DEMOCRATS ARE COP KILLERS & 400,000/year babies born to Illegals

DEMOCRATS ARE COP KILLERS.  Proof:  The Democrat party announces a declaration of backing and approval for the “Black Lives Matter” group -that encourages the killing of cops.

The Black Lives Matter group are a slime on humanity -out singing slogans of hate against cops, -one slogan was the same slogan written by the killer of the assassinated 2 cops in NYC.

Yeah, out singing slogans to encourage the killing of cops -the next day after the Deputy in Texas was shot in the back of the head while putting gas in his patrol car & then the killer shot him in the back 15 more times -while he lay on the ground.

Yeah, some of these killers are mentally weak individuals  -but the tipping point has been provided  -by the Obama crew, h Clinton, -all Democrats  -you are what you are. Yeah, the sharp rise in cop killings since Obama took office is no accident  -the Obama crew has relentlessly played several hate cards since day 1 -& Obama is quite good at it.  Of course, how hard can it be? -when 90% of media will write any lie to support leftist hate.

The “Hands up, don’t shoot” protesters are slime on the human race -they are protesting a lie that did not happen.  What happened was a punk and bully and drug user -messed up trying to take a weapon from a police officer and got himself killed.  Obama knew that -and still sent half of the FBI to Ferguson -all for political gain -to stir up hate in America -to push for revolution in America.

2)  Illegals.  To stop illegals is easy -and common sense: 1)  You eliminate the free citizenship for the half million babies being born each year to illegal Hispanics.  You can’t stop the Anchor Babies without getting rid of the law.
2)   You can’t stop illegal Hispanic from coming into America -until you put huge penalties on the Mexican government -the Mexican gov and Obama democrats are working hand in hand in the placing of illegals all over America -to take over America.
It’s already way too late to stop the taking over of America by the Hispanic illegals -as evidenced by the sanctuary cities that laugh at the federal laws on deporting illegals.

Democrats love their illegal anchor babies -as Hispanic are up to 20% of the voting population in America in 2015 -and are easily -the fastest growing segment of voters.  Democrats could elect a rabid skunk in 2016 -for president, because of the well-played hate cards of illegal Hispanic, so called women rights (while kissing Putin and Iran and Assad’s butt).  Putin has killed several thousand women in just Ukraine, -helped to kill -with Iran’s help -over 200,000 men and women and kids in Syria.  The h Clinton charity fund has cut deals for cash with every known country that commonly everyday sells women into slavery -yet Democrats still vote for low-life spineless haters of life like Biden, Obama, Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, John Kerry, etc.

Does anyone really think the Mexican gov should not be building this fence on the border -0n their side of the border -at their cost?!  And paying a $100,000 fine for every illegal found in America.

And that $100,000 fine be per year -if any illegal is not accepted back into Mexico within 24 hours.  And the fine doubles for any re-entry into America.

Change the laws first and elect Donald Trump -and you won’t even need a wall.

Trump is the only candidate, the only politician -that has enough of a spine to stand up to the cartel run corrupt Mexican government -who just ran a phony jail break to free El Chapo.  Which is the reason the Hispanic need to take over America -they have ruined every country they have lived in -with socialist, corrupt gov -ran by drug cartels.

and, as the Hispanic take over America -they are hateful smart a’s about it all -demanding citizenship, health care, education, interpreters,  -and speaking in Spanish bashing those around them that don’t speak Spanish.

-because the Hispanic have already taken over -there is no way to stop the judges, lawyers, sanctuary cities -set up mainly by Obama and democrats  -that power the importing of Hispanic -to make sure democrats win every election for the future.

-of course democrats don’t have to win that many elections anymore  -Mexico has all the power  -democrats do anything for winning votes -including giving America away.

You won’t see 500,000 anchor babies/year -or any stat on the number of anchor babies being discussed a whole lot  -on msnbc -or any network  -those kinds of stats are hidden.  The stats produced by the left will be lies -just check the illegal birth rate in the main “hospitals for illegals” in Texas or California.

Democrats can’t win elections without promising to the Mexican gov and all Hispanics -that they get control of America.  With 20% of the voting population in 2015 -just how many more Hispanic will it take to make America a Spanish speaking country -with an open border to the south?  Hispanics have a track record to turn countries into corrupt governments controlled by drug cartels.

Charge Mexico $100,000 per illegal to cover just some of costs to America -for all the crime, free jail, free health care, free legal representation, free education, free interpreters, drug dealing, border patrol, legal fees, judges, lawyers, and on and on.

3)  Change the law to eliminate all the free education, health care, rights to sue, …, -for illegals.  You stop being a puppet for Mexico -& require Mexico to stop all illegals -or tariffs will be attached to all products being imported from Mexico.

Mexico would have to pay $100,000 for every illegal found in America -to cover part of the costs of jails, lawyers, court time, housing, medical care, …

4)  You require Mexico to immediately -same day service -to take back illegals -and Mexico take care of the ones that are ill.

5)  Strong federal law must be enacted -and any sanctuary city official that violates the federal law -goes to jail with minimum sentences.

6)  Mexico and Obama have co-ordinated every anchor baby -and every illegal  -for 7 years now.

7)  Any illegal that comes back to America after being deported -will face a minimum jail time -and if the jail time has to be in America -then Mexico will pay for it at the rate of $100,000/year -to cover part of America’s cost of jails, lawyers, court time, and loss of life of innocent families that have been killed by illegals.

No Hispanic is allowed into America until there are equal numbers of other immigrants coming from other countries -the Mideast has several million refugees with nothing -they would be immigrants that would appreciate and respect America -unlike the Obama imports for democrat votes. Drug laws in America have got to change -to end the insanity of drugs warping America into a worthless bunch of haters of life (democrat voters). -just cross the border and take over America -no big deal -it’s the politically correct thing to do, -you can even rape and murder -and be set free -with the Obama/Biden/h Clinton judges and lawyers.  If that is your game -vote for the democrats.

America has NO NATIONAL SECURITY, -democrats have led the way for an agreement with Iran to give Iran Hundreds of $ Billions of dollars -to kill Americans.  If that is your game -vote for the democrats.

How about a president that will not sleep with the Mexican president -to bring in illegals -for shock, controversy, -and in the case of democrats -All for winning elections, –as if Obama and h Clinton gave a damn about the Hispanic -or the Black.  Just check out the jobs, the crime rates, the lying by left democrat media just to cause revolution in America -and the hating of police

-so much easier to have a revolution and Isis attacks -if the police are not able to respond -due to having to pay for a lawyer to go with them when they stop a person for a traffic ticket.

kinda reminds one of the Iraq war, with all the hate spread out by the left (democrats) -to show the American soldier as the bad guy -torturing prisoners and so forth.  Democrats play the hate card quite well. American military under democrats, bho, h Clinton, j Kerry, Biden:  -no American soldier during the Iraq war was allowed to do his job -due to left democrat media claiming war crimes were being committed by American soldiers.  If that is your game -vote for the democrats.

Assassinations by illegals.  btw, I look for the assassination of Donald Trump -just as JFK and Bobby Kennedy were killed by illegals.  Well, Oswald had made a trip to Russia & was on record trying to get to Cuba -so Oswald had motive.  And Sirhan was a Palestinian illegal who needed to get rid of B Kennedy -for his strong support of Israel.

[[TV reporter killed on live TV.  Killer of reporter and camera man in LA on national tv. Obvious race hate motivated.  In a reply to m:  In the shooter’s own words, along with a ton of other evidence: Flanagan said he was being hated for being gay -and being black -makes this a hate crime.

Fits perfect with the Obama/democrat hate cards that continue to trip the mentally weak -to kill people.     -good job democrats.
Flanagan Never would have shot a young, good looking black girl and her black friend -and a black person being interviewed  -Never would have happened, but m and msnbc  strive for their warped bs of politically correct lying.

In a ranting note -sent to ABC News before his death, Flanagan blamed his misery on black men and white women -and said he was “somewhat racist against whites, blacks, and latinos”.   Which brings up the point -why is Black on Black crime not a racial hate crime?  Because it’s not convenient for the democrat party.

And a 2nd point  -why ABC News?  Because the left media is where Flanagan got his fuel for hate.

mho, J Richardson


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CLIMATE CHANGE. The left is not so much killing off the coal industry -so much as THEY are stealing it.  Enter the climate change chief and funder of all things anti-american left:  billionaire George Soros.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Act filings: Soros purchased an initial 1 million shares of Peabody Energy and 553,200 shares of Arch Coal, -the two largest publicly traded U.S. coal companies. Both companies have been driven perilously close to bankruptcy by the combination of President Obama’s “war on coal” and inexpensive natural gas brought on by hydrofracturing.

So socialists want to make $Millions out of profiting from their own lying on climate change about American coal (American owned low-cost energy). Bring the price of coal companies down by the bho anti-american regulations to kill American coal (while china and India are bringing new coal plants on line at the rate of one per week) & here is clear proof of the sick lying of the left -who are ALL DEMOCRATS, -may there be some accounting for what they have done to America at some point.

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Megan Kelly vs Donald Trump

Megan Kelly vs Donald Trump

Mr Trump says “Megan, yesterday -you interviewed Debbie Wasserman Schultz for 5 minutes with Schultz lying about republicans with every word –& you NEVER called her out, –you just hid under your desk. This is way true of all of these million dollar anchors -kissing up to democrats just so they will come on their show!

It is easy for a Megan Kelly to be a butt, -as if D Trump has not treated both women and men with the same equal amount of praise and criticism -the difference is:

D Trump and easily half of America are damn tired of anchors like Megan Kelly -that use all of their $Millions and influence -to be politically correct. Politically correct is the biggest cause of hate in the world today, -the truth is no longer possible

-the left propaganda controls the brain of most Americans today -D Trump gives hope to folks that care about having an America next week, and next year.  And I am sick of Hispanics taking over America & being smart a’s about it all -saying screw you america -we will talk in Spanish bashing the White American -and before long America will be Mexico ran by drug cartels -and the Hispanic get to take over & get paid for it -and it’s our right -the American schools all say America is a bully causing evil like freedom and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. 

Speaking of women’s rights, Kate Steinle was killed as a Direct Result of Obama, Biden, h Clinton, -democrat policies. All of these illegals killing and raping -and the center of the drug cartels taking over America -and escorting millions of Hispanic across the border -and strategically placing them in every US city, -all the sanctuary cities, -all on democrats.

Who is the only candidate that would change the laws to stop rewarding illegals? -Donald Trump. Carly Fiorina is a good choice too.

Fiorina would beat h Clinton with 100% of the vote -only those brain dead msnbc, network, AARP, union, leftist propaganda sucking democrats -will vote for any democrat.

Anyone that approves democrats that sit down at the table -to give up nuclear weapons and Billions of dollars -to a country that is burning American flags and shouting death to America -is one sick traitor to America -spitting in the face of every American that ever put on the uniform.

Speaking of women’s rights, Isis and the backing of Iran and all Mideast hate -is Obama, Biden, h Clinton, democrat policies. btw, democrats don’t hardly have to watch the evil of being a democrat –because the networks and cable outside of Fox -don’t carry any news showing the truth of what is going on in the world. Outside of Fox, -the killed lion was covered 100x plus –more in minutes than the deaths caused by illegals, or killing by Islamic punks all over the world including America, -or most any truth -because the truth proves over and over  -democrats of 2015 are haters of life  -and will write or say any lie  -to keep the hate and division coming.

Interesting with 22 Million watching the Fox debate -that the democrats refuse to have a debate

-democrats have no freaking record, have nothing to point to -but creating Isis, terror attacks in America are on a roll that will make Rand Paul begging for national checking of data records of everyone and their dog.

But Rand Paul was dead-on in -not trusting the Islamic wanna be punk Hussein Obama. Bho is an obvious traitor to America -funding Iran with hundreds of Billions of dollars and 6.5 years of clearing the way for Iran to keep on building nuclear materials -to pass over to Russia -to finish building the nuclear arsenal that is necessary to wipe America off the map.

Maybe the democrat debate can show slides of Planned Parenthood -taking babies live and crushing their heads -to sell body parts -that should really kick off the fund raising. But what democrat voters don’t know -probably won’t guarantee them a ticket to heaven, -I suspect there is reckoning coming at some point.

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Democrats are a Disgrace to Live in America

Democrats are a Disgrace to Live in America

b, you are a disgrace to live in America.

Leaders of Iran marching with crowds burning American flags -and yelling “death to America” is not political -it is how they live

Russia, Iran, Assad & all the terrorist organizations they operate -has killed hundreds of thousands -created over a million refugees, -all in the time frame of the last 6 years  -and this killing is not going to stop –

and democrats are quiet as a mouse, so what -dead, refugees, -so what -democrats are in power -all is good.

American soldiers killed in America, -so what -democrats are in power -all is good.

Isis could have been stopped as they were taking over Iraq -and Obama ignored all of his military and national security advisors (not counting the cowardly lying punks of h Clinton, j Kerry, Susan rice, Eric holder, …) –Isis is an Obama creation  -and all those soldiers that died should get to hear from you and Obama -explaining just how it is that Obama being a cowardly punk, destroying American respect and trust in the world, –and Obama can’t even define who the enemy is, –Obama can’t even say the words “Islamic radical killers”, … Obama is embolding and motivating Islamic radical killing in the world -in America. 

all on your head, -you support the democrats that are in power, and been in power for 6.5 years -with Pelosi and Reid controlling the house and Senate the 2 years before that.

you are what you are -a disgrace to live in America.

and no s,  you and the rest of the left media worship groupdon’t give a damn about the soldier families –  or you would want a leader of America with a spine, a heart, compassion, -even if you don’t recognize Obama as a sicko lying Islamic punk.   Obama has not made a single move in 6 years that was not designed for hate mongering, dividing America, making America weak and untrustworthy.

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Donald Trump is hated by El Crapo

Donald Trump is hated by El Crapo, all leftist hate America media, Iran, Russia, Assad, Castro, -generally most folks that have no spine. Let’s see, Obama and h Clinton are loved by el crapo, left media, Iran, Russia, Assad, Castro, and all folks with no spine (democrats of 2015). Yet Trump is not the overwhelming candidate for president in 2016 -Do you see anything at all wrong with this picture?

Hussein Obama says Iran leaders taking part in crowds burning American flags and shouting death to Israel and death to America -is rated “just politics by Iran”. Anyone out there that thinks burning American flags and shouting death to America is “just politics” is a traitor to America, spits in the face of every American that ever put on a uniform (esp. military and police).

Iran is not a country that can be trusted with a nuclear treaty.  Just what in those words is difficult to get?  The celebrations of burning American flags would make a difference to a real American -but not h Clinton and b Obama.

President Obama saying “just politics” –This Obama attitude Is the reason Islamic Radical killings are growing all over the world -the Islamic crowd sees America for what it is under Obama/h Clinton/j Kerry/j Biden -a country of cowards -that can’t even say “Islamic radicals” are responsible for the terrorism and hate mongering in the world.

Obama should explain how his protection program for Islamic radicals is working -to the families of the 5 military soldiers just killed in Chattanooga. Obama should explain how his protection program for all illegals is working -to the families of those killed (such as Kate Steinle).

What else would you expect from bho, who plays friend to the Mexican gov (controlled by El Crapo), Russia, Iran, Assad, …

But if you want America controlled by El Crapo, -then vote for democrats -who support sanctuary cities -and all the leftist judges making jail sentences for illegals who commit felony crimes a joke.

Donald Trump makes mistakes, -but at least he has something no democrat of 2015 has -especially bho and h Clinton –a spine.

Trump is the only candidate with the spine to get America on track for America -and not making America one more country like Mexico -ran by drug cartels. Trump will put America at the top of the game of the cyber war -democrats are too busy with women wars, marriage, selling parts of aborted babies, ….   Have to give credit to the pro-abortion movement -for their recognizing the capitalism possibilities of selling aborted babies parts.

Isis is a creation of Obama -per the top military and intel officers in America -many presently in the bho admin -they all warned bho of Isis taking over Iraq for a year -and bho went right on with his supplying weapons to the Iraq command -which is presently the Iran command -and no weapons got to the folks that helped the US military in Iraq -who could have turned Isis back -if they had the support.

Democrats of 2015 are sick haters of America, haters of life, -all for getting power and votes.

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Democrats of 2015 are sick haters of America, haters of life, -all for getting power and votes.

The first thing that Iran wanted out of this deal was sanctions lifted, –most of the sanctions have already been lifted -as the world knew the American traitors of Obama and Kerry -only cared about the big shot role -and are obvious traitors to America.  Both should be put in Gitmo prison for life -along side their bearded brothers.

s, do you think the $ Hundreds of Billions of dollars that is being pumped into Iran by Obama will cause an increase in terrorism supported by Iran?  What do you think?  Or do you think?  Or is getting more folks to vote for democrats more important than national security -or common sense/

Russia has cut $Billion dollar deals with all of the countries that hate America, -and all of the countries that used to be American allies -because the world sees America as cowardly, weak -and not worthy of any kind of trust  -which is damn accurate -under democrat rule.

So s, do you think Russia will back down the next time a Cuban missile crisis comes up?

Do you think china will back down the next time a crisis comes up?

Do you think sanctuary cities funded and supported by Obama -directly responsible for Kate Steinle’s death -and hundreds of other  crimes everyday in America -is worth it -to add the Hispanic vote for democrats -is that really worth it?  how about it, punk?  any of you democrats got a spine?

Hispanic have 20% of the vote in 2015 and control enough leftist judges to keep an open border -do you really think America will not be run by drug cartels in the near future -just as Mexico is now??!!  

Obama and the Mexican President are big friends, -working out the infiltration of drug dealers, good people, bad people -thru out the US.

El Chapo escaped using his money to control the prison employees, had a copy of the diagram of the jail, -the jail made no effort to change cells that Chapo was put in -or the tunnel would have came up in the wrong place,

-Anyways, the Mexican president, the jails, all of the Mexican government -is controlled by drug cartels.

This Chapo guy runs one of the largest drug schemes in the world –& Mexico wants no part of American help in capturing this guy.  The Obama brothers in the Mexican government want no part of America intervening in anything going on in Mexico.

Obama and h Clinton get to play the “ultimate larger than life anti-American punk” getting more Hispanic to vote for democrats -by being traitors to America. Chapo has reportedly threatened Donald Trump, -this would never happen to Obama or h Clinton -because they are behind, solicit, aid and assist -the drug cartels of Mexico.

Trump has a spine -Obama and h clinton can’t even comprehend the word.  America had a marine in a Mexican prison for 6 months on silly trumped up charges, -it would have taken Trump 1 day to get that marine home

-Mexico depends on America for most of their income. May God help Trump get elected president -is the Only way this takeover of America by drug cartels can stop.  If Mexico sending folks over is good for America, -why not adopt Mexico as the 51st State?  Then the border problem is solved & the American economy is off like a rocket (according to democrats).

There is one more question for you leftist democrat punks:  Do you think America should be doing business with a country that does not want US assistance in catching killers, drug dealers, repeat felony punks? 

Only Donald Trump can put an end to this insane policy of importing & granting free health care, citizenship, education, immunity from felony crimes, –from Mexico, Central America, S America, -until drug cartels run America.

Democrats are sick haters of life.  To not help the hundreds of thousands of good people killed and tortured, and girls sent into slave operations, and millions of refugees —caused by Russia, Iran, and Assad -is the act of a hater of lifeThe Obama nuclear deal has pumped $Billions of dollars into the Russian, Iran, and Assad economies -you democrats can be proud to be haters of life. 

It is time America asked “Do we need a president like Obama or h Clinton –that have spent 6 years kissing Putin’s butt, Iran’s butt, and Assad’s butt, and Mexico’s butt, and well  -you get it.   

Or, do we elect a leader with a spine?  Donald Trump for MASTER OF THE WORLD 2016!!

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San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is your democrat elected leftist lying piece of crap responsible for the death of Kate Steinle

San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is your democrat elected leftist lying piece of crap responsible for the death of Kate Steinle.

Directly responsible for Kate Steinle’s death and all the killing, drugs, and brutal crimes committed by illegals -are Obama, holder, h Clinton, Jeh Johnson, valerie jarrett, susan rice, -well, every democrat voter is responsible -because you elected these people based on whatever leftist hate card you are carrying around.

6/23/15.  Bob Barry Jr was killed by an illegal with cocaine making a u-turn, fairly sure we will never know how many drugs this illegal had in him -or how many prior offenses -or how many times he was sent back to Mexico -all due to the Obama/democrat/h Clinton/left media protection program for illegals.

8/13.  A Black punk shot 22 year old Christopher Lane in the back while Lane was jogging.  Lane was a baseball player in Oklahoma to go to school and train -Lane was from Australia.

Why did Obama not send folks to the funeral, 100 fbi associates -as he did in Ferguson, etc?!  Obama and h Clinton are obvious race hate mongers -in it for votes -with no hope of having a soul, a heart, a conscience. I could list thousands of cases of illegals killing, etc.  And those are just the proven convictions -meaning about 10x more murders were committed that they got away with.

But if winning votes is more important to democrats than American lives, -then knock yourself out -you are what you are.

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btw __, for the one and only time in my life -my cell phone will be better than any of you guys.

i had been using antique -with operating system that was not working with anything -and have now moved to apple 6+, got a glass cover for the screen, got the case with a built in battery (really not much different in the phone size) -but allows 60% additional battery time -which is most of the problem with climate change anyway.

paid for it with my sam’s mc getting back 2%,  no contract gives me a discount with at&t,  also got veteran discount which is 15% off of my monthly bill (did not even know at&t recognized veterans like that -awesome!  I love free money!

happy 4th to all of you lefties, -even if you don’t know why we celebrate that holiday!


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Clinton Correctional staff put on PAID LEAVE, -where have I heard that before?

Clinton Correctional staff put on PAID LEAVE, -where have I heard that before?

Clinton Correctional Facility classic is the classic example of how the government and the union team up to create low-life drug dealing, deals for power, sex trading, -most always democrats and unions shown to be low life humans.

And the Obama fbi, -this piece of crap gov Cuomo -who intentionally delayed the search for the 2 cop killers with a TV tour of the prison -will never put these employees in jail -they have to protect their lying and corruption -just as they did with Lois Lerner and h Clinton.

These are democrats and unions with the power to protect the scum in America, -and intimidate and sentence anyone opposed to the democrat hate-life strategy.

Unions in government agencies is the heart of wasted tax money and workers that are incompetent, ignorant, -and the cause of bad schools, an evil prison system, political leaders like obama that are fighting for iran to get $Billions more in funding -by lifting as many sanctions as possible,  and corruption with democrat government thugs to attack conservatives, …

Unions and their gov paid off politicans like obama and h clinton -are dead-on responsible for China using gov computers more than american gov workers, security staff and cia and others involved in prostitution and drug running, ….

Democrats (same as media):  frankly, I don’t care if God has mercy on your soul -you kinda don’t deserve it.

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frankly, I don’t care if God has mercy on your soul -you kinda don’t deserve it


frankly, I don’t care if God has mercy on your soul -you kinda don’t deserve it

6/26/15.  Obama and h Clinton all taking bows for gay marriage being made law by the supreme court.

Both were 100% against gay marriage until 2 and 1/2 years ago, and changed as the polling for power changed.  Which defines the soul-less power seeking jerk politician -which I kinda figure God does not give much credit as being on the side of having kindness.

There is no kindness and love to winning due to hate mongering, threats, bullying,   -as the gay marriage hate card was played -or a politician jumping on the wagon for the sake of power.

Not the brutality to so many, but similar to the civil war -where the south was bullied into being ruled by a more powerful government -the result was more hate and more discrimination -100 years later blacks were segregated and not allowed into schools and businesses.

the result of the gay marriage ruling will be just the beginning of more hate and discrimination -Obama, h Clinton, media -have no care about religion -or anyone with a different view (reminds you of Isis doesn’t it?) & they will continue to spit in the face of the American soldier, Christians, the American flag, …

The Confederate flag stood for the brave south fighting for their homes and their way of life -slavery was going away anyway.

The south did not invent slavery -slavery was brought over from other countries -the slaves of America were the lucky ones -they ended up getting the blessing of living in America.

There will always be discrimination, bullying, hate mongering -if you play for that team -you are a democrat.  If you don’t have the respect, the kindness, the love, -to give others -to give all -the right to religion, ideas, marriage, -as they think is right -then you are a democrat.

When there is no America -as will happen soon, -here the smart ass democrats all prove their religion of hate trumps anything.  The left thinks freedom is free -just goes forever. 

the left is lying to you & when there is no America -the supreme court making law as they see fit will not get one gay marriage  -those days will be forever gone  -the countries that Obama and h Clinton have been courting hate gays.

When there is no America, you democrats will -by God -get what you deserve. 

A shame that many conservatives will never have the power to stop the hate of the left in time to save America.

There is more hate, discrimination, divide -by far -today -then when Hussein Obama took office -because Obama lives for the everyday shock effect of hate mongering, claiming cops are racists, claiming America is racist, -Iran, Syria, Benghazi,

h Clinton destroying emails to save her from being exposed as such a piece of crap -aiding Iran and Russia -and all countries that hate gays and pretty much treat women like slaves.

Obama all into his love of gay marriage  -Obama and democrats have been getting sanctions lifted against Iran -Iran supports more hate and terrorism and killing of gays -than most any other country -and is getting $Billions of dollars to finance it all -as a direct result of the actions of Hussein Obama -but if you deny that -you are a democrat -and the worst kind of lying hater of life itself -frankly, I don’t care if God has mercy on your soul -you kinda don’t deserve it.

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