Germanwings plane killing 150, if this was h Clinton -we never would find out his motive -because he would have a server at his house

[[The co-pilot that took down the Germanwings plane killing 150, -if this was h Clinton -we never would find out his motive -because he would have a server at his house to hide and destroy emails. but h Clinton has saved the world from getting to see wedding plans and yogi plans

-just how lame is the excuse of h Clinton?  A normal person would make wedding plans and other memories -the last thing they would want to erase -most people don’t give a rip what her personal emails say & that is hardly the point.

h Clinton realized the evidence was there on Benghazi, money contributions, etc. -and she did what she had to do.  Of course, h Clinton had nothing to do with the plane crash -but we may find out the motive of the co-pilot -because I would bet he did not have his own computer server at his home.]]

[[One rule you must follow to be a lock-step hater democrat is to not watch Fox.
3/25/15 the army comes out with the study Obama may have lost control of, -and tried to hide -but Bergdahl has been charged by the army with desertion.  Only Fox TV showed interviews with 6 members of Bergdahl’s platoon -that said he was a deserter

-and Obama and his White House mouths standing there -to lie to America -did not give 1 damn about the words of American soldiers.]]

[[Only Fox will be showing the videos of Susan Rice telling America Bergdahl served with honor and distinction

-and BHO doing his rose garden slam at America and American soldiers -talked about the heroism of Bergdahl -and how Bergdahl missed birthdays with his family.

  These Obama/Rice/Jarrett/Holder planned acts of lying for Bergdahl -for the purpose of giving up the 5 Taliban Selected terrorists -out of Gitmo -is clear treason by the BHO crew -makes 1 wonder just what part h Clinton played in this

-one more reason for h Clinton to destroy her yogi emails.

Obama for 6 years, every day, takes actions to make America look small, cowardly, and weak, *& lo and behold -BHO is here to make it right

-Obama is a traitor to America and spits in the face of all American soldiers.]]

[[Bergdahl, Benghazi, trying to force Israel into a peace agreement with Hamas, Assad red line on chemicals, assist Putin (Russia backing Iran, Hamas, Assad, Russia killing 6000 while taking over Ukraine, …), Ferguson hate mongering,  Al Sharpton is a top advisor to Obama, deals with governments (Mexico, Central America, and S America) to take over America by illegal entry, advising Lois Lerner and other IRS employees how to stop republicans from raising money, gun running, ignoring our marine in a Mexican prison for 6 months, and on and on

-these acts by Obama are what created Isis and other terrorist groups -they know Obama is a weak coward with a planned mission of making America look -and become:  small, cowardly, and weak.]]

[[Democrats are smart a’s in lock-step with the haters of anything American -such as freedom, national security, the right to religion and free speech, jobs instead of gov checks, health care for all -not the unaffordable maze of the gov control created by Gruber-Care …]]

[[3/24/15  Iran backed Houthi terrorists just took over Yemen -one more of those countries that Obama claimed was a good example of a stable gov under Obama foreign policy -just 6 months ago.  And Obama is formulating a nuke treaty with Iran?  American top military better be ready -because this BHO crew ain’t leaving the White House without nuclear destruction in American cities.]]

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Democrats are smart a’s in lock-step with the haters of anything American -such as freedom, national security, the right to religion and free speech, jobs instead of gov checks, …

D, you are pathetic with your making fun of Ted Cruz -a guy running for president based on being for the Constitution, restoring American power and respect and trust in the world, stopping the open border, how about restoring some national security? -or is that too complicated for you to grasp that idea?

-maybe you don’t see the evil of what is happening to America, the Mideast, Africa, Putin bringing up the use nuclear weapons -are you just that addicted to being a liberal hater?

  maybe you don’t see the evil of the Obama hate mongering in Ferguson, illegals -importing 100,000 kids from central America on top of an open border policy -all for democrat votes, Obama democrats playing several hate cards to divide America internally, …

Ted Cruz stands for abolishment of the IRS -low life haters like Lois Lerner that use her $200K/year gov job to keep republicans from raising money -with Obama/jarrett/holder advising -is sick evil and the end of America -that taken for granted thing called Freedom.

Cruz stands for securing the border.  Hispanic are 20% of the vote in America in 2015 and the fastest growing voting segment, -America will be taken over by Mexico, central, and south America, and Cuba -all of these governments ran by drug lords and dictators -the civil war is coming.  Not exactly the kind of immigration that contributes to a united America.

I don’t know if I would vote for Cruz, but he sincerely believes in trying to turn around the death spiral that America is in

-set in place by the Obama/holder/jarrett/rice/h Clinton/j Kerry crew.

But if it makes you feel better to be a smart a -in lock-step with the haters of anything American -such as freedom, national security, the right to religion and free speech, jobs instead of gov checks, …  -then you are what you are  -pathetic.

Why would Obama be in talks to guarantee the continued development of nuclear weapon material -with a country that has killed more Americans than any other country in the past 30 years?

Iran has killed any hope of peace in the Israel border -by the insertion of Hamas into running Palestine -all with the Obama blessing.  Iran and Hamas would never settle for peace -it is their religion that Israelis and Americans be killed -everyone knows that.

Iran and Russia supporting Assad is evil.  Assad killing over 200,000 -most of which could not even fight back -millions of refugees of kids and broken families -Obama supporting Russia and Iran is sick evil.  And signing a nuke treaty with these sick evil low-lifes clearly proves the side of evil Obama lives for.

For all the tribal Muslim hate for each other -the bigger Satan in the eyes of Islamic Jihad are Christians, Israel, and America -enter Obama and left media to assist the cause of Islamic terrorism.

To give the biggest backer (Iran) of Islamic hate of America the guarantee to keep enriching uranium for nuclear weapons for the next 2 years is sick evil -spitting in the face of every American soldier for all of American history.

Democrats always avoid real issues and the obvious truth: I suppose you think Putin is bluffing on using nuclear weapons??!!  Are you really so freaking stupid to think Iran is developing ICBM’S and nuclear weapons to kill fish for food??!!

  And you get silence from democrats -or babble on some un-related subject -democrats are really good at lying. You can explain the everyday anti-American actions by the Obama crew by just asking:  What would a radical Islamic punk want to do?

 Pretty devastating path to be taking America -to be aiding Russia in Ukraine, bho to be aiding Iran, bho to be aiding Assad, bho to be aiding Hamas.  These are all proven very evil players that have killed thousands of Americans -and Obama, h Clinton, and j Kerry spit in the face of every American soldier -with their continued acts as traitors.

Yeah m, why would it make any difference to have American fracking make America independent of Mideast oil and natural gas?  And replace coal plants with natural gas plants -reducing pollution.  Democrats are so pathetically stupid.
Ok, how about more danger from chemicals put on the ground by gov, farmers, and home owners -than fracking.

And if we had republicans in power -we could have an energy policy -studying all fed and private lands to decide the best and safest places to drill and mine.

An Energy Policy would be a 100% vote without the 2015 hate America party of democrats.

Common sense is not possible in America anymore: The sun coming up causes the earth to warm, -ok, good start.

A reasonable person would be a little more afraid of Putin talk of sending nuclear bombs at America -than an argument over who controls mother nature -but Obama, Kerry, & left media think climate change is the bigger threat to life.

Pathetic is the only word to describe the threats of climate change being worse than Iran sworn to using nuclear weapons on American cities.  Iran is presently supplying nuclear weapon material to Russia, China, and N Korea.

A reasonable person would be a little more afraid of Russia knowing they can attack America with nuclear weapons while Obama sleeps -and American military is told to stand down -that would bring concern to a reasonable person.

But if it makes you feel better to be a smart a -in lock-step with the haters of anything American -such as freedom, national security, the right to religion and free speech, jobs instead of gov checks, …  -then you are what you are  -pathetic.

Are you just that addicted to being a liberal hater of everything that is good about America??!!

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Obama Guarantee for Home Security is Free!! Obama Nuke Deal is a Sham!!

Obama Guarantee for Home Security is Free!!
Yes!  Your BHO (B Hussein Obama) Guarantee comes free with any Hate/Divide Card purchase!
What a deal!  All hate cards are free!  Just sell your soul to be a hater -not a big deal -and you get to live in the politically correct world of left media the rest of your days.

Hate Cards can be found for race, gay marriage, climate change, Ferguson, white cops, all cops, President Bush, Illegals, freedom, American heroes, any successful republican, tea party, the truth, hating just because you are ignorant, etc,  -lots of choice!

Obama Hate Card Directions:  To activate your hate card when a nuclear bomb goes off -or any violence hits your neighborhood:

Just run outside and wave your BHO Hate Card in the air & the Obama crew guarantees your property and family will be protected from any harm!!

Obama Nuke Treaty.  BHO/democrats all want a nuke treaty with Iran -Iran has killed more Americans in the last 30 years thru terrorist groups than any other country -and are sworn to killing Americans.

The Barack Hussein Obama “Nuke Free Pass for Iran” treaty -ain’t changing the Iran hate for America -much less the dev of nukes -but Obama will be signing a treaty -and on TV all bragging about his wonderful vision for peace among men.

To give the biggest backer (Iran) of Islamic hate of America the guarantee to keep enriching uranium for nuclear weapons -is sick evil -spitting in the face of every American soldier for all of American history.
For all the tribal Muslim hate for each other -the bigger Satan are Christians, Israel, and America -enter Obama and left media to assist the cause of Islamic terrorism.

Just 3 points of the hundreds of reasons Obama is a traitor to America:
*Obama not supplying weapons to Ukraine at the start of the Russian invasion is just plain evil -and treasonous to America.
*Obama not supplying weapons early on in Syria to the good guys -before Assad killed all of them -killing 200,000 and creating millions of refugees of kids, and parts of families. *Obama ignoring the requests of his own military -and letting Isis take over 1/3 of Iraq -is sick.
All 3 points were in keeping with Obama pushing for Iran and Russia to grow in power -and America to be so cowardly and divided that America will look worse than Syria by 2017.

BHO, democrats, and left media are clearly evil -to support hiding the deaths of so many -and support Russia, Iran, Assad, and Islamic evil punks grow in power.  But this is what Obama democrats do -whatever it takes to gain votes by playing hate and divide cards.
For all to see, Obama for 6 years has been aiding and supporting the biggest promoters (Russia, Iran, and Assad) of terrorists and killing of Americans: Russia, Iran, Assad, -and being so weak, lying, and cowardly to American allies -that America has no allies -world leaders know Obama cannot be trusted.
Everyone knows Muslim radicals (such as Iran leaders) are sworn to killing out Jews and Americans, and even kill any Muslim out of line with the controlling Islamic punks.

Playing the Ignorance Hate Card does not change your role as a hater democrat.
For whatever bush did or did not do -he was honest about it -and the congress and senate voted for it.

The way bush handled the years after the initial attack -anyone could argue was flawed -but America had allies, -Iraq was a free country to move on and dictate their own future (as even Obama and Biden proclaimed). 6 years later -and BHO, h Clinton, J Kerry, and Obama -have created a cauldron of hate, torture, and killing, -and the Mideast, Africa, -and much of the world is being taken over, -brutal attacks such as slaughtering school kids, Christians, cartoon employees, tourists in a museum, Ft Hood, Boston bombing, etc.

Without even getting into the cops in America being shot due to the hate mongering of Obama, holder, susan rice, and valerie jarrett, rev wright, al sharpton, left media, -and all democrats love their racial hate card.

BHO pulled off the Libya war -all his way -and now Iran backed terror groups own Libya -and along the way -the Benghazi attack by al Qaeda with bho claiming al Qaeda was decimated (to get re-elected)  –and that piece of c h Clinton telling the families -America would get the film makers.

You notice the whole stockpile of intel gained in the Ben Laden raid has been under lock and key by Obama -to keep America from knowing that al Qaeda was growing -as Obama was lying about it.
You notice the results on the Bergdahl study (deserter who Obama gave up 5 terrorists for) -has been kept under lock and key -until Obama can influence a report that does not put Bergdahl in front of a firing squad.  But nothing unexpected here -Obama loves to make America look weak and cowardly.

Also that lying piece of c Lois Lerner -who would have thought?  all the IRS computers that had the Obama crew advising the IRS have been erased, destroyed, and buried at sea by Dexter.

ok, do we see a pattern here?  h Clinton has her own private server, -& folks -guess what?  that server ain’t gonna have spit on it by the time any honest person gets hold of it -this server was loaded with more evidence showing h Clinton and Obama being the most cowardly president and sec’y of state in the history of America -before, during, and after -the Benghazi attack.

Iran citizens were protesting and being killed -Obama said nothing.  Iran funded and armed Hamas to run Palestine and push the hate and killing of Israelis and the Iran lover Obama is all blaming Israel.  but why not?  with left media and democrat haters lying for Obama. Iran has for over 30 years funded and armed terrorist groups to push hate for and kill Americans.  With nuclear talks going on as we speak -Iran is funding terror groups that are killing citizens in malls, schools, museums, -anywhere these cowardly evil thugs can find an easy target to bully.

Does anyone really believe Iran is going to give a rat crap about Obama’s nuke treaty?  This nuke treaty is just for Obama to spit in the face of the American soldier -and show all of America he can do any damn thing he wants -to make America have no respect -and no power in the world.

Iran sees Obama, h Clinton, j Kerry -as working for Iran -no matter how many times Iran says they are sworn to killing Americans -this crew plows on with the most evil work in the history of mankind.  Iran sees Obama as a joke, a coward to his own country, a dumb punk that is easily manipulated,
-as if Iran is gonna slow down their production of nuclear weapons -do any of you democrats really believe that?

Every day a new strategy for the Obama crew to spit in the face of America -such as taking climate change, war crimes, internet, environmental regulations, etc -to the united nations.

Is there any American -other than the sick left media, the democratic party, -that would agree to the UN (china, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, etc) making up laws for America -that were not approved by an American congress -to rule Americans.  Are you democrats really that freaking stupid?

btw, part of the Obama deal making -to get Iran to sign a nuke deal -Obama has declared Hamas and many other terrorist groups -to not be terrorist groups anymore.   Obama has guaranteed Russia safe haven to do as Putin wishes in Ukraine and backing Iran and Assad, has declared Assad safe haven to kill 200,000 of his own citizens, has fought for Iran to develop nuclear weapons and remove sanctions against Iran, ….

As part of the nuke deal -Obama has guaranteed to Iran to close down Gitmo -releasing all prisoners, remove sanctions against Iran, let Iran take over parts of Iraq and spread hate and killing in Iraq, etc. It takes a lot of hate to not care about the suffering and killing in the world -being aided/supported by Obama democrats and left propaganda.

Really too bad democrats and left media can’t spend a month with the refugee families that have fled Syria. Solutions are good.  Trouble is, Obama does not give 1 damn about a strong coalition with America leading -to fight Islamic terror.  Obama and the left are treasonous liars:  to talk big -and claim to be acting in America’s interest -when there is no country that will trust America under Obama. Obama has aided Assad in Syria with killing 220,000+ of his own citizens & turning millions of children and remnants of families into refugees with no property or place to go.  The same Assad Russia and Iran are also assisting.
Democrats must look the other way and fall into cadence with left media to push their hate cards -instead of having any spine or care about fellow humans -but that is who you are.

Assad used chem weapons on his own people, has air power. The rebels have no weapons -or ancient weapons & -America under Obama refuses to get them weapons -why is that?  And more important, how does left media manage to herd democrats around like they are cowardly haters of freedom and life? Obama has assisted Iran getting  out of sanctions, and will sign a nuclear treaty with the most dangerous hater of America and Israel -for the sole purpose of continuing the growth of production facilities for nuclear weapon material -and the development of  ICBM’s for the sole purpose of killing Americans.

The Iran nuclear deal is not a treaty  -it’s just Obama, democrats, and left media saying to Iran that we (Obama democrats) -will lie any lie to the American people to make this nuke treaty look like a good deal.

Iran has been killing Americans for over 30 years, -supporting more terrorist groups than any other country, -and is sworn to killing all Americans -and Obama has guaranteed Iran a path to nuclear weapons.

The crew of Obama, jarrett, rice, holder, h Clinton, j Kerry, -are lying punks -that have chosen to sell their soul for power -and transforming America into a powerless country of hate cards. Obama and Biden celebrated Iraq as one of the crowning achievements of the Obama presidency in 2009 -and looked the other way as Isis began taking over Iraq -killing and torturing anyone in their path.

Once again, the winner is Iran -Iran will be taking over parts of Iraq and providing weapons to keep the killing going on in Iraq -just one more time Obama spits in the face of any American soldier.  The fact that the Benghazi site was never secured for evidence 3 weeks after 4 Americans were killed -tells anyone with common sense -Obama is a cowardly traitor to America.

BHO all bashing Israel for not wanting a 2 state solution -Israel would sign a 2 state solution in the next 10 min if the other side agreed to Israel being a state -and Palestine not being controlled by Iran/Hamas. but I get it,  bho crew has to shock and play new hate/divide cards every day -destroying America is fairly easy for a punk -who has the backing of spineless democrats and media.

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Tom Cotton -the next President of the United States

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Obama Negotiates with Terrorists, -A Moment in Time


Obama Negotiates with Terrorists Of course Obama negotiates with terrorists, -we all negotiate with terrorists every day -Iran, Russia, n Korea, Isis, al Qaeda, Taliban -every day -every hour.

The difference is -Obama negotiates from a core of proven cowardice, weakness, lying, hiding behind name games, and an allegiance to supporting radical Islam in his Tim McVeigh punk way -which is no problem -with a leftist media and all democrats lying for Obama.  Of course, -the evil coming out of the White House is Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Eric Holder -the crew of 4 have ran the hate campaign domestically and the coward campaign in foreign policy.

The Alternative to the Obama negotiation strategy:
Or, you could negotiate with Isis, Iran, and all terrorists groups -from the only position that has ever worked in the history of the world -STRENGTH.  Part of strength is wisdom, courage, a strategy, -all of those attributes Obama does not have.
Anything else kills Americans, -spits in the face of American soldiers, and eventually causes nuclear destruction -as more and more nuclear technology by Iran, Russia, China, -everybody but the US, -is getting better and more stealth ways to deliver nuclear weapons -to send America into the destruction that media and even a lot of good people are telling you the foolish lie -that it can’t happen.
Freedom never lasted without wise choices for leaders -good men like Romney, Reagan, Scott Walker -and good women like Fischer and Fiorina -would not have got 2000 Americans killed in Afghanistan -as Obama did, -would not have got the Mideast burning in hate, Iran getting Obama protection to build nuclear material and weapons, and Obama kissing up to Putin is a bit hard to take.

Russia would never have moved against Ukraine if America had a leader that could have made Ukraine an ally -by giving them a few weapons to equalize the Russian modern weapons used against Ukraine. Why does Obama call the be-heading in Okla and the Ft Hood shooting workplace violence?  Only a butt sleeping with the Mexican president -on promises of protecting illegals -would ignore our marine in a Mexican prison for 6 months -on no charge –while celebrating trading a deserter for 5 killers of Americans.  How about we call out Obama as a traitor to America -& have a few real journalists show up for work? btw, for those democrats that say anyone critical of Obama is a racist -just what will you say if Ben Carson is the next president?  Scott Walker and Ben Carson on the same ticket might be able to turn around the hate mongering, food stamps, s American takeover of America by illegals, IRS used to get Obama re-elected in 2014, Obama helping Iran to nuclear weapons, Obama helping Putin with taking over Ukraine,

… Also, this is not rocket science, you fix Americans going over to fight with terrorist groups by forever revoking their passports and citizenships.  And all you need to cure illegals is to make the law state:  No health care, education, gov money of any kind, fingerprint you and no path will get US citizenship, -for anyone who does not get an American passport with ID and fingerprints before 1/1/2016.  Then, you won’t need so much border security or fences -cuz they ain’t coming if they can’t get the free stuff.  I am sick of Hispanics moving up to 20% of the American population on the basis of coming here illegally.  Does anyone really think -with the fastest growing voting base in America -the Hispanics are not going to make America look like a combination of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, … -in the next 10 years?  Does anyone really consider that the sheer numbers of illegals flooding the US -as Democrats give away America -is going to have the same effect -as if we just made Mexico the 51st state?

To have an America, -the population has to respect the law and each other -not give the country away -just so the democratic party can win a few elections.

  Hispanics that come to America legally should be applauded -and given a first class welcome -for having the spine to want to be an American -instead of wanting to be an Hispanic in America.

2/4/15 The burning alive in a cage of the Jordanian pilot.  Obama heads out the golf course & the Jordanian President has to go off to fight without the weapons and support -that any man worth the salt in his bread would provide -Obama is a wus coward punk -Islamic terrorists laugh at the creepy weirdness of Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the moment in time that America could lead, America could gain Muslim allies and friends -and be a force for Good and what is Right. NO!  This is the moment Obama is playing golf -and telling Hispanics he is their path to taking over America.  Good luck Charlie!

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A few things that we just wish would have been asked: Super Bowl 49, Islamic Radical Punks, topics of the morning!

A few things that we just wish would have been asked 1)   Super Bowl 49.  Awesome game, -did not turn into a ball flating contest!  ok, the reception to set the Seahawks up at the 5 yard line -Why did the patriot defender go flying by -being careful not to ruffle anyone or disturb the play that was going to lose the game for his team?!  Usually, you bust up the play -to make sure you intercept the ball -or at a minimum -the Seahawks don’t catch the ball.  1.1)Seahawks throw the interception, 20 seconds left -a safety and a field goal & Seahawks win by 1 point!!  Seahawks are bringing the house, -there is No Way Brady is gonna q-back sneak that ball all the way out of the end zone -and Seahawks are not ready for the hard count and get called for offsides = end of game.  It is always amazing you pay these guys some 4 $zillion to coach and play & most games end up with what appears to be just really fluky stupid luck that decides the whole thing -which is fun if you don’t bet the farm! Ok, now on to less important stuff like America surviving the Islamic radical crew of bho, lynch, holder, susan rice, valerie jarrett.  Of course, there is the top Obama advisor = al sharpton -expertise in hate mongering and evading taxes.  Of course, the biggest embarrassment in American history on foreign policy -john kerry, kerry was hired for his ability to be a fully inflated idiotThe white house staff is 2nd to none in craping on themselves -never have so many been asked to lie 24/7, -and act like they have an ounce of integrity, or spine, -or any quality of a caring human being. Hussein Obama is getting exactly what he wants on every front -and gets a full endorsement by 90% of media -and the few that point out the truth don’t get even a smidgen of news time. On every issue -just ask -what would an Islamic radical punk do?  All of the anti-American, hate mongering, dividing, hate of Israel, and so on.  Obama works with the Mexican president to import Mexican, Central America, and S America illegals -with the strategy to turn America into just one more Spanish speaking drug cartel country.  What kind of butt would leave our marine in a Mexican prison for 6 months for no charge -and trade 5 Gitmo killers of Americans for a deserter?  Obama spits in the face of the American soldier.  What kind of butt would not react -during an attack on Americans at Benghazi?  Or secure the Benghazi site?  What kind of butt would use the IRS to stop groups that opposed Obama in 2012?  A few hundred more are listed below, -but when the folks ask why -the answer is simple -Obama, holder, rice, & jarrett are radical Islam wanna be punks …

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Obama Oil and Foreign Policy Legacy


ONLY reason you see gasoline under $2/gallon is Fracking
in America was making OPEC inept and powerless.
Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

ONLY reason Obama is cutting off drilling in Alaska is to
appease Putin -and there is the 100 $Million from the
environmental lobby.  More proof the Obama Doctrine is
to divide America and make America weak and stupid.
Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

bho has his priorities.
Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

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9 Cartoons with a Smidge of Truth, -Dignity of Obama Office was Insulted!!

This is Gold!!  bho gaining popular opinion of the brainless
-is far more important than silly stuff like the security of
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

I think the World Focus is Dead-On!  Maybe a little more focus
on it snowing in New York in January -might be good!
Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

This is Gold!  but the last 50 years did work just fine
-if only
Iran, Russia, and the Islamic Radicals were so
inept as
Cuba for the last 50 years!!!!
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

The Barack Hussein Obama crew being Islamic Radicals sure
explains most everything.
Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Obama Foreign Policy appears to be based on the
B Hussein  Obama crew of Holder, Rice, and Jarrett
-all being Radical Islam
Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Obama is always on the Right side of every issue:
Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Why does bho grovel over Iran and Putin?  Because the bho
crew has the same doctrine as Islamic Radicals:  Divide and
Downsize America.
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

B Clinton tries to get H Clinton out from under the Islamic
Radical Doctrine of the bho crew, -well, at least all of the
Division and Divide Part of the Obama Doctrine!!
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

6 years of Interest rates close to zero, 3 $Trillion printed, the
Fed manipulating money to keep interest rates down, …, & you
have got Gov Dependency doubling under Obama & if you
think that is good -just keep voting for Democrats!!!!
Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

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Cartoons that show B Hussein Obama crew uses Islamic Radicalism as Their Key to Divide and Downsize America

Cartoon 10 of 10 shows h Clinton since Benghazi just cowardly hiding from taking a stand on jack-anything.

These are the best cartoonists in the world:  The best stuff is
generally -just because it’s true:
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Mr. B Hussein Obama:  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,
and quacks like a duck -then:
Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

These cartoonists are the best in the world:
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

2015 SOTU
Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Free Speech, Transparency, -No Problem.  If 5 Baptists killed 200
school kids, we would say 5 Baptist Terrorists -creepy that Obama
gives Islamists a free ride:
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

5 days after Islamic Terrorists kill 12 in France -Obama figures
terrorists need some recruiting and planning help:  Does anyone
else not find this just a little bit creepy?!
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Ft Hood was workplace violence, Okla City be-heading was just a
crazy, France slaughter was an unknown terrorist group, …
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

A bit interesting that the left, and Obama never talk about
everyday torture and killing in Africa -but yet Greg Gutfeld
talks about it on both The Five and Red Eye:
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Did you guys know this looney toon was in Canada 1/15/15 and
would not answer any questions on the Keystone Pipeline?
Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

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The Obama Legacy

*France, killing of 12 at Charlie Hebdo magazine.  The world saw millions in France in the streets -including leaders from most European countries and America was a no-show.  One more time -the proof of the legacy of Obama is that he has no spine, a divider, and will never be an American -except in citizenship.
The sorry cowards of Obama and Holder legacy will be one of not being able to say “Islamic Terrorist” -and there is a war going on of Islamic Terrorists to recruit and spread hate and killing -to anyone who does not bow down to their version of the Islamic religion.

  Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the few leaders of the free world with character and understands freedom -and how fragile freedom is.  N Korea, China, Russia, -even Iran -is building subs capable of firing nuclear missiles -as Obama has American military in chaos -and is cutting defense spending -does that really make any sense to any American?

*Obama-Gruber-Care *Food stamps double under Obama *No cost of living increase for those on soc sec for 2 years -never happened in the 25 year history of cola.  Seniors on AARP need to get off of that Obama propaganda.   btw, Pelosi democrats controlled the House & Reid controlled the Senate in 2007 $ 2008 going into the financial meltdown of 2008 -bet you never heard that on cnn, msnbc, or any of the major networks!

*Increase in natl debt at twice the rate of Bush. *Movement of wealth to the top 1% under Obama.  Obama groveling requires outright lying to deny the numbers.

*Sending 5000 military to build tents in Africa?  We could have contracted all of that -with folks that hired to build tents.
*4k boots on the ground in Iraq?  Plus no telling how many support contractors. *No attempt by Obama to keep troops in Iraq -which would have prevented Isis -as requested by military.  Obama lied about any attempts by his crew to get a status of forces agreement. *No attempt by Obama to stop Isis -when we could have.

*Illegals:  why the h don’t you democrats go to the funerals of the 2 sheriff deputies -killed by an illegal that had been deported 4 times?  this was your doing -and jerry brown of calif -inviting all illegals to come to his state -plenty of welfare and education and health money in calif!  You have to admit -deporting this guy 4 times is good for the deportation numbers -even if he was back in America the next day.

*Dems re-elect Al Franken -a weirdo thug who democrats approve because he votes left.

*Gun running.  Obama and holder both openly lied about when and what happened.

*Benghazi  Obama is the only president to choose -getting sleep to prepare for a fund raiser -during an ongoing attack on Americans -spitting in the face of every American soldier in the history of America -this is not what our military stands forThe Benghazi site was never secured for obtaining evidence -to have any hope of knowing what happened and catching those responsible -Obama and the left media are lying to you.

*Hate of Israel.

*Cutting defense spending -at the most dangerous time in American history -esp cyber threat and miniaturization of nuclear weapons by N Korea, Russia, Iran, China, …

*Fox reporter Rosen being stalked by eric holder and the power of the fbi.

*Russian hackers getting into White House computers.

*US depending on Russia to be able to get a rocket into space.

*Economy.  National debt under Obama has gone from 10.6 to 18 $Trillion Dollars in 6 years.  National debt under bush rose 4T in 8 years -clear proof that democrats are lying when they say they are cutting spending. *Top 1% keeps getting richer as Obama gets more and more people dependent on gov checks & the fed has been printing money and keeping interest rates low for 6 years now.

*IRS attacking conservatives with 1 on 1 instruction from the Obama crew -and not going to jail.  2500 condemning emails between the Obama White House and IRS that will be remain hidden by the Obama crew.

*Obama-Gruber-Care.  Hundreds of videos have surfaced showing Gruber was in the white house in the same room with Obama present -deciding the best strategy of lying to get Obama-care into law, was paid $6M plus, more than 20 on record -trips to the white house by Gruber, …  btw, the $6 Million plus was taxpayer money.

*Pelosi and Obama are both on record -on video several times -referring to Gruber as the architect of Obama-care -time and time again.  and you have seen pelosi and Obama lying about who gruber was -it is all a record of fact.

*Obama Grovelers:  defined as those that lie for Obama -to cover up the evil that Obama stands for.

Why does media -except -sometimes the internet and fox, -run endless lies to hide the Obama-care -Gruber ties?  because the videos prove Obama is lying -and in reference to a health care bill that was supposed to be about health care.

*Sony Hacking of Computers.  Remember the protests in the Mideast, -and the Benghazi attack?  And Obama and susan rice lying to America -as to all of that caused by a film.  H Clinton hiding in a closet for 6 months except for making a funeral of those killed in the Benghazi attack -and announcing that America would prosecute the film maker -which they did.  Never mind the film had nothing to do with the Benghazi attack -there was no protest as democrats reported, -the date was 9/11.  Obama and h Clinton are shown to the world to be cowardly and weak, -the whole world sees America as weak and stupid -and Can be Held Hostage Just By a Film, -Or Hacking Computer Data. A real American president would not allow freedom of speech to be compromised -and would handle the task of getting America in the forefront of computer hacking -and the cyber war -Obama chooses to bow down to n Korea, Iran, Russia, china, …, and set the standard of America being weak and stupid.  Obama did promise to transform America, -democrats must be really proud.

America has to get unions out of schools, eliminate summer breaks, and get kids a high school equivalent at 16.  Scholarships should be provided for any kid that can make the grade (no colors or 2000 page democrat bills involved) in science, math, computers, engineering -the tough courses that could get America back into the game of leading the world -instead of kissing putin’s butt, and Iran, and others that promote terrorism -which is the Obama, holder, rice, and jarrett ideology. At the age of 18, every child in America should be drafted for 1 year -no exceptions.  Lo and behold, they could learn some respect for the only country that provided freedom, leadership, opportunity, and hope for the world for 200+ years -instead of the Obama crew and left media propaganda apologizing and ginning up hate for what made America.

The Obama Doctrine:  Everyday a new decree that will cause controversy, chaos, and division -A down-sizing of American power and credibility in the world.  1) To work with Mexican gov and S American governments -to get them voting in America and taking over America in the long run -in exchange for short term gains for the democrat party.  To ignore cells of radical Hispanic, Islam, White,  & other groups -who to plan bring revolution to America.  2)To work with Russia, Assad, and Iran in their killing spree in the Mideast, -and most important -insure Iran keeps on developing nuclear material and weaponry.  3)To work with all gov agencies to assist targeting of Obama enemies -such as using the IRS to get Obama re-elected in 2012.  4)To continue sleeping with Al Sharpton and other hate mongers to promote racial hate in America.


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