, -and then unions get an exemption from Obama-care.  Something about that just seems corrupt as h.  Of course, plenty of exceptions to go around to buy votes!  If Obama-care was the saving grace, -why can no-one afford it?
   *$90 Billion for Obama hand picked, Obama contributing –green companies.  Who cares that social security seniors and disabled did not get an inflation increase for the first time in 25 years?  2010 and 2011 in case you want to fact check a conservative.
   *I could go on -but only those conservative folks that care about a free America would read it, -and they already see thru the Obama cult media.
Definition of Obama Nation:   Welcome to what is left of America -before we are destroyed in the coming war -because of Obama cutting military spending and -what is spent is not for the mobile small nuclear weapons that Russia and China have put into play.  The next Cuban Missile Crisis will have Obama carrying a white flag -or America being crushed in a war against countries with superior technology to jam radar, take out gps satellites, stealth drones that can take out any ship and any building in America without even being seen…
Obama Nation is not a good term, -it’s what you call America when a gov dictator is in charge with a propaganda machine that does no reporting -just puts out Obama gov propaganda -just as you get in Iran, Russia, N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba.
b, do you really think an election changes the fact Obama is a cowardly liar about what happened in Benghazi?  and I suppose he never went to the UN apologizing for a film -to spit on everything Americans have died for -such as free speech.  And then, there were all the documents proving several terrorist cells were operating in Benghazi -and H Clinton and Obama decided to ignore beefing up security to maintain the Obama narrative of al Qaida being decimated.
  There is no issue that this Obama Team has not lied about.  I list several on this page which can’t be disputed -because I use numbers that are in the Obama record for the last 4 years.
s, -it is lying to talk ill of Romney on Medicare when Obama cut Medicare by $700 Billion to fund Obama-care.

   m, pretty sick mentality voting for a gov dictator -one would think she would know enough about the plight of Cuba and Venezuela and Russia and Iran and n Korea, …  to know better.

8   Can a leftist gov control liar like Putin, or rather -Obama -succeed in destroying free enterprise and freedom in America?  Tough call, -free enterprise and those that understand and love freedom from a gov dictator -will eventually fight back thru the lies of the Obama cult media and win America back -we pray.

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Benghazi Attack, Listed Failures of Obama Doctrine

Fog of war, -Panetta saying we can’t send any help without knowing what was going on.  H, it was obvious what was going on, -Panetta, Obama, cia, Hillary Clinton, -they ALL had the info in live time, -and someone just tell in what combat mission or exactly which war there was not a fog of war?, an awareness that we did not have enough Intel?, -someone just tell me why the h America did not have enough Intel to have reasonable protection in the first place?  I will tell you why, -Obama and staff were out to sell the narrative just weeks before the election -that terrorism and hate of America was practically dead (as they were selling at the dem national convention for a week).  If that is “offensive” to you Mr President, than you might consider that some Americans that know the facts -think you should be impeached for the worst dereliction of duty of a commander in chief in the history of America.

Someone tell me how Obama, Panetta, h. Clinton, Biden, …, -could decide Libya -Libya has nothing in the way of a gov authority -would be a safe place for Americans on 9-11-12?  The American military under Obama has never in our history been more embarrassed, confused, -just stand by and watch our buildings with our people in them -being burned to the ground -FOR 8 HOURS!!

And then Obama is off to Las Vegas the next day to campaign events, to blame a video, sending out gov officials to talk shows, Obama going on talk shows, and on and on -ALL trashing free speech in America and blaming a film for all the hate America in the mid-east.  Hillary Clinton was even at the funerals of those killed -pushing the film narrative -and promising to get the film-maker.  Hillary Clinton is lying, and frankly my dear, -Hillary and Obama are the most cowardly liars for a president and sec’y of state in the history of America.

There were hundreds of options for the US military -and steps should have been moving to get ALL of those options into position to help our people, but to the larger extent, Obama/Panetta did not want to risk shooting a terrorist or taking out those helping the terrorists -which might upset the people who are killing Americans.
America had armed drones, fighter jets, many fast reaction teams, and on and on, -and even many allies in the region that would have been most happy to defend Americans -but Obama/Panetta did not think it politically correct.  But no, to a large extent Obama/Panetta were afraid of killing the enemy -and those helping the enemy, -and within weeks of re-election we can’t be stirring up the terrorists by shooting at them.  Fog of war -my butt, there was never a more clear vision of what was going on -than America had -during the live video streaming into the white house and pentagon during the first hours of the Benghazi attack.
     Politicizing?  The left propaganda machine has kept the truth from coming out -which proves Obama to be lying about what took place -and using the whole film narrative -and still 6 weeks after the Benghazi attack on 9-11 -the main media  has shown no interest in the truth -and more interest in bringing on democrats to defend their jobs thru Nov 6.  Even Fox news, who has done more truth finding than the rest put together -has a number of anchors that will tell any lie to keep the gov takeover of America in place for 4 more years.

Obama and Hillary Clinton sending out gov staff to all of the Sunday news shows to push the film narrative 4 days after the attack -to throw the “fog of lying” out to as much media as possible is not the action of a real American President, or even a real American.
The American consulate area was not sealed off for weeks, helping to cover up evidence of what took place.  I understand a journalist found our ambassador’s dairy on the floor -guess the FBI was all afraid of coming on to the crime scene for several weeks after the attack.
Hillary Clinton is a lying coward, -she says a post on fb or an email is not proof of anything.  What the h is she talking about?  She saw the same video in real time the white house -and pentagon -and everyone else did -of  terrorists attacking our people.

The Obama/Hillary cover-up blaming a film -and sending a film to Pakistan to blame the film -and Obama trashing free speech going to the UN to talk a film several times -only threw gasoline on the film being a hate America crutch for the evil sick of the Islamic terrorist haters -of anyone not bowing down to their evil false god.

It should be up to the Islamic terrorists to fan the flames of hating America, -not the job of the American president.
So vote Obama if you want 4 more years of:

1)  Obama “inherited a mess”!    NO, Obama created the mess!  The democrats of Obama, pelosi, reid, -had control of both the House and the Senate in 2007 and 2008 going into the financial meltdown, -so anyone with character can see at least half of the blame for the finan meltdown has to lie with Democrats!
2)  Democrats controlled the White House, the Congress, and the Senate in 2009 and 2010, spent $Trillions -and the recovery has been the slowest of any recovery in history.
3)  Debt.  In 3.5 years Obama increased the size of the US debt to what it took Bush 8 years to increase.
4)  Cover up on gun running to Mexico.  Obama has to use “executive privilege to hide what Obama and holder knew about the gun running to Mexican Drug cartels and the interaction with the Mexican government.
5)  Decrease in avg income of $4300 for every family in America during the Obama 4 years.
6)  Social Security.  No cost of living raise for those on social security during 2 years of Obama.  Social security folks did not get a cost of living increase in 2010 and 2011 -for the first time since cost of living increases were started 25 years ago!  With $90 Billion of free Obama money (your tax money) spent on green energy companies under Obama -in return for campaign contributions -one would think Obama would go one more executive order to get a raise to those on social security.
7)  Energy.  Give me break, without private companies discovering new ways to get oil and gas out of the ground, the unemployment number would be at least 10 or 11% today and importing of foreign oil would much higher -Obama is lying about his commitment to becoming energy independent.  Anyone rooting for jobs and America -an American -would get the mid-continent pipeline built.  Permits on federal lands has been cut down under Obama, -federal land makes up about 1/3 of America, -who is Obama saving those resources for?
8   The Obama next 4 years -Food Stamps.  20 million on food stamps when Obama took office, 4 years later close to 50 million will be on food stamps.  Does anyone see a trend here?  Do you really want to vote for 4 more years of this?  The whole Obama ideology is based on getting every American on a gov check which insures a vote for a democrat and the end of a 2 party system in America.
11)  God.  I am tired of the phony speeches by Obama saying God bless America -and now we have had 4 years of passing laws and promoting leftist judges that want to remove God from schools and anything involved with the gov.  Obama is for one nation under the gov, -not God.
12)  Spendulus Bill and Obama-Care.  Thousands of pages of law that no-one had a chance to read -written by unions and gov control radicals -with the intent for the gov to get control of all people, corporations, everything -that was an American freedom or American free enterprise -and to replace it with Cuban style gov where everyone gets an even chance, -a fair shot, -at poverty.
13)   Foreign Policy.  Obama has America out of Iraq with no agreements on maintaining even a military base in Iraq -which would have helped Iraq become an American ally -and more of a democratic society -with freedom for women to not live as slaves.  Summing up, the gains in Iraq and sacrifices by American lives have been compromised by Obama and Biden.
14)  Foreign Policy.  Obama has Afghanistan bogged down in such a mire that we should really take the advice of Clint Eastwood and bring the troops home tomorrow.
15)  Foreign Policy.  Obama believes in making America weak by cutting military spending, disarming America to make Putin happy, and  Abandoning our allies like Poland by dissolving the missile shield agreement to -once again -make Putin happy.
16)  Cuban Missile Crisis.  The mid-east is about to blow the world to pieces  -within hours, within days. You better pray our weapons technology is better than those that hate civilization.  Obama wants to cut back spending on American military.  The Only thing that stopped the world from becoming nuclear rubble in 1962 was this:  America had the technology to deliver nuclear weapons better and faster than Russia by a scale of 100 times.  Obama wants to disarm America and cut back on American military spending, -why is that?  This world is many time more dangerous than 1962 -and as terrorists -and terrorist supply countries like Iran get more and more access to high tech weapons -the easier it gets to kill Americans.
17)  Economy.  8 years of unemployment rate at 5% under Bush vs 4 years of unemployment rate at 8.5% under Obama -even after raising the debt owed by every American to about $140,000.
18)  Medicare.  Obama robbing Medicare by $.7Trillion to fund Obama-care.  Seniors, don’t believe AARP and Big Health, -they are way in the Obama fold.
19)  Women.  If Obama really wants the women vote, -why not give them an exemption to Obama-care?  Obama gave close to 1000 exemptions to anyone who contributes to his campaign -like unions, big corporations, wall street companies, banks, …  Obviously, women in Iraq or Afghanistan don’t matter to Obama, -or the end game agreements would include a permanent military base that would help with combating the evil that makes women into slaves.  Iraq is already allowing Iran to fly over their country to take supplies to the Syria gov in the process of killing 30,000 plus of their own citizens.
20)  Israel.  A vote for Obama is a vote for Israel to go alone in attacking Iran, -which would be suicide for the country of Israel.  Obama says one thing, -but every action shows Obama to be for Iran having nuclear weapons -sanctions and talks are gonna produce Nothing.  I would believe Netanyahu -when he says Obama has no red line to attack Iran -no matter how close Iran gets to a nuclear weapon.
21)  Obama-care.  3000 pages of law was written in lawyer ease -that could not be understood by anyone -for one reason:  to allow an Obama czar to make the decision as to who gets what health care -and what it will cost, and when you get it.  Seniors, this in mainly aimed at killing you off, because the rules are set to favor the young -mainly for voting reasons -but it is what it is.
22)  Mission statement for the Obama Doctrine.  The mission statement for the Obama doctrine is to make daily attacks on America and the American way of life -to destroy the old America and create one where everyone is equal in poverty, on a gov check, in a gov union, under gov control and dependence, …  The Obama doctrine is to have control over who gets to vote -and power, -to especially attack religion -as religion is the quickest path to dividing America on the most divisive issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

23)  Obama Doctrine includes picking winners and losers.  Even the Obama run GM bankruptcy, -20,000 Delphi workers that lost pensions.  Failed Obama green jobs such as Solyndra, ABC Battery, Fisker, …
24)  Obama Doctrine is about dividing America.  Calling tea party racists -and not calling out Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and all the rest -is not what an American president would do.
25)  Obama Doctrine.  Obama would just give more to union thugs and GSA to party -and Fannie and Freddie to celebrate bonuses at the taxpayer expense.  GSA is the gov entity that is responsible for operating gov buildings, -really hard to believe these organizations have million dollar bonuses, party on the taxpayer dime, and laugh about it on u-tube.  The point is Obama believes in a one-way door for money going to gov anything, -because it buys votes.  I wonder if that is obvious to those that voted for Obama.  Democrats like pelosi and reid are bad folks, -not passing a budget -or even making any attempt to pass a budget -is just part of the Obama cover-up to spend money for anything that gets more voters under the thumb of the gov.
26)  Obama Doctrine:  Divide America.  So many times during the Obama admin, freedom of speech has been trashed -with no word from Obama to defend a real American -that stands for something (be it right or wrong) -such as the ceo at Chick-fil-a.  The Obama regime are big into forcing their ideology on everyone.
27)  BP oil spill was 1.3 years in the Obama presidency -Obama had his hand-picked czar in charge of the Gulf (yet Obama takes no responsibility, -while BP took responsibility and spent $Billions to make the Gulf clean again).  I want a president that can tell the truth and take responsibility in deed and not a lot of empty words.
28)  In 2012 Obama gave up an intact drone to Iran.  Obama had the option to destroy the drone, but did not act.  A few weeks ago Israel shot down an Iranian drone.  American ships are in jeopardy by the use of drones by Iran.
29)  Do you really want haters like bill maher, george soros, and internet puppets financed by soros, -all lying about and calling the worst possible names against anyone who is critical of the Obama ideology?  Well, actually that includes a lot of media.
Parents that take care of kids or anyone that takes care of those that can’t take care of themselves is a hero  -Sarah Palin is one of those, -the lying hate by media against Palin is just typical of what you face if you are critical of the Obama ideology.
30)  As Clint says, It’s time for Obama to step aside and let a stellar businessman take over.  And Paul Ryan compared to Biden to be vice president is not a real hard choice either.

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Yep, pretty funny stuff Joe! Biden and Obama are part of Team Obama that watched Americans being killed in Benghazi for 8 hours and could not figure out if those Americans needed any help or not. 24 Million out of work, additional 26 Million on food stamps under Obama/Biden. Yep, pretty funny stuff Joe!

Yep, pretty funny stuff Joe!  Biden and Obama are part of Team Obama that watched Americans being killed in Benghazi for 8 hours and could not figure out if those Americans needed any help or not.   24 Million out of work, additional 26 Million on food stamps under Obama/Biden.  Yep, pretty funny stuff Joe!

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Obama has to use Executive Privilege to cover up the lying by Obama and Holder regarding Fast and Furious Gun Running to Drug Cartels

Obama has to use Executive Privilege to cover up the lying by Obama and Holder regarding Fast and Furious Gun Running to Drug Cartels

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Fast and Furious Obama Gun Running or Not?!

The trend, strategy, -for all Obama cover-up, is to throw up a cloud of Lies -and with the backing of 95% of media -it becomes quite easy for Obama to say or do anything.
If Brian Terry was your son, and Obama/holder had come up with NOTHING since December, 2010 -when he was killed, -would you still be thinking Obama/holder are worthy people?
Would you still be thinking the long list of democrats out there calling republicans all kinds of names for having the nerve to question Obama/holder are worthy people!?
18 months after Terry was killed and
1) Holder says he does not know who the chain of command was -who was in charge of this operation
2) Holder has not held anyone accountable
3) Holder is on record lying to congress, -called “corrections” by Holder
4) Holder will not say if the people in charge of the operation are still at work?! -or where they are at
5) Holder will not say how high up the chain of command the approvals of the operation went -and what the time table was
6) Obama/Holder will not say what and when discussions of the gun running were discussed -with the Mexican President
7) Holder appointed his own investigator to find out what happened, and 1 and 1/2 years after Brian Terry’s death: Holder has NOTHING to report.
The lame news anchors out there should ask the question:   Just how long does it take the US Attorney General to figure out what his own people that he supervises were doing?  Just how long does it take to figure out the chain of command, who was responsible, who should be held accountable, and why do you (Holder) continue to lie about the operation -or continually change your testimony?
8 ) One might wonder why the Mexican President has not been really mad upset at Obama/Holder gun running 2000 automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels!!  If roles were reversed, this would be considered an act of war -at least with a normal American President.

9) Interesting with all the Obama national security leaking (getting Americans killed, sending a person and family that helped nail Bin Laden to torture by Pakistan, joint cyber attack by US and Israel against Iran, etc) by Obama -to try to make Obama look like a hawk.
But NO info can be provided to the American people as to how we gave Mexican drug cartels 2000 automatic weapons.
10) Six zillion pages of documents released by holder is Lame and Worthless -because they were carefully selected to avoid providing any answers to questions 1 thru 8.  And many of those documents were blacked out -to cover up the cover up.

11) Interesting that Obama/Holder is all over knowing when Bush started some gun running operations, -but does not know where the Obama gun running started, or was ever going on, or who approved it, etc.  Obama/Holder are in this thing up to their eyeballs -the only question is -can they manage to bury and hide the truth?!
12) Of course, the Democrat propaganda machine (msnbc, aarp, ABC, etc) is finally at least carrying some news 18 months after Terry was killed -because they have to -to keep all of America from turning to Fox.
The video on the first page of this link is a great breakdown of the facts -mainly Greta Sustren’s interview with Representative Gowdy.

If the Sustren interview does not convince you, -here is Trey Gowdy getting a bit upset with the hate mongering Pelosi and other democrats that think:  Finding out why guns were run to drug cartels and at least 1 American border agent has been killed with these guns -should not be an AMERICAN ISSUE.  As you watch this, just tell me who you think is telling the truth?  Obama/Holder/Pelosi or Trey Gowdy?!


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Mitt Romney speech at Colorado Springs, CO on Nov 3, 2012

Mitt Romney speech at Colorado Springs, CO on Nov 3, 2012 for the voter that would like to hear Romney speak one time outside the editing of left media:

Obama says “Vote for Revenge!”, Romney says vote for “Love of Country!”

The fact left media has manage to hide from America:
Who caused the financial meltdown of 2008?  Lots of blame to go around, -but most of the failed policies were Obama/Pelosi/Reid policies:
[Democrats Obama/Pelosi/Reid held the House and Senate in 2007 and 2008 causing the financial meltdown
[Obama and pelosi and reid had the White House, the Congress, and the Senate in 2009 and 2010 spending $Trillions in a gov takeover of regulation, the most corrupt politics in history to pass a spendulus bill that no-one had a chance to read, …
[Democrats Obama and reid had the White House and the Senate in 2011 and 2012.  A reasonable man would think taking some responsibility would be in order.

It’s time to return America to rewarding those that work -and get rid of those elected by unions and then as a favor -the unions get exemptions to Obama-care.  Obama is for anything that takes money from those that work -to hand out and grow the Democrat nanny state society.

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Just Unbelievable lying by obama on the Benghazi Killing of 4 Americans

Plenty of evidence out there, I don’t have time to sift thru all the left media lying for obama to get the best assessment of truth, but Jeanine Pirro has character and would not lie to America, so here are some updates.
I may not have the 60 Minutes interview on CBS on 9/12/12 where Obama did not know it was terrorist attack or not, even thought in the presidential debate Obama claimed he said it was a terrorist attack.  Do we really need a president that can’t say the words “terrorist attact”?

Now, this video is especially telling of the character of Obama, photo op for storm Cindy, -just like photo op for killing ben laden + a movie or two, but there is NO photo op for the situation room as the obama team watched as Americans were killed and pretty much did Nothing!

On 11/4/12 CBS released a 60min tape they had held for over a month to hide the fact obama is clearly lying.  The tape shows obama saying the Benghazi attack was not a terrorist attack, but in the presidential debate -Obama made a big deal of going in the Rose garden the next day and saying it was a terrorist attack -which in itself is not even true.

I need to find a good link to the part of 60 minutes that CBS hid until the day before the election, but here is pretty good link:

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Geraldo Rivera is a coward -to save Obama -and has disgraced American Military

Geraldo Rivera is a coward -to save Obama -and has disgraced American Military
   Just for the sake of documenting Geraldo Rivera as a coward, -reporting with American troops for years, and now -to not get it that Our Special Forces Do Not Leave Our Own Behind -is just classic lying of the left to protect Obama.  But since Obama does not get it -then why would anyone expect the Obama following to get it?!  There were hundreds of options by US military in the region, -hundreds, and very few of them were even given the chance to think about getting involved.  American military should have had everything in play -and close enough to take action with our best response, and for sure to immediately seal off the area -American heroes were killed here.
I presume while Obama was sleeping getting ready for his Las Vegas campaigning the next day!  The Obama coward in chief traded 4 of our finest American heroes for Obama to get re-elected.
American jets were 45 minutes away, and to not take any action because the coward in chief would not engage -to save his political career -by shooting at those in real time that were killing Americans -is unconscionable.  You don’t watch Americans being killed and not get an armed drone in place, not get fast action teams in place to protect what they could -and seal off the area for security reasons (classified documents) -as well as respect for fallen heroes.  Most accounts of those not covering for their coward in chief boss -will tell you at least 2 lives would have been saved.
This was total dereliction of duty by Obama and his administration, and the whole lot of them would be kicked out of office if the truth was known (95% of media is left and will manipulate the truth to get Obama over the finish line for re-election).  Never having the area secure was part of the Obama plan to cover up the truth.  Never in American history has America reacted so cowardly.  All of the White House, Pentagon, and State Dept saw the attacks in real time and choose to protect the Obama re-election rather than defend some great Americans.  By giving up documents, -cia contacts are compromised.
We saw pictures of Obama in the situation room as Navy Seals went after Bin Laden, Obama at Hurricane Sandy -where the h are the pictures in the situation room of Obama going in to protect former Navy Seals and Ambassador Stevens?  But then, who cares if our finest heroes have their blood smattered on the walls of a building in Benghazi if Obama gets re-elected?  A small price to pay.
Obama is still on the campaign trail shouting “Ben Laden is dead and al Qaida is decimated!”  The evidence from Benghazi proves you to be lying,  -you were advised over and over from different sources that several al Qaida type cells were operational in Benghazi -and the embassy and consulate were not secure.  But Obama and Hillary Clinton hid the truth to protect their power, their jobs, their re-election -their narrative that al Qaida was decimated -as a trade for 4 of our finest Americans.
We can’t afford a president that hides under left media to lie about important issues facing America.

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