Don’t know who republican Walter Jones is -but he is a butt


Jones saying you should sign some form saying you have nothing dark in your past  -is ludicrous  -I would not vote for anyone claiming they are perfect  -not very many of those folks around.

When Trump and Carson -or anyone -doubles down to the leftist America of Political Correctness -and holds their ground  -just really refreshing and new -and gives America some character!

H Clinton spends $ Millions every day -trying to tweak the most pc policy for America -has nothing to do with what is good for America  -everything to do with taking bribes -and going for votes and power.

Not being PC is the reason Trump/Carson will be the next president and vice president  -and Fiorina is next in line.   A killer ticket -in any order -is Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.

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Benghazi -a question for h Clinton, -securing the Benghazi site

I have a question for h Clinton on Benghazi:  Just what coward closet were you hiding in -following the Benghazi attack -as Obama ordered American military to not secure the site -and ordered the FBI to stand down -until there was no evidence left to investigate!?
 A real secretary of state would have went ballistic 24/7 -to get the Obama crew to show some respect for dead Americans and all American soldiers.

A cop shoots a black man in America -and Obama gets the fbi there in hours -but Americans under fire (with the Obama re-election just a few weeks away) and Obama cowardly -stealthy -keeps American military from helping our soldiers and our ambassador.

A real president would have ordered a fast strike team on the site -protected our people -and if American backup did arrive too late -the site would have been under American lock-down -to secure all evidence -and the FBI and/or other forensic investigation would have been on site immediately.

Libya after the Obama war (micro-managed by Obama) to remove Gaddafi put Libya in chaos with no real gov -but Obama is good at lying, hiding, -suffocating the truth.
Once again -h Clinton -why did you have no interest in getting American military to Benghazi?   -No one knew how long the attack would last.

why did you have no interest in securing the site?   How about the family -and all of America -would have at least -the knowledge of what happened?   The Obama crew, h Clinton, -and several top military should have been impeached or fired.

1 day later -no secure site, 2 days later -no secure site, and on and on and on -Obama and h Clinton know how to white-wash the truth -just put it off -use the left media that worship democrats -that hate American soldiers -to ignore Benghazi -what difference does it make? Obama did not secure the site immediately to avoid any escalation of fighting -who gives a damn if we leave behind our soldiers?   Who gives a damn if we can never find out what happened -and who was responsible?

But Obama/biden/h Clinton can celebrate bringing home a deserter -traded for with 5 killers of Americans.  Not that hard to see why democrats don’t want to talk about Benghazi -from every angle -there is cowardice, lying, and cover-up.

Obama wins again -the world sees America as weak and cowardly. and h Clinton/Joe Biden were right there backing up anything their punk Muslim crew dictated was the best path -to win the 2012 election and keep the power -and everything before and after Benghazi to dismantle and dis-credit American military.

h Clinton -lying to the families of the Benghazi dead -should have been enough to be forever recognized as -not having any character or moral fiber.

h Clinton deleting the American gov property -of all gov related tens of thousands of emails -was done to protect Obama and the whole democrat party. Those emails had clear proof of Benghazi lying, Clinton Fund fraud, White House cover-up, -and so on.

h Clinton and all of media are liars.  h Clinton never turned over any emails -she turned over some sort of word documents that were not emails  -so she could destroy all of the forensic evidence that is part of an email dna.

yeah, 1 more question that will not be asked:  h Clinton, why did you hand over 30,000 pages?  Why not just hand over the emails?  No-one gives 1 damn about your personal life, -and you could have deleted the personal emails (as creepy weird as that would be for a mother to delete pictures of her daughter’s wedding)

-why not hand over the real emails?
Who advised you -the only way to destroy forensic digital evidence -was by complete deletion of the emails?

btw, the obama controlled FBI is not gonna release the h clinton emails to anyone -would be very damning to democrats.

btw, the American military is so micro-managed by the bho crew -the killing at a friendly hospital was the Obama normal -so many rules of engagement that American military is running in circles -Obama is there to dismantle American military and make us look small and cowardly.

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How about John Kerry?!

How about j Kerry?! -you have the Obama Muslim crew -surrounded by total clowns -and/or irresponsible worshipers of bho -hard to describe -everyday lying to America and talking non-sense,

-Do any of you really understand a word that Kerry or msnbc or Ash Carter -or any democrat is out there pushing?! -to defend bho right until the end of a world with an America? If anyone out there does not get the picture that I painted years ago -Russia, Iran, Assad, … -are evil players in the world working TOGETHER -and there cannot be trust with American national security  -unless you have no Heart and are playing Blind  ignoring the half million killed, tortured, millions of refugees -in the last few years by these socialist dictator governments.   oh, I see, you have been worshiping with msnbc, aarp, all the networks -not so big on reporting the hell that America/the world -is turning into -under the Obama/democrat weak and stupid America.

If anyone could vote for Clinton after the Russian Re-set Button -you are beyond help.   And there were Benghazi, the sham Clinton foundation, the wiping her server with a cloth smart a comment.
Clinton destroyed her emails because of the ton of incriminating evidence:  including pay for special deals thru the state dept, white house connections to everything such as Benghazi, amnesty for as many illegals as it takes to keep the Hispanic voting for democrats, total sell out to planned parenthood and their bosses making $500,000+ per year, etc.

Who the h are these people that would vote for a democrat?

It’s all about a president that will hire the best staff, get intel, have the best cyber attackers in the world, -and make decisions in the interest of America.  There should never be a presidential debate between republican and democrat -unless their staff is present and are in the debate.

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1   Go ahead and take pay for play.  If you don’t, -you would just be feeding money to your competition -including on the left.
  hell, h Clinton and b Clinton even had a sham charity fund set up for pay for play -for decades.  For decades h Clinton and b Clinton -cutting deals with anyone and everyone -including all of the countries that have killed Americans in the past -and treat women like slaves.

You have to convince the few folks that are not carrying a leftist hate card around -that you have the character and skills to represent America as Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney would.

It is an unfortunate strategy, but one that must be played -to take contributions from one and all.  When the ATTACK ADS start hitting Donald Trump -you will realize that I am right.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on attack ads.  Just add 1 chapter to the Art of the Deal by taking money -and only acting in line with what is good for America.

2    Knock off criticism of conservative opponents -complement your opponent & then explain how you could improve on your opponent’s vision.  You can learn from all of us.

3    The goal to Make America Great is to elect the most qualified candidate -if that candidate is Carly Fiorina -then that is who Donald trump will carry across the finish line.  America is dead in the water with democrat hate America punks running the country -and spitting in the face of every American soldier that ever put on the uniform.  Let’s change that.

4    Don’t put out details of your policy -not smart.  Details that were true one week will not be true the next week -the world is a dynamic place -duhh.  The clown -not a good adjective -but Rubio will say anything to get elected -kinda like bho.  Rubio would keep on with the bho/Mexican gov ties to hand America over to Mexico and S American countries.

Trump would put tariffs and fines on Mexico for every illegal they push over the border -and get rid of the Rubio/Jeb Bush sanctuary cities.

Fiorina was all into detail saying America would increase our naval fleets with the same old ships from 1940!  That was stupid -a ship is the most vulnerable piece of military hardware possible -as proven by a row boat sinking an American destroyer (USS Cole).  Iran, Russia, China, …, -have working missiles/torpedos/mines -that will knock holes in any ships -sailors are killed or in the water -Americans are so stupid.

It’s all about a president that will hire the best staff, get intel, have the best cyber attackers in the world, -and make decisions in the interest of America.

btw, how about j Kerry -you have the Obama Muslim crew -surrounded by total clowns or just irresponsible worshipers of bho -hard to describe -everyday lying to America and talking non-sense,  -Do any of you really understand a word that Kerry or msnbc or Ash Carter -or any democrat is out there pushing?! -to defend bho right until the end of a world with an America?

5   oh yeah, -use a damn teleprompter, chalkboard, computer, notepad, -a great asset to speak without prompters -but the point is to speak the truth -and make good decisions.

It’s all about a president that will hire the best staff, get intel, have the best cyber attackers in the world, -and make decisions in the interest of America.  There should never be a presidential debate between republican and democrat -unless their staff is present and are in the debate.

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Keystone Pipeline proves h Clinton and Obama are haters of Jobs, America, Freedom, Energy Independence, ….

Keystone Pipeline proves h Clinton and Obama are haters of Jobs, America, Freedom, Energy Independence, ….

Your retirement pension is vulnerable to big losses -as are American jobs -because of the hate America decisions by Obama and h Clinton, -such as the lies to stop the Keystone Pipeline.

Plenty of obvious hate-America by socialist haters of life:  Obama, h Clinton, Biden,
-what is happening today was so avoidable.

America is a puppet to Saudi Arabia oil pricing -Saudi Arabia controls oil pricing. All could have changed if Obama had approved the h Clinton state dept approval -of the Keystone Pipeline a few years ago.

The safe movement of crude oil for American and Canadian oil would have helped Canada and America directly -and given America the keys to exporting crude -when needed to take away the pricing of oil by Saudi Arabia.

The Obama/h Clinton state dept advised a few years ago that the Keystone Pipeline exhibited no threat to the environment -in fact, a pipeline is hundreds of times safer than rail or truck.

h Clinton took pay for play -to jump out with being against the Keystone Pipeline -is anyone surprised?!  Not to mention Biden will soon jump in the race and h Clinton will be last -behind the other 2 socialist haters of life.  Socialist dictators Putin, Iran, and Syria have killed hundreds of thousands in the last few years -and are the reason for the millions of refugees -a direct result of the continuing Obama, Biden, and h Clinton support for socialist dictators.

Just 1 more example of unions proving they care more about power -than the workers.  Unions know the Keystone provides jobs now -and from now on -that’s what an energy policy does for you.  But the union bosses control their lock-step puppet democrats.  Ford building a car plant in Mexico.  Mexico and Obama helping millions of Hispanic get into America -and with a democrat president -provide the path for sanctuary cities, taking jobs, keeping birth laws that will assure the flood of Hispanics will keep coming -no matter how many walls that you build.  Hell -taking jobs -democrats have pushed Hispanic into taking over America, -just do the math.

gotta run,  JayR

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The Constitution should be amended to exclude Muslims from gov office!

The Constitution should be amended to exclude Muslims from gov office!

Really weird that all the news media, -including Fox -knows Obama is a Christian!!
Just how is it that media folks know what is in Obama’s heart?!  If someone wanted to judge the faith of someone -the only way to do that -is to look at their track record.

The Obama track record again and again (-see my earlier posts) proves Obama hates Christians, -and then you add the $150 Billion to Iran -and support and cover for Iran to keep on building a nuclear arsenal, -and Muslim ties and appointments like Valerie Jarrett.
The Obama hate for Christians was made crystal clear when 20 Christians had their heads cut off & Obama responds without mentioning the 20 victims were all Christians.  Obama can’t even say radical Islamic terrorists.  Is Obama a Muslim!?  -h. that is not the real question, -radical Islamic punk is closer to the truth -Obama is a proven traitor to America!!  The Obama crew scoffs at the republicans and democrats and media -that put political correct and ignorance ahead of national security.
Benghazi was about Americans under fire -and Obama did not give a green light to do what had to be done to protect our people -Obama got 4 Americans killed to protect his Libyan Muslim brothers from the American military -and push the narrative that al Qaeda was dead -and get himself re-elected.
Trading 5 terrorists for a deserter, -and Obama making some kind of Islamic celebration out of it at the White House  -no president in the history of America has spent so much effort on spitting in the face of the American soldier.
And all the news media piling on all swearing Obama to be a Christian  -there is zero evidence that bho is a Christian.  And plenty of evidence to show Obama to be a radical Islamic punk.

If the book that Muslims believe in demands the killing of all who don’t worship their religion  -than clearly  -as in CLEARLY -the Constitution must be amended to exclude Muslims from gov office.  We just need clarification on which handbook the Muslim among us are using -I suspect it is way too late for the world -the Muslim refugees are flooding so many countries.  It is only right to help refugees that are on your team -but Muslims need to clear up if they are on the side of an evil Islamic religion -or a religion that condemns terrorist groups.

Of course, illegal Hispanic flooding America have already taken over America -the controls, judges, lawyers, sanctuary cities -already in place -are too strong to stop.  A fence does not stop the Hispanic, Mexican gov, drug cartels, Obama, -from flooding America and taking over.  Only changes in laws -starting with the half million/year anchor babies -will slow down the conversion.  Please refer to my other posts, -or just common sense -you won’t get any truth or vision from media.

Someone needs to find out which handbook the Muslim is using today!!

I dare media to ask bho which Muslim handbook he is operating under -the one that kills anyone with an objection -or if there really is a Muslim playbook with instructions to love your neighbor.

Seems reasonable to ask the Muslims in America -how many believe certain groups (Isis, Al Qaeda, Iran backed terrorists, other terrorist groups) -are justified -with killing men, women, and kids -to grow their religion?!

And which side they would be on if America goes to war with Iran?  Also, -not a bad question for bho.

I’ll be damned if the Constitution intended for a group (Muslim, Islam, or just some dumb punk getting on-line and deciding that hate and killing will get him a ticket to Heaven) that is rooting for some really evil players in the world -should be allowed to hold gov office in America.

see ya, too bad 99% of media is too lazy -and lacks the common sense to discuss -or Heaven forbid -research the truth!  or maybe at least give BOTH sides of a story!!!!

The whole bho thing, -as I have pointed out from day 1 -is to shock and divide -everyday -for 8 years, -I would not be surprised if obama gives the Pope some lecturing on fixing humanity.

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No-one gives a darn if bho is Muslem or not!!

No-one gives a darn if bho is Muslem or not -the question is -does the Obama track record prove Obama is a divider, a hater of America, -and has bho operated as an Islamic radical punk -in his unbelievable bowing down to anything Putin, Iran, and Assad has wanted.

Interesting how the media always avoids the important issues -by deflecting to non-sense.  This is not about Obama being a Muslem, -it’s about the track record of bho piling up 6.5 years of hate America tv, policy, strategy, hate cops, hate tea party, hate Christians,  -which is easily explained by Obama being an Islamic radical punk.

Which makes it really hard for Donald Trump to truthfully get into this issue  -America was not designed for a sitting president -to be a traitor to America.

Any real American would be furious over bho watching Iran leaders burn American flags and then obama comes running over to kiss their butts signing a free pass to $150 Billion  and a nuclear arsenal.  It is as if the country of America is being held hostage to Obama and the power of the media -which is 90% leftist haters of America.

In 1942 someone burning an American flag would very well earn the wrath of an America that was losing hundreds of thousands of soldiers -for that flag and what it stood for -not that you sorry bastards give a damn.

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Obama is a Radical Islamic Punk

As if Fox, or h clinton, or anyone in media -could look into obama’s heart to see what he really believes.   But we do know the bho track record for 6.5 years -and the record only points 1 direction -we better pray the American military is ready to take over if and when the time comes.

Obama proves he is a radical Islamic punk -every day -on every issue.
20 years of rev wright, not helping americans under fire at Benghazi, the Obama Libya war, turning loose one of his Islamic brothers  -the deserter that should have a bullet put in his eye.

Obama has been kissing Putin, Iran, Assad’s butt since day 1  -obvious to everyone.  Why did bho not make ANY attempt to stop Isis from growing as they were taking over half of Iraq??!!

Why was obama unable to say the word Christian -when several Christians had their heads cut off -specifically for being Christian  -there could only be 1 reason -hussein obama is a radical islamic punk.

Some other words bho can’t say are “radical Islamic” or “radical Muslem” -which clearly defines those responsible for the evil on humanity -which is spreading thru the world -thanks to Obama and his democrat worshipers.

Why did Obama look the other way as Christians are slaughtered by Isis -and women turned into slaves?  Obama is a helluva lot more radical islamic punk than black, or American, or Union, -or even have any care for life.

Removal of defensive missiles at Poland, representing America as a lying coward after drawing a line in Syria -and turning over chemical inspections to Russia -Assad is simply a killing agent for Russia and Iran.

Having Al Sharpton as one of Obama’s top advisors and friends -no more proof necessary to prove obama is a racial hate monger.  Of course there was 20 years as Rev Wright as the Obama mentor, and sending Holder and 100 FBI to Ferguson to rally up some hate -knowing the facts showed a bully and drug user -assaulted a police officer.  Any gov leader (most democrats) that does not have a strong back for our police is a punk trying to stir up some hate.

Protecting sanctuary cities -obama, Biden, h Clinton -all have no morals and no character and no common sense -it’s mainly power seeking thru gov controls and regulations and the worship by democrats -of left media propaganda hiding the truth.

There is no one with any common sense -that would accept a nuclear deal with Iran -that would even go to the table with a country burning the American Flag and yelling death to America.  Obama, h clinton, every democrat -and a few republicans spit in the face of every American soldier -and the media -including Fox -is going wild over a non-comment by Donald Trump.  Supposed to speak conservative -the “Five” is as lame as a dead cat -it’s not about legal citizenship or what country someone is from -it’s about being an American -
ALL those values of Freedom and love of country and family -that democrats -and many republicans don’t have in their heart.  Any
American looking at the nuclear treaty and side deals that no American will ever see  -is a freaking TRAITOR to America if you side with obama and democrats -and let me be pc -obama is a traitor to America.

Did anyone in media point out bho is backing with $150B and a nuclear arsenal for Iran in exchange for this bogus treaty??  Did the “Five” point that out?

Einther bho is an islamic radical punk -or the biggest hater of life in the history of the world.

as if Fox, or h clinton, or anyone in media could look into obama’s heart to see what he really believes.   But we do know the bho track record:  -kissing the butt of Putin, assad, and iran since day 1.  The track record of bho proves obama to be an islamic radical punk -who will lie any lie, play any hate card, -to divide America and turn America into a turmoil of revolution making Syria look like summer camp.

Obama lives for a gov shut-down -that is the Necromonger way -a term used in a Riddick movie -the Necromongers were all into gov control of all citizens -just as Obama and the 2015 democrats.  Any lie to gain power is the Obama way, -any hate card, -any executive order, -any tv appearance -Obama is here to divide.

If Fox was a worthy conservative network -or if there were any real reporting going on -they would be checking out reports of Obama appointments -such as:
John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia. Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still liveHillary Clinton’s top advisor, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are involved in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan is a Muslim.  Homeland Security Advisor Mohammed Elibiary is a Muslim.  Obama advisor and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Marayati is a Muslim. Obama’s Sharia Czar, Imam Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North America is a Muslim.  Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighbor-hood Partnerships, Eboo Patel is a Muslim.  CIA director John Brennan took his oath on a copy of the Constitution, -not a Bible.  Congressman Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Qur’an. Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and his minions are systematically destroying our nation, supporting radical Muslim groups worldwide, opening our southern border, and turning a blind eye to the genocide being perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle East.

gotta run, JayR


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Obama says Climate Change created all the Refugees in Europe!!!!

Obama, H Clinton, J Biden, J Kerry   -say Climate Change created the refugees in Europe!!  and is the most critical threat to the world.

Women, children, -so many dying in Europe trying to escape socialist dictator countries & Obama is in Alaska blaming climate change for all the problems of the world.

For all of the democrat so-called solutions to climate change -there would not be so much as 1% less air or water pollution.  China, India, Russia, -have taken over the lead as to who is putting junk into the environment.  If you don’t address the countries causing the problem -you are the problem -barack Obama.  The attack by Obama and democrats -using regulations and bribes -costs America jobs and $Billions of dollars -and higher electricity rates which raises the cost of all goods.  A real American president would be focused on research and solutions that are good for America and the world.

A real American president would have an energy policy that looks at all of our choices -and make decisions that utilize American resources.

The refugee crisis is far more critical to the security of America than climate change by a factor of maybe a zillion.
Of course, Obama created the millions of refugees in the Mideast region by supporting and backing Putin, Assad, and Iran.  Obama is clearly a traitor to America -and the most evil force in the history of the world.  Obama taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees -most of which hate America -is just one more step to the end of America.   Normally refugees can be the salt of the earth -but the majority of these are Islamic radicals that will kill Americans upon being housed in America.

If democrats cared about climate change -they would be talking solutions -not just running thru the theatre yelling fire!  If they cared 1 damn about climate change -you would see treaties that slow down the building of coal plants by India and China -India and China are building coal plants at an average rate exceeding 6 new coal plants each month!!

Democrats would be talking about how every coal plant requires several train loads of coal each week to produce electricity.   Just where are the Obama/democrat stats on who is building coal plants & the impact of these new coal plants?

Interesting -G Soros -that contributes to -and controls -so many democrats -while buying stock in coal companies.

A whole lot more important to life in the world -than climate change:
The leadership by Obama, holder, rice, jarrett, Kerry, Clinton, etc -has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, millions of refugees with no home or hope -all to push their agenda of closing Gitmo, spitting in the face of all American soldiers, trading killers of American soldiers for a deserter -and even bragging about it, causing cop killing in America, setting convicted felons free to run drugs and kill again,

-Democrats -all for power and making America weak -and the world suffers and turns into the most evil time in the history of man -all because America is not there to lead the world.   Obama gets his Iran deal approved by the UN without the Congress, Senate, or American People having any say  -is this Democrat leadership wanting the UN to be the boss of America -really what you want?! 

On every major issue -the Obama crew has used shock and hate cards -every day -to make America weak and vulnerable to takeover, revolution, and destruction.

Obama is working with the Mexican gov  -to import Hispanic into America.  Mexico has already taken over America -Mexico has 20% of the American voting population in 2015 -which is plenty to control the future of America -“We just want to work and raise our families, change the American language to Spanish, and make America look like Mexico with poverty and drug cartels running all of the government.

Turning America over to Mexico will not have a good ending  -the Hispanic moving in for free citizenship, half a million anchor babies being born to illegals every year, free education, free healthcare, free whatever.


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DEMOCRATS ARE COP KILLERS & 400,000/year babies born to Illegals

DEMOCRATS ARE COP KILLERS.  Proof:  The Democrat party announces a declaration of backing and approval for the “Black Lives Matter” group -that encourages the killing of cops.

The Black Lives Matter group are a slime on humanity -out singing slogans of hate against cops, -one slogan was the same slogan written by the killer of the assassinated 2 cops in NYC.

Yeah, out singing slogans to encourage the killing of cops -the next day after the Deputy in Texas was shot in the back of the head while putting gas in his patrol car & then the killer shot him in the back 15 more times -while he lay on the ground.

Yeah, some of these killers are mentally weak individuals  -but the tipping point has been provided  -by the Obama crew, h Clinton, -all Democrats  -you are what you are. Yeah, the sharp rise in cop killings since Obama took office is no accident  -the Obama crew has relentlessly played several hate cards since day 1 -& Obama is quite good at it.  Of course, how hard can it be? -when 90% of media will write any lie to support leftist hate.

The “Hands up, don’t shoot” protesters are slime on the human race -they are protesting a lie that did not happen.  What happened was a punk and bully and drug user -messed up trying to take a weapon from a police officer and got himself killed.  Obama knew that -and still sent half of the FBI to Ferguson -all for political gain -to stir up hate in America -to push for revolution in America.

2)  Illegals.  To stop illegals is easy -and common sense: 1)  You eliminate the free citizenship for the half million babies being born each year to illegal Hispanics.  You can’t stop the Anchor Babies without getting rid of the law.
2)   You can’t stop illegal Hispanic from coming into America -until you put huge penalties on the Mexican government -the Mexican gov and Obama democrats are working hand in hand in the placing of illegals all over America -to take over America.
It’s already way too late to stop the taking over of America by the Hispanic illegals -as evidenced by the sanctuary cities that laugh at the federal laws on deporting illegals.

Democrats love their illegal anchor babies -as Hispanic are up to 20% of the voting population in America in 2015 -and are easily -the fastest growing segment of voters.  Democrats could elect a rabid skunk in 2016 -for president, because of the well-played hate cards of illegal Hispanic, so called women rights (while kissing Putin and Iran and Assad’s butt).  Putin has killed several thousand women in just Ukraine, -helped to kill -with Iran’s help -over 200,000 men and women and kids in Syria.  The h Clinton charity fund has cut deals for cash with every known country that commonly everyday sells women into slavery -yet Democrats still vote for low-life spineless haters of life like Biden, Obama, Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, John Kerry, etc.

Does anyone really think the Mexican gov should not be building this fence on the border -0n their side of the border -at their cost?!  And paying a $100,000 fine for every illegal found in America.

And that $100,000 fine be per year -if any illegal is not accepted back into Mexico within 24 hours.  And the fine doubles for any re-entry into America.

Change the laws first and elect Donald Trump -and you won’t even need a wall.

Trump is the only candidate, the only politician -that has enough of a spine to stand up to the cartel run corrupt Mexican government -who just ran a phony jail break to free El Chapo.  Which is the reason the Hispanic need to take over America -they have ruined every country they have lived in -with socialist, corrupt gov -ran by drug cartels.

and, as the Hispanic take over America -they are hateful smart a’s about it all -demanding citizenship, health care, education, interpreters,  -and speaking in Spanish bashing those around them that don’t speak Spanish.

-because the Hispanic have already taken over -there is no way to stop the judges, lawyers, sanctuary cities -set up mainly by Obama and democrats  -that power the importing of Hispanic -to make sure democrats win every election for the future.

-of course democrats don’t have to win that many elections anymore  -Mexico has all the power  -democrats do anything for winning votes -including giving America away.

You won’t see 500,000 anchor babies/year -or any stat on the number of anchor babies being discussed a whole lot  -on msnbc -or any network  -those kinds of stats are hidden.  The stats produced by the left will be lies -just check the illegal birth rate in the main “hospitals for illegals” in Texas or California.

Democrats can’t win elections without promising to the Mexican gov and all Hispanics -that they get control of America.  With 20% of the voting population in 2015 -just how many more Hispanic will it take to make America a Spanish speaking country -with an open border to the south?  Hispanics have a track record to turn countries into corrupt governments controlled by drug cartels.

Charge Mexico $100,000 per illegal to cover just some of costs to America -for all the crime, free jail, free health care, free legal representation, free education, free interpreters, drug dealing, border patrol, legal fees, judges, lawyers, and on and on.

3)  Change the law to eliminate all the free education, health care, rights to sue, …, -for illegals.  You stop being a puppet for Mexico -& require Mexico to stop all illegals -or tariffs will be attached to all products being imported from Mexico.

Mexico would have to pay $100,000 for every illegal found in America -to cover part of the costs of jails, lawyers, court time, housing, medical care, …

4)  You require Mexico to immediately -same day service -to take back illegals -and Mexico take care of the ones that are ill.

5)  Strong federal law must be enacted -and any sanctuary city official that violates the federal law -goes to jail with minimum sentences.

6)  Mexico and Obama have co-ordinated every anchor baby -and every illegal  -for 7 years now.

7)  Any illegal that comes back to America after being deported -will face a minimum jail time -and if the jail time has to be in America -then Mexico will pay for it at the rate of $100,000/year -to cover part of America’s cost of jails, lawyers, court time, and loss of life of innocent families that have been killed by illegals.

No Hispanic is allowed into America until there are equal numbers of other immigrants coming from other countries -the Mideast has several million refugees with nothing -they would be immigrants that would appreciate and respect America -unlike the Obama imports for democrat votes. Drug laws in America have got to change -to end the insanity of drugs warping America into a worthless bunch of haters of life (democrat voters). -just cross the border and take over America -no big deal -it’s the politically correct thing to do, -you can even rape and murder -and be set free -with the Obama/Biden/h Clinton judges and lawyers.  If that is your game -vote for the democrats.

America has NO NATIONAL SECURITY, -democrats have led the way for an agreement with Iran to give Iran Hundreds of $ Billions of dollars -to kill Americans.  If that is your game -vote for the democrats.

How about a president that will not sleep with the Mexican president -to bring in illegals -for shock, controversy, -and in the case of democrats -All for winning elections, –as if Obama and h Clinton gave a damn about the Hispanic -or the Black.  Just check out the jobs, the crime rates, the lying by left democrat media just to cause revolution in America -and the hating of police

-so much easier to have a revolution and Isis attacks -if the police are not able to respond -due to having to pay for a lawyer to go with them when they stop a person for a traffic ticket.

kinda reminds one of the Iraq war, with all the hate spread out by the left (democrats) -to show the American soldier as the bad guy -torturing prisoners and so forth.  Democrats play the hate card quite well. American military under democrats, bho, h Clinton, j Kerry, Biden:  -no American soldier during the Iraq war was allowed to do his job -due to left democrat media claiming war crimes were being committed by American soldiers.  If that is your game -vote for the democrats.

Assassinations by illegals.  btw, I look for the assassination of Donald Trump -just as JFK and Bobby Kennedy were killed by illegals.  Well, Oswald had made a trip to Russia & was on record trying to get to Cuba -so Oswald had motive.  And Sirhan was a Palestinian illegal who needed to get rid of B Kennedy -for his strong support of Israel.

[[TV reporter killed on live TV.  Killer of reporter and camera man in LA on national tv. Obvious race hate motivated.  In a reply to m:  In the shooter’s own words, along with a ton of other evidence: Flanagan said he was being hated for being gay -and being black -makes this a hate crime.

Fits perfect with the Obama/democrat hate cards that continue to trip the mentally weak -to kill people.     -good job democrats.
Flanagan Never would have shot a young, good looking black girl and her black friend -and a black person being interviewed  -Never would have happened, but m and msnbc  strive for their warped bs of politically correct lying.

In a ranting note -sent to ABC News before his death, Flanagan blamed his misery on black men and white women -and said he was “somewhat racist against whites, blacks, and latinos”.   Which brings up the point -why is Black on Black crime not a racial hate crime?  Because it’s not convenient for the democrat party.

And a 2nd point  -why ABC News?  Because the left media is where Flanagan got his fuel for hate.

mho, J Richardson


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