Democrat Prez Debate makes Perfect Sense!!

hClinton says she will double the size of the IRS, EPA, Planned Parenthood, payoff of student loans, double down on Obama-gruber-care, cut the military in half
& Bernie Sanders comes to the rescue with a plan to triple the size of the IRS, EPA, Planned Parenthood, using Al Sharpton as his top advisor, -completely doing away with any semblance of an American military.

They both talk the Russian/Iran/Assad alliance as being really evil and bad  -and then in the same breath -they brag on the record of the last 7 years of guaranteeing Iran gets a nuclear arsenal and hundreds of $Billions of new trade!!  And all the pundits don’t question the record of Obama/hClinton/jKerry/bSanders –which made it all happen!  Why is that?

And these 2 morons have the nerve to bring up Vietnam:  2 democrats -JFK got us into Vietnam -Lyndon Johnson got most of the 50,000 American troops killed during his terms as president –as history shows -2 democrats.  And once again, Fox -or whoever -has no memory on Vietnam.

Julie Banderas.  A Fox contributor who has the robot Rubio act down cold:  repeating in the same paragraph -each time -3 or4 times -how the republican’s failed policies took America down the wrong path in 2008 creating the biggest economic crash since the great depression.  Julie Banderas is a damn liar -a real poor excuse for representing news or human character  -democrats had more to do with the 2008 crash than republicans.  Bill Clinton signed the famous “credit swaps” legalizing the bundling of real estate loans, Pelosi controlled the House & Reid controlled the senate in 2007 and 2008, and so on….   And the Fox anchors all sit with their thumbs up their butts -accepting lies as the truth.

Bernie Sanders.  Based on many age and gender computer studies:  The statistical chance for bSanders to finish his Fst term as prez is 38.31%, -the statistical chance for hClinton to finish her Fst term as president is 100% –which explains why democrats are voting for Bernie instead of hClinton.

Part of Extreme Sick anti-America Democrat policy:  2/10/16   When 27 states vote to stop part of the endless list of the Obama hate of America, -it is pathetic that 4 members of the Supreme Court want America to fail.  The court voted 5-4 along ideological lines to grant a request by 27 states and various companies and business groups to block the administration’s Clean Power Plan.

Adding costs/requirements to the American workers/corporations that NO Other Country will be taking on -is the sick evil -only democrats would legislate.

Climate Change.  The cool thing about climate change:  More Fracking has been going on in the last 7 years under the Obama/democrat rule than at any time in history -causing oil and gas to go to $25 and $2 respectively (practically Free!).  Fracking here, there, everywhere  -was fracking not supposed to be causing earthquakes, end of fresh water, toxic waste in water supplies?  How about a Prez Debate or an Interview where a democrat -any democrat -was asked to explain how democrat policies got us here!?

And the export of oil & gas & coal to other coutries -not allowed to burn it cleanly here -but ok to ship to the places that are leading the world with polluting the environment.  All happening under the democrat controlled last 7 years.
Surely was tied to Bush going into Iraq.

Military.  How about the American military under Obama/hClinton/jKerry/all of the freaking democrats/and a few republicans –that think cyber is not a problem, -Russia/Iran/Assad is our buddy, ….?!   Obama has our navy sailors in harm’s way with weapons -but orders to surrender at the outset of any enemy -as gets proven over and over again -even when we see the attack in progress at Benghazi -Obama did nothing –hClinton sat there with her thumbs up her butt -bSanders would have had every American soldier in Libya surrender.

Why is hClinton never asked why she sat there with her thumbs up her butt during the many hours of the Benghazi attack?!  any, as in any -real American –would have had Obama grow a spine -and/or arrested for treason.

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Nerf-ball debate vs the Real Deal: “Democrat Debate is an Old Hippie Lovefest between hClinton, bSanders and Media”!!

Why not just put hClinton and bSanders on the same stage with the republicans?  Then America would get to see something besides “The Clinton and Sanders holding hands soap opera” -saying the same old worn out praises of Cuba/Iran/Venzuela/nKorea style of gov control of it’s citizens -which is the definition of socialism.

The Truth.  Wish someone -republican or democrat -would just tell the truth:  hClinton never turned over a single email  -hClinton picked out the emails that were harmless and DESTROYED the rest.  All the public will ever get to see are Clinton hand-picked word documents —there are NO emails -Clinton destroyed the good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones.   To keep gov property on you home server and Blackberry phone -and letting anyone handle the data -is bad enough -but then she destroyed gov property when she destroyed the emails.  Of course, hClinton had NO CHOICE as the emails had heavy proof of not just Classified Emails -but damning evidence of Play for Pay in her Clinton Foundation.

How a Sec’y of State could send 30,000 not-classified emails is a bit of a miracle  -did hClinton EVER do ANY work?!

Muslims.  In the last 7 years -greater than 95% of the terrorist attacks, war, slaughter of christians, raping and selling of women, treat women as property, –are muslim islamic believers.
The Koran is evil and can be turned into killing americans -on any day the marm running a mosque decides to tell his followers to go kill  -it’s that simple.

Is obama a Muslim?  All of the everyday chaos, hate divide cards, destroying of America, hate for Christians, love for Iran, …, –by obama -proves he works for Muslims much more than anything American.
No room to list the proof, but here are a few:   backing of Muslim Brotherhood, Benghazi -no help for Americans under attack, American sailors with Obama rules of engagement of “Stand Down and be captured” -who cares about the pride of American Soldiers?!,  backing of Russia-Iran-Assad alliance, green light for Iran to keep on developing nuclear weapons and ICBM’s, Obama pushing one more Muslim traitor as a hero -Bergdahl, Gitmo closing, IRS cover-up -hClinton cover-up -gun running cover-up by Obama/Holder/Lynch controlled FBI,   turning America over to Mexico by the open border and sanctuary cities, …., have to stop -or I would be writing a book series instead of a summary of Obama/rev Wright learned hate for America.

Crude Oil Price.  Cheap oil is killing a lot of countries that depended on oil for all of the gov run basics of living  -so tens of thousands of kids are dying of hunger in these countries -and democrats don’t care -except sending them a climate change book and a solar operated fan to eat.

Good old Muslims.  Please explain the half million Muslims killed by Muslims in the last 7 years?  Muslim religion is presently going off the chart as a sick evil religion -they can’t even live with each other.  The only thing they agree on -is to flood the oil market  -killing American oil and gas  -bankruptcy and layoffs are coming to American and Canadian companies.   Of course -many Americans don’t care -as heating and cooling bills are as close to free -as they will ever be.

All the Muslims killing each other and Americans -are Islamic terrorists  –none of the be-headings, torture, killing of kids and unarmed people, women slavery and treated like property,  -are from Baptists or atheists or Catholics.   -Obama knows this  -and seizes every opportunity to push the chaos in the world created by Muslims and the Islamic religion   -which is why obama went to a mosque to push his sick case for importing Muslim refugees into America.
And the pathetic bSanders and hClinton follow Obama in lock-step   –like the fools running a Hitler gas chamber   -even right down to the letter of not being able to say “Islamic Terrorist”.    did you get that?

btw, D Trump is the only candidate that has it close to right:   Since Isis hates both the Iran Shitte (Shia) Muslims and the Sunni (Saudi Arabia) Muslims -we need to be careful about upsetting the balance of hate in the Mid-east (stay out of this Muslim Islamic -Koran based -civil war).

gotta run, here is a great video clip sizing up obama world -and soon you will have to dial “2” for English -if you are sill allowed that option:

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The 2016 Truth about the Obama-Iran Nuke deal, Oil Prices, Isis, and Fighting Terrorism

As for the price of oil:  With the Obama 7 years,
the Mideast  has seen Obama take position with Iran/Shiite Muslims.  Iraq has a  predominantly Shiite government also.  The region’s major powers have long pushed sectarian interests, with Shiite-majority Iran on one side and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia on the other.

So the Mideast has no choice -thanks to Obama -but for all of them to get nuclear weapons as fast as possible  -and to drive the rest of the world out of the business of oil production  -All of the Mideast can produce oil at $6-10/barrel  -the Mideast intends on bankrupting all other oil producers -and there is Nothing to stop them.

btw, all of these US presidential candidates spouting “Coalition of Mideast Partners to defeat Isis” or joining up with Russia, or Iran, or Assad?  All pure 100% Crap.  Russia is a bully seeking power.  The Muslims in the Mideast hate America -it’s what they believe -it’s their religion -it’s what they say -it’s what they do.  I would stay the h out of the Mideast -now that Obama has pushed Iran to be the Ruler of the Mideast -you don’t want America in this fighting -over who can best be-head the non-believer.   and the only presidential candidate that would get that -is Trump.

Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal.  Iran has done ZERO to change any of their actions taking place every day to spread terrorism around the world, -the chaos and hate spread around the world will soon take on the new meaning of Nuclear Weapons taking out millions of people at a time -instead of 14 or 130.

Tell me where Iran has cut back any terrorism??!!  Iran intends to keep accelerating the terrorism to keep up with Isis and Saudi Arabia and Africa –and all of the opposing Muslim Islamic haters of life.  They believe in killing anyone not aligned with their interpretation of the Quran, the Bible -or whatever you want to call it.

And here this punk Obama does not even say “Islamic Terrorist”  –as if that made a freaking damn as to some Muslim saying  -well, -no more terrorism -we will change our religion and what we believe -because Obama is playing the politically correct card -Does anyone actually believe that?!  Does anyone actually believe the Obama-Iran Nuclear deal will cause Iran to cut back any Nuclear Weapon Research/Development?  Iran hid the most critical facilities for a reason, and if any of you trust the United Nations/IAEA –as being capable of verification of Iran Nuclear Development -you have not paid any attention to History.

Iran will not cut back one soldier -or one terrorist -or one recruitment effort to kill Americans/Israelis/Any Non-believer  –as a result of the Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal.  The deal was strictly for Obama to guarantee Iran a path to Nuclear Development, for Obama to continue his quest to take the evil America down, and for the Islamic Jihad to keep spreading around the world.  Or, someone tell me where Iran has cut back 1 soldier, 1 terrorist anywhere, any propaganda anywhere  -you can’t do that because Iran has Zero intention of cutting back their quest for world chaos/division/ and teaching all people of the world that America is the Great Satan.

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America is now Controlled by Iran, -Obama has now made it clear Iran controls Obama.

America trading Iranian criminals held in the US -for Hostages being held in Iran….   Can anyone find a problem with this kind of Precedence?

America is now Controlled by Iran, -not enough for Obama/hClinton/jKerry/All democrats/All left media  -to give Iraq to Iran, to give Iran $150B and guarantees to continue nuclear weapon development, to kiss the butt of Russia/Iran/Assad every day, etc.   Obama has now made it clear Iran controls Obama.

Of course every Action (not speech) Obama has taken for 7 years now is Easily explained by the fact Obama is first a Muslim Islamic radical  -no need to make excuses for incompetence -or even 20 years of rev Wright as his mentor  -Obama and all of his lock-step followers are Traitors to America.

Be proud Democrats, –the American Soldier is working for Iran as long as Obama is president.  Look for 365 more days of everyday chaos, division, and Obama on TV acting as god.

Not his words above, -but good interview by Michael Pregent.

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J Kerry, B Obama, H Clinton, B Sanders -are the biggest traitors to America in American history

Iranians kidnapping an American navy vessel, holding American sailors at gunpoint  -all for propaganda purposes -to show America is weak, stupid, and cowardly.   And these bastard democrats bragging about the wonderful dialogue between Iran and America….

With Obama/hClinton/jKerry in charge -America has no military  -our military is in Benghazi afraid to engage mode -even when Americans are under attack.

The 2016 democrats have been spitting in the face of the American soldier for 7 years now.  Iran getting $150B and continuing to develop nuclear weapon material  –while there has been ZERO change in the commitment/religion to destroy America and Israel, ZERO commitment in the way Muslims treat women as property, ZERO commitment for Iran to back off one iota of the chaos and terrorism Iran is responsible for.

If our Commander in Chief is giving weapons to sailors & then telling them to not use those weapons when engaged  -it is time to impeach this Obama crew -and the Generals and Admirals that are not speaking out.
Our sailors should never ever never give up their weapons and their ship  -they should have a backup of all of America  -or they should not be in harm’s way in the first place.

I understand Obama helping Islamic terrorists -Obama is a Muslim that believes in jihad.  But Kerry, Clinton, Biden, Sanders, -these guys are just lock-step   –whatever is good for the democrat party -and keeps pay for play from the rich left going strong  -pretty much the character of the 2016 democrat.

btw Mr Obama,  –Gitmo is not a recruitment tool for Isis,   –No, the biggest recruitment motivation for Isis is Barack Hussein Obama.

and, when the commander in chief & his lock-step bitches like Biden and Pelosi -have no respect or understanding of the Honor and Respect that Americans have for the American Soldier  -it’s time for democrats to step down -and let some real Americans give it a shot.

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Most Stupid Play of the Cactus Bowl -proving Arizona State & ESPN Announcers can’t handle 6 + 2 = 8 !!

With about 4 minutes to go:  WV 36 and ASU 35. Arizona State scores a touchdown making the score WV 36 and ASU 42 (with the extra point)  -that is only a 6 point lead.

If ASU had gone for 2 points after the touchdown -the score would have been WV 36 and ASU 43  -that is a 7 point lead  –and the following WV touchdown would have resulted in a tie score -with a chance for ASU to win on a field goal or go into OT.

ASU going ahead by 5 (2 point try fails) points or 6 (kick the extra point) points could make no difference in the outcome of the game! The ESPN announcers did not even bring up this bit of stupid, -which was typical of the ESPN announcers -who have been somewhat painful to listen to for all of 2015.

Would be so fun to have the radio play by play guys for their teams (whichever team is on offense) handle the TV announcing.
Then, you would have guys announcing -that really do know the players, -have a real interest in who wins, -and are generally really good at what they do.  And you would get announcers that can add 6 + 2 = 8  !!    And radio/TV announcers for the respective schools don’t babble so much nonsense (as ESPN announcers).

Did not mean to pick on WV and ASU -or Ark -the crazy of college football is what makes the office pool -or Las Vegas picking of games so fun!  Ark kept pooch kicking & Kansas State would still almost break it for a touchdown  -a simple punt aimed at the goal line flag is a better remedy -if the ball goes out of bounds the most a team can get is the 35.
Of course, the genuise of Alabama breaking all the rules with an on-sides kick in the 4th quarter -was the difference in that game!!
And if you bet the farm  –& your team is behind  –& you don’t run the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs -you just have to go work in the yard a little while!!


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CNN, MSNBC are playing the Muslim hate card -as best they can -to try to keep up with Obama/hClinton pushing the Muslim hate card

CNN and MSNBC bringing on Muslim after Muslim -and whoever pc leftist they can get on their shows -to bash all republicans -esp the last republican debate.  Muslims/and the pc leftists -are calling out republicans every name in the book -for implying Muslims are not just peaceful loving folks that would never harm a fly.

I spent 10 minutes doing a fact check on CNN and MSNBC:  Not once do they mention the low-life punks in Iran (about 100% Muslim) that chant “death to America”, -that fund and support most of the terrorism in the world, -that kill the hell out of other Muslims -or whoever does not worship the same version of the Quran as they do.
Libya -about 96% Muslim -has a lot of Muslims killing Muslims, plus killed Americans at Benghazi.
Pakistan -about 96% Muslim -same thing with Muslims killing Muslims, plus hid Osama Ben Laden.
Iraq -96% Muslim -killing other Muslims, Americans
Afghanistan -99% Muslim -killing other Muslims, Americans
Syria -93% Muslim -and there have been 250,000 citizens killed in Syria in the last few years -by Muslims  -where the hell are these peaceful Muslims?

Please note the whole Russia/Assad/Iran/Obama/hClinton alliance to kill 250,000 in Syria was designed to flood the world with refugees to spread the Muslim Islamic radical killing spree.

I would hate to see the story -if 20 minutes of research -was spent on finding the peaceful Muslims.  It is not up to America to sort out the good guys from the bad  –the Muslim leadership in America needs to open up their mosques to any and all -or expect growing suspicion every time a shooting takes place like in Calif, Chattanooga, Ft Hood, Moore OK (knife attack), etc.

All other religions in America welcome any and all  -what would be the purpose of secrecy?  sounds like something the Ku Klux Klan would do.  Good luck America, -you have elected way too many democrats and leftist judges.

American soldiers fought side by side with Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan to give these countries an opportunity to be free from brutal dictatorships  –America/republicans/the American soldier   -deserves more respect from Muslims -than buying into all of this hate card strategy being ginned up by democrats to elect hClinton.

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Nuclear Triad -CNN Gotcha question on the way! The Nuclear Triad is for Obama/Clinton/leftmedia/some republicans -that want to see America fail!

Planes, silos, and subs are out there, -but Russia/China/ and others -have been developing miniaturized nuclear tipped weapons for decades.

Miniaturization to pack in small packages and easily disguisable, drones, robot vehicles, robot boats, robot/or manned  -boats that can take out half the American navy (more navy ships is not the answer, -ships are a liability in a time of war -since the year 2000), shoulder missiles, backpacks, …

With the $150B passed on to Iran by democrats  -Iran can just buy a weapon and the terrorists -to deliver  -and America will not even know who did it -with the politically correct democrats running the show.

The phrase “nuclear triad” of planes, silos, and subs   -is wrong -and just not smart  -too many other ways to deliver nuclear weapons.   The beauty of a bought nuclear weapon -is America goes down -and can’t even figure out who sent the weapon.

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The Families of Calif killing spree should sue Jeh Johnson/Obama for Treason -for their secret policy -to keep from using social media as part of the vetting policy for Muslims

And h Clinton is right there in lock-step support of all this Obama passion for making America pay for being evil  -such as a 1-way ticket for Mexico to take over America, infiltrate America with Muslims that believe in killing Americans, …

btw, the climate change $Billions that Obama has transferred from the American tax payer to foreign countries -to get them to sign up -will not affect the largest polluter of the environment -in any way -China.
According to democrats -burning coal in China is ok -and we really don’t want to talk about how many train loads of coal China burns every day.  :^)


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The Media vs Donald Trump: Where is the media coverage of what Muslims in America actually believe?

If a religion is able to recruit, to motivate, to turn men and women into killers of all innocent people -for no reason  -would that not be an evil religion?

That question will not be asked by media  -because they don’t give a damn.  The left media propaganda machine exists for 1 reason -to move the voting population over to democrats by maintaining sanctuary cities and pushing divide in America.

Did you know that a poll taken of Muslim mosques in America showed that 80% of them approved of 9-11, approve of all of these Muslim Islamic slaughters of innocent Christians, other Muslims, citizens, kids in schools, etc. ?

  This same 80% approves of the caliphate -which is the idea that killing your neighbor if he is not a believer -is a good thing.  Please refer to the “Muslim Islamic religion is an evil religion” article listing “10 reasons that show the Muslim Islamic religion is not a peaceful religion”.

So my question is –where is the media coverage of what Muslims in America believe?  Just because the media or Obama/h Clinton  -says Muslims all live in peace -blah blah  -does not mean anything -except prove words are just for some to gain power at any cost. If a religion is able to recruit, to motivate, to turn men and women into killers of all innocent people for no reason  -would that not be an evil religion?  That question will not be asked by media The left media propaganda machine exists for 1 reason -to move the voting population over to democrats by maintaining sanctuary cities, keeping insane laws on immigration, playing the democrat hate cards of race, cops, conservatives, tea party, republicans, truth, climate, …,  -ok, more than 1 reason -but you get it.

Has the media gone into detail as to what the Muslim Islamic religion is about -and why they kill so many citizens for no reason other than not believing in the Quran?  Of course not, the media has no clue as to the evil of this so-called religion  -and they are not going to bother to dig into it.  Nothing new to media -media lives for blaming America for the evils of the world, supports the obvious evil of socialism, supports the insanity of the Iran nuke deal, backed Obama in every hate card that was played for the last 7 years, …  4000 American soldiers killed in Iraq under Bush, 2000 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan under Obama  -but if you read American media over the last 7 years -you would think Obama has only had 10 or 20 soldiers killed under his watch -and they were all the fault of Bush.

On the CNN debate coming up  -do you think leftist CNN will bring up the facts:  such as the FBI has investigations going on in all 50 states in regard to Muslim Islamic threats?  Or the obvious evil/killing in the world created by the Muslim Islamic religion?   but they will all say -90% of them are peaceful  –at least until -they are not.

The CNN debate coming up will be Trump vs CNN, republicans, the Muslim Islamic religion, democrats, the left propaganda machine, Obama/h Clinton, …  You know, I was always an under-dog kind of guy and did not like the big bully (media) in the room -so my support will go to the guy who has sacrificed his family life, his business, his very security,  –all to make America great/secure/respected in the world.

The only religion worse than the Muslim Islamic religion -is the religion of the left propaganda machine pushing the voting power of democrats.

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