Germany has the most strict gun laws in the world, -don’t even have concealed carry permits!!

Only fitting obama and Mexican president are meeting a lot!!

Bet media will not ask obama about the $60 Billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico!!  If hussein obama was so tight with the mexican president –then why did the jerk leave our Marine veteran in Mexican prisons for 6 months for making a wrong turn?

The left media (democrats) love the technique of bashing, chaos, and shock –and democrats really show no care about the killing and suffering in the world. Not that republicans are without blame, -but republicans are not pushing climate change as the biggest problem the world is facing -the same day as Orlando, san Bernardino, ft hood, Boston, recent airport in Turkey, 9-11, Benghazi, –and all the other Islamic terrorist attacks around the world. Democrats have every day claimed any one opposed to Obama/hClinton was a racist -anything for power and votes.

The leaders in America and the population FORGET from one day to the next –the lies and evil that is taking the world over. You don’t have open borders and end up with a free country. There is an obvious difference between coming to America to make a better life for your family -and coming to America to burn the American flag and support haters of America -such as Obama did for 20 years in Church with rev Wright.

You can have open borders –for example –America -if people coming in want to be Americans –many Hispanic are coming in to speak Spanish, wave Mexican flags, and give the finger to anyone that dares to interfere.

Every country the Hispanic is leaving -is a socialist dictator country –some worse than others –such as Cuba, Mexico, brazil, Venezuela –and that is all many Hispanic want in America -more of the Obama/hClinton socialism.  Socialism is just a name for evil dictator gov control of citizens –and ends badly in all of history.

[Obama/hClinton defends open borders for the Hispanic –for votes and power -really obvious.  Such a tragedy -America being given to the Mexican gov and the drug cartels –all for democrats to win elections.   Of course the Mexican gov does not want Trump getting elected and interfering with the Mexican gov takeover of America -how dare America stop importing people to select cities to control the electoral college -voting for president?   how dare America interfere with the annual $60 Billion of trade deficit with Mexico?!  how many of you even know there is a $60 Billion dollar annual trade deficit with Mexico?!   silence.   There is also a $400 Billion annual trade deficit with China.  silence.

Every democrat, person in media, anyone –supporting the importing of un-vetted refugees who are of the Islamic religion faith –without knowing which ones believe in the caliphate, jihad, and Sharia law   –are just as evil as the shooter in Orlando -or the Islamic terrorists that carried out 9-11, or the Islamic terrorist attacks all over the world –every day.  The Islamic religion that believes in the caliphate, jihad, and Sharia law  –are just one quack imam in a mosque –or one internet video away –from stabbing a neighbor in the back, killing kids in a school, or blowing up 50 shoppers in a mall.


Melania copied Michelle? Anyone can hire a speech writer -MELANIA ACTUALLY REALLY DOES LOVE AMERICA!!!!

Melania copied Michelle? Anyone can hire a speech writer -MELANIA ACTUALLY REALLY DOES LOVE AMERICA!!!!

Michelle Obama is the one -who right after Obama was elected -said this is the first time that I have not been ashamed to be an American -now who would you believe as having a Great Love for America?
Michelle and Barack Obama have spent almost 8 years in full rev wright hate America mode -tearing America down, dividing America, hate of cops, supporting Islamic terrorism, pushing racism with every means possible -esp biased racist judge and jury for every phone video that pops up -and the bho batting avg so far is zero right & 6 wrong!

Bho/hClinton/cnn/msnbc/media  -is pissing and craping on themselves to hide from the bho/hClinton/jKerry record for the last 8 years  -yell about anything -but real issues and who is responsible for the hate -and killing -and divide in America and the world!!

Memorial Day 2016 -supporting hClinton or bSanders -is to spit in the face of the American Soldier

First, only a few good Americans have a clue what Memorial Day means anymore -for sure the spoiled pc punks behind hClinton and bSanders are clueless.
The only way America can be turned around is a Draft -every beating heart gets drafted -no exceptions -one year of active duty service -including 8 weeks of basic training -including KP.  After the basic duty 8 weeks, the individual can choose a non-combat role -or try to get into a combat role.  Combat roles being entirely dependent on the mission commanders deciding who they want to fight -completely free of punks like bho and hClinton -that want the American military to be filled on pc hate card quotas -instead of ability.
Military Service would eliminate ptsd, as your friends and neighbors will have been thru some of the same battles that you went thru -which is why Israel -has a capable military and a strong country.

Very racist that Black support Democrats after all the damning track record of hate America acts -including teaching the Black community to hate cops, Black unemployment to go up under 8 years of bho, importing of Muslims with no vetting process, Benghazi Americans under attack -and the Obama response was a shell game with American assets -with no help ever intended for those Americans, trading 5 terrorists for a deserter, surrender of a naval vessel to Iran, ….  Surrender of a naval vessel to Iran is typical of Democrats -if a US fighting force is in harm’s way -surrender should not be an option -or you have no American Military.

Hispanic all into “How dare you not have open borders, free citizenship birther law for illegals (the dumbest law on the books, -eliminate this insane law & you don’t even have to build a fence!),
“How dare you not let Mexico continue taking over America with the Democrat Open Border Policy?!”, how dare you break up families? -never mind that we Hispanic send hundreds of thousands of kids over into America without family -for the sole purpose of bringing to America all of their families.  and on and on.
“How dare you take away the rights of illegals to free citizenship, an interpreter, free education, free healthcare, free police protection, …?!”

Barring a nuclear war, -the Hispanic takeover of America is a done deal  -Hispanic make up 20% of the vote in America in 2015 and that will grow to close to 30% by Nov of 2016.  The Hispanic love the idea of Democrats giving up America to Mexico -which is insane -Hispanic have ruined every country south of Texas, & now control enough Democrats to make America look like Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, ….

You ask what is wrong with Mexico?  nothing, but the most corrupt and feared police on the planet -one of the most corrupt socialist dictator governments, and several drug cartels that are as evil as Isis.
Hispanic have the nerve -to choose America to live & then come here as illegals -demanding their rights
-most not coming to be an American -but coming to be a Hispanic taking over America.

And then you have the clueless pc White American punk -never in the military, -never really had a job, -but thinks a socialist dictatorship under hClinton or bSanders is the way to go.  Of course I did just describe barackObama.

hClinton and bSanders are for socialist dictatorship government -gov with its controls into everything.  This is exactly what American Soldiers have fought against in every conflict -makes no difference if Russia/Iran/Syria alliance -or Isis -or al Qaeda -or all those African tribes -has a lot of Muslim Islamic Terrorists -it’s still socialist dictator governments running things.
Of course, the Muslim Islamic can turn on a dime and believe in the caliphate -and randomly start killing un-armed people.

Memorial Day 2016 -supporting hClinton or bSanders -is to spit in the face of the American Soldier

Golden State is the better team, but Okc hard work almost won the game!!

Golden State made 21/44 3 point shots while Okc made 3/23 3-point shots, makes one wonder why Okc did not lose by 20 points!

GSW is the better team -but the hard work of Okc has got them to within one game of beating one of the greatest teams to play the game.  I don’t think -playing harder than Golden State -can work in game 7 back in Oakland  -the odds makers will have Golden State at about a 90% chance of winning!

Democrats and left media are such liars about min wage

Democrats and left media are such liars about min wage  -such as calif passing $15 min wage.   yeah, well it stretches out to 2022 before it gets to 15 -does media point out the plan takes 7 years?

Mexico will have taken over America by then -and/or civil wars -created by open borders, sanctuary cities, lawless gangs, spoiled white, black, and Hispanic punks with no job, ….   Civil wars all over -with an impact much worse than the Obama supported evil of the Russia/Iran/Assad alliance -that killed 250,000 in Syria and created a million plus refugees -all to spread chaos/hate in the world.  Obama is a master of spreading hate/chaos, and hClinton/bSanders -and most democrats were there every day supporting this policy like the worst kind of anti-life anti-America cult.

And to m, -all carrying on about people need a living wage  -what crap.  Walmart and McDonald’s were never intended to be the final stop for a place to earn a living for a family  –but it is for democrats   -so they can control citizens with unions and gov handouts -it’s called socialism.

The truth is a problem -when you have a Lovefest of husseinObama policies by bSanders and hClinton

N Korea and Iran are developing nuclear weapon arsenals -while husseinObama has American military weak, careless, vulnerable, -and in harm’s way -and American cities are not that far from nuclear attack -one clear threat is the first attack will be from a bought nuclear bomb.

hClinton/bSanders have no right to be on an American ballot:  the hclinton bSanders promises of not exporting any illegals –and to carry on what the hell it was Obama was giving the Black community (unemployment -and killing each other -and drumming up hate for cops).

hClinton to never again to get one damn dime for her or bill speaking to wall street -or Saudi Arabia -or anywhere.  The end of the Pay for Play Clinton foundation -which has been a sham 100’s of times worse than anything Madoff ever did.

A Trump victory could end the anti-American democrat party Iran deal, sanctuary cities, corrupt Lois Lerner IRS, importing of tens of thousands of Muslims with no vetting process, Benghazi hate of the American Soldier, sending our military men out with no rules of engagement resulting in our Navy being humiliated by Iranian punks, , these were all a direct result of Obama/hClilnton/Jkerry policy.

husseinObama hope and change?  NO!  More like 8 years of husseinObama Divide and Hate.

btw, hObama had the House (Pelosi) and the Senate (Reid) the last 2 years of Bush -plus Obama’s Fst 2 years of the Obama presidency -Democrats could have passed anything and everything –Democrats did not bring up immigration once -fixing immigration lawsImmigration Laws has been and always will be used as a tool to manipulate the Hispanic vote to vote for democrats.


Obama, hClinton, and bSanders spit on the Right of Free Speech -and pay for Planned Taunting and Violence at Trump Rallies

America will look like Syria before 2017.

Of course, no one points out the Obama white house is having high fives all around:  8 years of Obama everyday thinking of new ways to cause chaos, to divide, to play the hate card on gay marriage, to guide the IRS to attack conservatives to win an election, to promise illegals the right to take over America, to appoint 2 hack leftists to the supreme court, hate police, everyday promotion of racism in america, importing of Muslims with no vetting process, being a traitor to America and all of life with this Iran nuclear deal, Benghazi, trading 5 terrorists for a punk deserter, and on and on,  -ALL to make America weak and in revolution.

Mexico has won.  The democrats Obama, hClinton, bSanders -ALL are sworn to never deporting anyone, to fund sanctuary cities, to make damn sure Mexico takes over America with ALL of their combined evil of corrupt gov, drug cartels, and using all means possible to take advantage of stupid American laws such as the birth right to citizenship -which should never be allowed to an illegal -and then you don’t need a wall anymore.

Mexico is responsible for illegals -Mexico should be fined $100,000 for any illegal and should build their own wall on the Mexican side. Of course the Mexican gov and Illegals are throwing a tantrum -their right to take over America is being questioned by Conservatives.   The reason the Mexican gov, many Hispanic -went ballistic over trump -was the nerve of someone to try to slow the Mexican takeover of America -which is stupid on their part  -since they have the democrats hClinton and bSanders sworn to never deport anyone.

Kasich is a good American, but does not call out Obama for the dividing punk that he is.  Rubio and Cruz would make great presidents, Trump would make a great prez -but not so sure he can win in the general election -the anti-American left media would write hate of God -before they allowed trump to win.  The best President choice -and debater -and American -is Mike Huckabee.  The 2nd best choice is Carly Fiorina -and would be so refreshing to see Carly every day putting out the truth on the evil hClinton has done in America, in the world.

Trump takes down Pope, -God Is Next -will Trump win the One on One –with the Big Guy?

Trump is right, -Biblical Right, -on building walls and securing the Border. Of course all of Mexico, Central & S America, Hispanics in America  -All love taking over America -and get pissed at anyone that has the nerve to get in their way   -boo hoo  -need to be with my family  –then grow a spine and become an American -instead of a Hispanic looking to take over America.

All education, governments at every level, judges at every level –All favor the open border and Hispanics taking over America.  With the Hispanic vote being 20% of the population in 2015 –they already control the vote.  Hispanics are the fastest growing voting block in America  -their religion is big on no birth control and no abortions.

HClinton and democrats promise $Billions for sanctuary cities, to make voting citizens out of all illegals –ALL to gain Power for Democrats.  What democrats will eventually find is when Hispanics have control -America will end up looking like Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and so on (poverty, corruption, no justice, no law, …).

Mexico and all S American countries are unbelievable beautiful -with better climates than America -and they head to America because they have destroyed their own countries with b sanders and h Clinton socialism, with drug cartels that kill out families, with police and government that kill out families  -Hispanics don’t want Mexico because they destroyed Mexico  –and now it is the Right of the Hispanic to take over America -deal with it!!!!

But unless Trump finds the character and strength of humility,  -Trump cannot be the next President.  Trump should apologize to the Hispanic for making remarks that sounded wrong -I don’t care if they were exactly right or wrong -the interpretation is wrong. Trump should apologize to the Bush Family -it has nothing to do with the fact Jeb can’t debate with a frog  -the Bush family are some of the Greatest Americans and most honest Americans in the history of America.

God says Trump should learn the character and strength of humility -no matter what the outcome of the prez race.

btw, it’s not the wall, it’s changing the law  -illegals having children in America should not equal citizenship.  This is the reason illegals come to America & changing the laws  -is Only Way to stop illegals from crossing the border.   All the laws in regard to education, free stuff, health care, rights as citizens  -have to be fixed.

And Mexico should be expected to stop illegals  -and for every illegal in America -Mexico should be paying some penalty, tax, tariff,  -Mexico should be paying $60,000 for every illegal –with the money given to that family to be used to settle in Mexico -instead of coming to America and mocking Americans that don’t care to speak Spanish.

Mexico/all of S America could be paying to keep their citizens at home -instead of seeking control of America  -but WTH -democrats in America have guaranteed America will pay you to come in and take over  -well, it’s already way too late to stop it.

Thank you,  God  2/18/16

Tim Cook is lying and should be thrown in jail -for getting Americans killed by Muslim Islamic punks

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook opposes a demand from a U.S. judge to help the FBI break into an iPhone recovered from one of the San Bernardino shooters.

ALL, AS IN ALL -Tim Cook has to do -is to recover all the data on that phone and give it to the FBI  -no secret codes to get into an iPhone,   -no key to the universe given up by iPhone.   Apple –in a secure place –with no FBI –can secure the data and help round up some of the others involved in this attack.

As if Apple does not use personal info everyday –to train the user to vote, -to buy, …,  –as Apple dictates.  Until we elect leaders that nominate judges like Antonin Scalia  -the gov can’t be trusted  -and the same is true for Apple  -grow a spine Tim Cook.

The supreme court is not for Obama to elect anti-American leftist punks that hate America   -like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.  The idea of the Supreme Court was to uphold the Constitution  -which is why the left -Obama and all democrats -are celebrating the death of the last great American conservative judge  -opening the door for Obama to nominate an Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch type that believes in the same hate America as the rev Wright that Obama had as his mentor for 20 years.

If the Senate allows a vote on the Obama nominee -Obama will buy off 14 democrats posing as republicans -and America can be assured of open borders, sanctuary cities, importing of many thousand more Islamic killers, …   Obama will nominate the most leftist anti-American punk that he can dig up  -hoping to find one like Loretta Lynch -who proved to be a real leftist puppet -soon to clear hClinton of all charges in the email investigation.

Democrat Prez Debate makes Perfect Sense!!

hClinton says she will double the size of the IRS, EPA, Planned Parenthood, payoff of student loans, double down on Obama-gruber-care, cut the military in half
& Bernie Sanders comes to the rescue with a plan to triple the size of the IRS, EPA, Planned Parenthood, using Al Sharpton as his top advisor, -completely doing away with any semblance of an American military.

They both talk the Russian/Iran/Assad alliance as being really evil and bad  -and then in the same breath -they brag on the record of the last 7 years of guaranteeing Iran gets a nuclear arsenal and hundreds of $Billions of new trade!!  And all the pundits don’t question the record of Obama/hClinton/jKerry/bSanders –which made it all happen!  Why is that?

And these 2 morons have the nerve to bring up Vietnam:  2 democrats -JFK got us into Vietnam -Lyndon Johnson got most of the 50,000 American troops killed during his terms as president –as history shows -2 democrats.  And once again, Fox -or whoever -has no memory on Vietnam.

Julie Banderas.  A Fox contributor who has the robot Rubio act down cold:  repeating in the same paragraph -each time -3 or4 times -how the republican’s failed policies took America down the wrong path in 2008 creating the biggest economic crash since the great depression.  Julie Banderas is a damn liar -a real poor excuse for representing news or human character  -democrats had more to do with the 2008 crash than republicans.  Bill Clinton signed the famous “credit swaps” legalizing the bundling of real estate loans, Pelosi controlled the House & Reid controlled the senate in 2007 and 2008, and so on….   And the Fox anchors all sit with their thumbs up their butts -accepting lies as the truth.

Bernie Sanders.  Based on many age and gender computer studies:  The statistical chance for bSanders to finish his Fst term as prez is 38.31%, -the statistical chance for hClinton to finish her Fst term as president is 100% –which explains why democrats are voting for Bernie instead of hClinton.

Part of Extreme Sick anti-America Democrat policy:  2/10/16   When 27 states vote to stop part of the endless list of the Obama hate of America, -it is pathetic that 4 members of the Supreme Court want America to fail.  The court voted 5-4 along ideological lines to grant a request by 27 states and various companies and business groups to block the administration’s Clean Power Plan.

Adding costs/requirements to the American workers/corporations that NO Other Country will be taking on -is the sick evil -only democrats would legislate.

Climate Change.  The cool thing about climate change:  More Fracking has been going on in the last 7 years under the Obama/democrat rule than at any time in history -causing oil and gas to go to $25 and $2 respectively (practically Free!).  Fracking here, there, everywhere  -was fracking not supposed to be causing earthquakes, end of fresh water, toxic waste in water supplies?  How about a Prez Debate or an Interview where a democrat -any democrat -was asked to explain how democrat policies got us here!?

And the export of oil & gas & coal to other coutries -not allowed to burn it cleanly here -but ok to ship to the places that are leading the world with polluting the environment.  All happening under the democrat controlled last 7 years.
Surely was tied to Bush going into Iraq.

Military.  How about the American military under Obama/hClinton/jKerry/all of the freaking democrats/and a few republicans –that think cyber is not a problem, -Russia/Iran/Assad is our buddy, ….?!   Obama has our navy sailors in harm’s way with weapons -but orders to surrender at the outset of any enemy -as gets proven over and over again -even when we see the attack in progress at Benghazi -Obama did nothing –hClinton sat there with her thumbs up her butt -bSanders would have had every American soldier in Libya surrender.

Why is hClinton never asked why she sat there with her thumbs up her butt during the many hours of the Benghazi attack?!  any, as in any -real American –would have had Obama grow a spine -and/or arrested for treason.