Obama on a mission to get as many islamic radicals into America as possible: Front door, Back door, Southern border, Canada, …

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

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Canada was listening to Obama on letting in refugees!

Obama said republican were scared of widows, orphans, and kids  –and now Canada is only allowing widows, orphans, and kids into Canada  –at least one story reported Canada is not intending to let in any military age males  –good job Canada!
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

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Being disabled is no excuse or blanket to hide behind -to be a puppet for the left hate America -hate the American Soldier propaganda.

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

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Obama said it was “offensive” for republicans to not want to allow widows and orphans and homeless into America.

Tell you what Obama -the truth about offensive:  ALL of those widows, orphans, and homeless coming from Iraq -would still be in Iraq – and not be widows, orphans, homeless  –if Obama had given 1 damn 2 years ago.

Obama ignored the advice of everyone -except valerie jarrett, susan rice, eric holder, and h Clinton.  The advice from American security and American military was to stop Isis from taking over 1/3 of Iraq (this went on for 6 months that Isis could have easily been stopped).

  Obama spit in the face of all American military -not taking out Isis when it would have been easy -Isis was in the open.
There are very few young women coming out of Syria or Iraq -those are sex slaves for Isis, -good job Obama.

In Syria, all American military and intel advised Obama to create a no-fly zone –Obama did not give a damn about the widows, orphans, and children -that Obama created by not using American strength to lead a coalition -and stop Assad from killing 250,000 of his own citizens. 

And Obama rewards Russia, Syria, and Iran with his blessing of hundreds of billions of dollars -and guarantee of continued development of nuclear weapons –or did none of you notice Russia/Syria/Iran are an alliance today?

Even today, a real coalition and strategy could be developed to keep refugees in their home countries -but not with Obama -this is the crowning jewel for this Muslim president -getting Islamic radicals spread all over Europe and America.

But Obama has to get on with it -only 1 year left of his lying traitorous run as dictator.  The so-called refugees Obama will import in -will be mainly males 20-30 years old -and they will be on American soil within months -Obama is not waiting on a change in presidents.

It is worth repeating:  Obama says it is not American to vet refugees on their religion.  Yet religion is the Obama litmus test -so far the refugees Obama is aiming at bringing in are 98% Islamic Muslims.

I’ll give you a litmus test that just takes a few minutes:  Just use a lie detector and ask if you believe in the part of the Quran that says you must kill your neighbor -if he does not believe in the same religion as you.  This is the root cause of all of these terrorist attacks.

The truth is -the litmus test, the profiling -has to be one of religion.  Islamic radicals will kill Americans, -Christians are not killing any Americans.  The FBI is tracking Islamic radical plots in all 50 states now -we don’t need 10,000 more Islamic Muslim -of which many will be Islamic radicals.  Did you get that?  Islamic radicals are the problem -Christians are not killing anyone -which is why Zero refugees should be allowed into the US.  Give them aid, a safe zone, -whatever we can do -to help those that are not Islamic radicals.

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No more NFL Football games or Rock Concerts in America! No college playoffs on TV, -No Super Bowl -it’s over!!

The crowning jewel for the Islamic Radical is to take out America.  And here Obama gets paid to do it -plus the worship and lock-step following of democrats and left media.

All Obama needs is to import 10,000 Syrian refugees -98% will be Islamic Muslims, -maybe 10 to 30% will be radical Islamic punks who may or may not -even be refugees. 

They will set up cells recruiting Muslims that are already here -and the Paris attacks will be at every college football game, every nfl game, every concert, every happening of people packed into an area. So enjoy your super bowl and college playoffs this year, -because before the end of 2016 -there won’t be any more.

Funny G Beck, Fox, CNN, Krauthammer, American military, American Intel operators, -whoever  –it’s not Obama’s incompetence  -or the proven fact Obama is psychopath hater of America -the Obama track record also shows a relentless drive for Islamic radical Muslims to destroy the world.  The proof is there for all to see.

h, Obama called the Paris attack a “setback”.  Obama was upset that more of his Islamic radical brothers were getting killed than he would prefer. Obama got his training in life from haters of America -20 years with rev wright, al sharpton, etc.  The early childhood and family Muslim ties must have inserted the Islamic religion.

  No one can read one’s heart, -but the record of 7 years of Obama pushing chaos, controversy, divide, hate cards, -is it’s own proof.  And Obama is the world’s most gifted liar.  -which is made easy with the worship and lock-step following of left media and democrats.

h Clinton -what a da clown -can’t say “Islamic Radical”, -thinks climate change is the world’s biggest problem!

Obama says un-American to not bring in thousands of Muslims to America -or to just bring in Christians  -the leftist channels of hate (cnn, msnbc, etc) are horse-laughing that one up -what could possibly go wrong with 10,000 Islamic Muslims from Syria?  So Obama mocks republicans for suggesting to just bring in Christians refugees –while Obama has ordered America to bring in ONLY Islamic Muslims (less than 2% of all the refugees Obama is bringing in will be anything but Islamic Muslims).

Well here is the deal:  import 1 Christian for every Muslim  -of course Obama ain’t agreeing to that -Obama hates Christians.  But that would suit me just fine  -import 1 Christian Muslim for every Islamic Muslim, -there  -problem solved!!

How about making the new immigration policy fair:  1 Hispanic, 1 Asian,  1 Christian, and then 1 Muslim,  -you get the picture,

Of course Hispanic are not refugees  -just folks who have destroyed their home countries (drug cartels, gov corruption, poverty)  -and now get the opportunity to take over America -and get paid by democrats to take over a whole country –stand up if you are for sanctuary cities!!

  Of course, the Hispanic are in no rush, 20% of the voting population in 2015 & are the fastest growing part of the voting population  -shoot, -Two of the republican candidates are Hispanic.  Anyway, you get it.

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Obama/h Clinton/j Kerry are not worth the salt that goes in their bread.

Somehow, I just don’t get it.  Obama claims the attacks in France are attacks against the entire civilized world, -but Russia/Assad/Iran killing 250,000 in Syria and intentionally flooding the world with mainly Muslim refugees -are not attacks against the entire civilized world?! 

Or the lining up -and killing -and torturing all the moderate Muslims -and for sure kill dead any Christians that get in the way of Isis?  Isis lining up and be-heading rows of Christians just for being Christians –if these are not acts against all of humanity -then nothing is Isis burning a Jordanian pilot alive -and on and on.

Obama/h Clinton/j Kerry are not worth the salt that goes in their bread -as they are all best friends with the alliance of Putin/Iran/Assad -where the evil of Muslim terrorism is spreading from.  Just how is it that Isis for 1 year was given free reign to kill and torture in Iraq -before Obama started his make-believe bombing campaign!?

Iran is the biggest promoter of terrorist attacks in the world -and Obama/h Clinton/all democrats -reward Iran with $150 Billion & guarantee the continued development of nuclear weapon systems.  Democrats of 2015 have no conscience and no soul and obviously no freaking common sense.

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France can thank Obama for the all the attacks on this Friday -Nov 13, 2015

To be clear, Obama, h Clinton, j Kerry, the left media, all the democrats of 2015 -they elected Obama and supported Obama to ignore 250,000 dead in Syria, millions of refugees trying to escape terrorism in the world, -Obama invented Isis by letting Isis cruise thru Iraq -until half the country was to be held as a launching pad for terrorism around the world.
You democrats that look the other way as most republicans, -all people of common sense and morality, -all of American military that would have to put their careers in jeopardy to say to Obama  -You can’t let Isis take over the Iraq that our American troops turned into our friends.

Our friends in Iraq have been killed, -the men and women and children -and the young women taken for sex slaves  -all on the democrats of 2015 and those that worship msnbc and all of the evil of politically correctness  -and the leftist socialist propaganda machine. 
And democrats like h Clinton are supposed to be looking out for women?

Obama created the evil alliance of Russia, Iran, and Assad -funding Iran with $150 Billion and green light Iran to keep on developing nuclear weapons and missiles.  And now -as many are dead in Paris -Obama the day before had said Isis was “contained”  -Obama is saying America stands by France -trouble is -Paris would not be having these attacks if Obama would have kept Isis out of Iraq.

All of American military point out as Isis was moving into Iraq they were in the open and easily taken out -entirely different picture now. And Obama wants hundreds of thousands of these so -called-refugees coming to America  -so America can look like France, and eventually look like Syria  -it will happen

  -it was obvious in Benghazi,  it has been obvious for 7 years.  You can’t judge what is in someone’s heart -not our job -but you can look at the record of what they have done.  Obama and h Clinton have been a disaster for the world, -having proven America to be cowardly, untrustworthy, and stupid -spitting in the face of every American soldier that ever put on a uniform.  Including the worship of socialism (gov control of the citizens) all over the world.  Including the support of hate and divide policy -all for the power of democrats.  Including the support for sanctuary cities -all to pack in illegals -which will include drug cartels to kill off judges and politicians that are not in play -just as drug cartels control Mexico.

The illegals selling drugs to your kids effects every family in America, -where the h is the conscience, -the soul -of the democrats of 2015?!


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Hispanic Go into Big Hate Mode for Donald Trump -over SNL Hosting Gig!

And why not?   D Trump is a threat to their “Taking Over America Party!”

Since Obama for 7 years has imported -and kept -as many illegals as he could -for the  purpose of boosting democrat power and votes,  turning America over to Mexico, (all in keeping with the Obama/democrat/h clinton strategy of -making America weak and divided)

-Hispanic already control most every city in America with democrat lawyers, democrat judges, city councils, sheriffs, etc.  How can America survive -when all of the bigger cities have turned into “sanctuary cities” –that ignore federal law?

Trump is the only candidate running that would attempt to stop the cozy Obama/Democrat  -relationship with the Mexican Government -to turn America over to Mexico -actually way too late to stop it now!   Obama for 7 years has been using all the powers of the White House to make sanctuary cities stronger

-and h Clinton is not going to miss a beat supporting anything for illegals. And along comes Trump, saying he would end the “Takeover America Party” being run by Hispanic, all democrats, all of media  -not that hard to figure out why illegals are pissed off  -someone messing with their free stuff,  -free ticket to education,  -free ticket to citizenship and voting (Hispanic were 20% of the voting population in 2015),  -taking over America,  -and the full backing of left media,  -and all the American people that have turned into politically correct puppets -for the left.
see ya,  JayR

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CNBC Republican Debate: Did you notice how much Cnbc loves talking to Gov Kasich!?

Kasich attacks republicans more than democrats.
Kasich, -if you really want to work for Msnbc, -just send them an application.

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After the Hearing, -the evidence of “Hillary Clinton -the Cowardly Liar” -is just Beginning!

I don’t watch all of this stuff -as 50% of the time -was democrats lying thru their teeth -grand-standing the worst sec’y of state in American history -who Putin, Iran, Assad, Hamas, Mexico, -would love to see as the next American President.

hc is a cowardly liar.   I back up my words with plenty of proof.   

You might start with -if you are so squeaky clean and transparent -then why would you pay 10 lawyers for 2 months -to go thru your emails -picking out the ones that would not hurt you -to pass on?!

And then, -the little matter of paying someone -we don’t know who -to destroy ALL of the evidence –destroying all of the emails?!   Why would squeaky clean transparent person do that?!

And H Clinton did not care about Chris Stevens  -“his safety was the job of the security professionals”   -what an arrogant coward -H Clinton has proved to be.

hc says she has zero responsibility for security at Benghazi -it’s up to the security professionals.  This is kinda like a President of the US saying -after nuclear bombs go off in major cities -not on me -it’s up to the military professionals.   A sec’y of state that has no responsibility for the security of American ambassadors under her direction -is not worth the salt that goes in her bread.

Part of the KEY here: No heads rolled, -where are the people fired for not doing their jobs? All of those top military and security folks (that did not act -or at a minimum -raise holy hell -to get military into Benghazi) should at the least be fired -and some charged with treason.  The non-existent security, the “stand down” mentality, and the “don’t know what to do” mentality -is the Obama trademark on most things military.

The Benghazi cover-up and lying is the Obama signature trademark for all things in 7 years of presidency -gun running to Mexico, sanctuary cities, cops are racists, tea party are racists, a marine in Mexico for 6 months for no reason -except the Obama/Mexican gov cozy relationship working together for Mexico taking over America, even the oil spill in the Gulf had an Obama appointment in charge of running oil drilling in the Gulf -this scholar had never seen an oil well -but he was a loyal leftist socialist democrat. Obama-Gruber care, the spendulus, $150 Billion for Iran -and obama help to develop a nuclear arsenal, -well, you get it.  How about Lois Lerner taking orders from the White House on stopping conservative groups from raising money?  -bho signature move.

We still don’t know who the “security professionals” were at Benghazi & how they could be such incompetent thugs -unless bho was micro-managing Benghazi -to make sure Libya was a peaceful place -a month before his re-election. Now, there was the truth for all to see.

A real president would have fired h Clinton, and several top military -for not being prepared, –not acting to secure the site within minutes -much less hours -turned out to be several weeks.

Chris Stevens was working for hc -and hc claimed he was like her best buddy -yet he did not have her personal email address -and hc admitted today that she had never talked to Chris Stevens since he was sworn in.   Does that make sense to anyone?

At some point, the personnel on the ground will be speaking up on the “stand down” order -and Hannity will have some of them on his show -and media will hide the truth  -folks, you live in a leftist socialist run -end of America world.

gotta run, don’t have time to make this read as if I was really in the writing biz!
Please see the post below this one -for several questions not addressed today!

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